The Thirteen Tribes

The Thirteen Tribes are a group of tribal societies that live on the Eastern Plains and on the edges of the Waste of the Rose. Once plagued by infighting and petty warfare, the savages of the Eastern Tribes were decimated by the Army of the Red Gryphon, reducing their numbers. The formerly dissident tribes were then united by one of their number - Kisu of the Nge, and a number of brave warriors bearing gifts of steel weapons from the White City.

The united Tribes fought in the Battle for the White City, and was granted lands to the south-east of the White City. Many chose to return to the east, but a large number of settlers remained, building on lands not too distant from the Watchtowers. Then came a series of gladiatoral combats, which were actually a massive Blood ritual run by the Nge and Tribe Jaguar, that culminated in the birth of Nge, The Scorpion King, steed to Karan Al Mejir. Since the birth the Nge and some of their allies have disappeared, and many suppose a war to be coming. Thanks to the efforts of a party led by Henry De Courci, it appears that an alliance of Tribes Eagle, Grey Dragon, Glittering Eye and Hung Boar would be willing to fight against the Nge, Raven and Jaguar if such a war did arise.

A certain amount is known about some of the Tribes, namely:

Tribe Scorpion (The Nge) - Led by Kisu himself, the Nge are a tribe of ambidextrous warriors and shamans. The Nge were once all but wiped out by the Red Gryphon, but have been rebuilt using freed slaves and mercenaries. Their totem is the Scorpion, and many of their warriors use scorpion venom on their blades. The Nge dwelt almost exclusively in the New Tribals, to the south-east of the White City, however since the birth most of the Nge have disappeared. No-one is entirely sure where they have gone.

Tribe Eagle - Fiercly matriarchal, comprising mainly hunters and archers. Their totems are the eagle, and the bright star of The Huntress. They have a long history of feuding with Tribe Jaguar. Note: These are not the same Eagles as the Northern mountain tribe of the same name.

The Hung Boar Tribe - One of the largest tribes, and one of the most prosperous farmers and herders in the New Tribals. Their totem is an ancient collection of teeth and skulls, worshipping their ancestors. They are loud, proud and fond of fighting. They despise weakness.

The Cold Water Tribe - One of the smallest tribe, known as mediators and organisers of inter-tribal agreements. Dislike lies and trickery (and thus the Dry Sands tribe in particular), and hate being reminded how weak they are.

The Dry Sands Tribe - Known as being a particularly devious tribe, fond of trickery. Dislike the Cold Water.

Tribe Raven - Former worshippers of the Eater of Wings and masters of training slaves, Tribe Raven are respected among the tribes as merchants.

The Glittering Eye Tribe - Enigmatic mystics, known for their love of portents and signs.

The Grey Dragon Tribe - Isolationist and xenophobic, the Grey Dragon are a tribe of fiercly territorial serpentmen. They devoutly worship a being they simply call the Great Dragon, and have a particular interest in Wind Magic. They respect piety.

Tribe Jaguar - Highly matriarchal allies of the Nge, led by female Blood sorcerors.

The Thirteenth Tribe (The N'Cora) - A small tribe who were long kept secret by the other tribes due to their terrible curse. The tribe was home to a Shard of the King in Fragments, who possessed any tribesman who reached 50 years old and lived off their regrets. This curse was ended by a party led by Selena Curiana, who slaughtered most of the warriors of the tribe and took the Shard for herself.

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