The Sword With No Name


A powerful Name artefact that carries a terrible curse. The 'The Sword With No Name' contains the Bound One; the 'Ravenous Renunciation of the Self', which was bound within its own blade by the Brotherhood of Chains at the end of the Binding Wars. It is an entity that feeds on the names of other beings, drawing them into the blade, leaving their nameless spirit to wander the earth. The bearer of the blade feels a constant urge to satiate the sword's hunger with names. Worse they lose their own name to the 'Ravenous Renunciation of the Self' and becomes a nameless entity; doomed to be forgotten by all that meet them.

'The Sword With No Name' hits for +1 against any being whose name the bearer knows or may hit for psychic halves to cut away the name of a being. If destroyed (or unbound with three shatter chains) the 'Ravenous Renunciation of the Self' shall be released.


  • Retrieved from the City of Chains by a party of adventurers and used to defeat a Name creature. (A Name Besmirched, 26/06/2010)
  • Consumed the name of the Frost Prince (Death Rattle, 28/05/2011)
  • Broken when the Bound one it contained was freed, its shards are now kept in the vault of the College (What's in a Name, 02/06/2011)
  • A dream of the blade was used to forge a sword to steal the identity of the Bard of Rainbows (Sleep of the Just, 20/08/11)
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