The Inhabitants, Places and Happenings of White City

This section of the wiki is a repository for, and way to keep track of. the interesting and plot significant setting elements GMs write into their LARPs. If someone, somewhere or something in your LARP is interesting enough that other people might want to later reference it or even write their own LARP about it, please put the details up here. If you're adding to the recent events of an item, please try for chronological order, with the most recent events at the top of the list. If you need help with the wiki format, feel free to ask an admin.

Feel free to add new pages as you wish!

Notable Individuals from the City and Elsewhere

White City

The East

The North

The South

The West


Terrible Lurking Menaces

Spirits and Agents of the Divine

Big Population Centres

Locations of Metaphysical Significance

The Far East

Artifacts and MacGuffins

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