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Dream is more powerful the further North you go. Whether the world of the White City is a globe or a flat world has not yet been defined. At some point going North all barriers between dream and reality break down and both become one and the other. Further South it is more difficult to get to Dream as the power is weaker. Dream sorcerors have the power though. People dreaming are little patches increasing the power of Dream. With effort these patches of dreaming can be seen as all linking together in some way to form a whole dreamscape running one dream into another, taking on a life of its own in some places and looking very much like patches of the real world in others. Normally people can't access this level of dream. Whether there is a direct correlation between space in the dreamscape and space in the real world is not known, occurrences to suggest this have certainly happened (or appeared to happen) to people but one can rarely tell what is part of one's own dream or what is part of the whole dreamscape.

Practically speaking, things from Dream will not normally be able to exist in the real world, whether they got there by walking South or by popping through a dreamer's dream in the White City or by tearing through into reality in a blatant way. The further south things of Dream get the less powerful they become, either through actually becoming incorporeal or just becoming weaker then eventually dying, or fading into Dream to wait until you next sleep with you dreams unprotected. Though there are some rare places further south that allow Dream to have more effect and occasionally even allow things to come through. This might be a place, a person, a creature type, an artefact, et cetera (be creative). Obviously at some point a great number of things attacked the White City across Dream Bridge, they must have had a mechanism for being effective that far south at that time.

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