College of The Thousand Arts

One of the oldest institutions of the White City, the College is so named because its many faculties cover every known part of knowledge - even the obscure and the dangerous ones (a recent estimate puts the exact figure as 1026).

Known Faculties

General Faculty

  • Dean Of Students - “The Dean” - A lyre-carrying, shades wearing, gray-ponytailed cool-guy in his 40's. Generally popular.
  • Bursar - “The Bursar” - A cruel, hook-nosed man in his advanced years. Known for sending students to go “Eat a Dick”.
  • Quartermistress - Penta Smetley
  • Head Porter - Gretchen Vault

The Library

Papers and books held by the Library.

  • Chief Librarian - Godfrey Inskilling (currently an ape)
  • Librarian - Roman Morpheme (PC)

The Faculty of the Arcane

The Faculty of the Western Forest

  • Chief Professor - Professor Oreb

The Faculty of Cartography

  • Field Researcher - Doctor Sra'em Yar (PC)
  • Student - Shane D'Rowley BA MA (Mute Cartographer)

The Faculty of Heraldry

The Faculty of Alchemy

The Faculty of History

The Faculty of Medicine

  • Professor - Doctor Edward Holtz (PC)

The Faculty of Astrology

The Faculty of Botany

  • Professor - Professor Fairfax
  • Junior Professor - Doctoress Celia Hefton-Clemser-Ramber-Ramber-Quaff

The Faculty of Experimental Zoology

Recently shut down

The Faculty of Anomalous Zoology

  • Professor - Professor Heinrich Estall

Faculty of Enigmatic Archaeology and Artefact Reclamation

The Department of Perfectly Normal Zoology

Full name: Department of Perfectly Normal But Still Quite Interesting Zoology

  • Graduate Student - Ivor Magellan, BA

The Department of Experimental Theology

  • Chief Professor - Adi (PC)
  • Professor - Doctor Stophos Calisthenes (PC)

The Department of Historical Art

The Department of Comparative Mythology

The Department of Narrative Study

Full name: Department of The Research And Study of Recurring Symbolism and Narrative Structure within Classical and Heroic Legend, History and Colloquial Folk-Tale Within and Around The White City and The Surrounding World, as Documented in Story, Modern Theatre and Social Textual Events

  • Chief Professor - Professor Strauss Propp
  • Graduate Student - Roman Morpheme (PC)

The Department of Inter-Racial Possibilities

The Department of Radical Artisanship

A De Courci-sponsored equal-opportunities profession-oriented division, and bane of The Bursar's existence.

The Department of Unusual Numerology

The Department of Applied Pugilism

  • Visiting Professor - Albert Bosco - A troll blooded strong man notorious for his right hook.

Bairoth de Mamushi Memorial School

Not a faculty, but a school for poor children

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