Toquell Velasquez

A former White City adventurer of dubious reputation, he practiced both chain magic and the forbidden art of Name sorcery.

Through the use of powerful Name artifacts he gained a phoenix-like immortality allowing him to regenerate from any wound not inflicted in freezing conditions.

Suffering a mortal wound from a treacherous companion (who tore out his heart with ice cold fingers), he used the most potent Name sorceries to create the Power of the Black Flame. In return he was sucked into earth and shackled with the same chains that restrain the Bound Ones.

Since his binding he has had his heart restored to him by former Companions, and his location shifted from the Western Forest to the City of Chains. Replacing an ancient sorceror at the centre of a vast nest of chains there, it seems that he played some important (if unconscious) role in the maintenance of all chain magic.

An Air After Storms cast by High Priest of the Rattleprince, Roland the Subtle, left lightning dancing over the chains that constrained him. In constant agony and unable to die it seemed likely that he would welcome any form of release.

A number of years later Christina de Velland released him and attempted to sacrifice him to the flame in order to remove the concept of the nobility from the world. Having been told the air after to storms by the Rattle Prince would grant the trickster powers over the ritual a party of adventurers prevented it and saved Toquell's life. A young sorceress named Michaella took Toquell's place and Toquell thus was freed. He returned with the adventurers to the White City, where he is currently imprisoned in the De Courci palace, watched at all time by members of the Cloistered Brethren. For now he bides his time.

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