The Vitriarchs of the Shattered Plain are strange and mad and make others mad. The practice of Glass magic is forbidden in the White City, and indeed in most other city-states. Only the Port of Glass permits (and indeed encourages) the worship of the Glass Powers.

Known Vitriarchs

The Faceless Lord

Most of the Vitriarchs are damaged in some way, such is their function and such is their nature. As his name suggests the Faceless Lord has no face. Which is why he uses other people's. The more dribbly Glass sorcerors (which is most of them) insist that every single reflection is a manifestation of the Faceless Lord as he gazes out on the world and that if you look too closely into the eyes of your own reflection you will get lost there forever.

The King in Fragments

According to some sources, this is the Vitriarch which has particular interest in the Port of Glass. The King In Fragments is, as his name suggests, in fragments. Bits of him are scattered throughout the world - or, according to the hardline devotees, throughout everything. The cult of the King In Fragments is in two minds about whether it is desirable to reassemble the King, some suggest this would return him to his former glory (whatever that was) while others suggest that it is his very fragmentation which is the source of his glory and his power.

The Never-Queen, She Whose Time Is Not To Come

The Never-Queen was a goddess without dominion or power, but one who was considered strong precisely because of that. There are countless prophecies regarding the Never-Queen, all pointing to the same thing: She never had been and never would be anything of any importance. Those who write the Never-Queen off as some kind of poor cosmic joke should possibly recall how much is actually achieved by people of no importance and how much damage can be done by somebody who knows for certain that they have nothing to lose.

In spring of the twenty-sixth year of the reign of Rebecca De Courci, the Never-Queen died, her shattered spirit consumed by the Black Flame. Her passing from the world went almost unremarked upon, a mere footnote in history.

The Master Complete

Complete is the Vitriarch who is the Vitriarchs. He/She/It has no particular identity of his/her/its own but is an amalgam of the Vitriarchs as a whole. There is speculation that Complete was once the only Vitriarch and that he was somehow shattered, giving rise to all the others. There is also speculation that Complete will be the only Vitriarch and the others are combining into him. Finally, completing the temporal triumvirate, there is speculation that Complete is the only Vitriarch and all others are but facets.

The Bride of Brittle Tears

According to her most prominent current devotee, she is the wife of the King in Fragments and was killed by him, seduced the Lord of the House of the Gods and was returned by him to the world. She is the patron of all broken promises, particularly where they relate to love and sex. Her cult is small but enthusiastic, vengeful and rapidly growing in the Port of Glass.

The Broken Gardener

The Broken Gardener is the Vitriarch who is not a Vitriarch. A recent appearance, the Gardener's obsession is with self-denial, self-loathing, self-betrayal, and the power one can gain through becoming the thing that one hates the most. It is said that the Gardener was once the Burned Lord known as the Lord of the Gardens, or maybe even that he still is the Lord of the Gardens. He holds dominion over the twisted, blighted wasteland that was once one of the Three Gardens in the Garden Lands.

The Absent Lord

The Bound Knight

There is a Vitriarch imprisoned, frozen into a glacier in the North. Its name is unknown.(On The Rocks)
Later discovered to be the Bound Knight, the vitriach nearly broke free of its prison before being rebound by a group of adventurers. (Shattered Dreams)

Prominent (NPC) servants of the Vitriarchs

Lemuel D'Artois

Once the Duke of the Port of Glass and probably the scariest person alive, if he really was alive. Had a shard of the King in Fragments embedded in his chest. Renounced the Vitriarchs, headed east, and was hunted down by adventurers. (Many LARPs, but primarily Saving Private Kit; Milamber's Down; Chasing Lemuel)

Selena Curiana

See here.

The Knight Unifier

Formerly the priest Kratos, the Knight Unifier consumed a large number of shards of the King in Fragments, transformed into… something… and seems to be searching for more Glass Magic artefacts. His servants wear shards of glass in their eyes. (Clear & Absent Danger; The Mirror And The Moon.)

Thaddeus de Verlay

With Lemuel's passing, probably the most potent Glass Sorceror still extant in the Port. Tends to act as a mentor for young D'Artoisses. Was among those who resisted Karl D'Artois' insurrection, though his current political position is unknown. (Blood in the Streets; The Hunt for Radjic Tobarr)

The Gardener of Follies

One of the casualties of the corruption of the Burned Realm, the former Gardener of Follies was drawn into the Shattered Plain with his garden and turned to the side of the Vitriarchs. (The Horror In The Garden, Heart of Glass). His role in the Burned Realm has been taken over by the Lord of Black Roses.


Spymaster of the Port of Glass. Believed that everything else in the world was also him, which tended to make briefings difficult. Defenestrated following incompetence and extreme employee dissatisfaction. (Bill and the Bodach and the Broken Guard, Splintered Shell)

Ragardo Felis

Mumbling, utterly unstable White City based Arsonist and Glass Sorceror. Inadvertently served The Faceless Lord while hiding in The Western Forest from The High & Low Guards, under the illusion that The Lord's voice was that of his (at that point, vitrified & very very dead) accomplice Creaking Shank. Currently held in jail by The High Guard (An Unearthly Child, 4/12/2010)

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