The Great Forest


To the west of the White City is a vast and dense Forest. Scholars speculate wildly about its possible denizens, from unknown flora and fauna to the possibility that the Old Powers have retreated to its murky depths. Numerous villages lie on the outskirts of the Forest, combining farming of the outlying grasslands with hunting further into the Forest. Most of those who dwell in or near the Forest worship the Old Powers in some form or another, it's quite clearly their turf and it pays to show them some respect. The Silken River (a tributary to the Great River) runs through the Forest, and it is down this river that the steelsilk from the City of Silk is brought.

Some old tales tell of a mysterious place called the Heart of the Forest, and some new ones claim that it was here that the Black Fire dwelt until it was driven forth by Teresa De Courci and Adi. Others speak of something called the Seat of Thorns, though none seem to know exactly where or what this might be. Not one tenth, nay not one half of one tenth of the Great Forest has been truly explored. Wonders are brought out of the Forest every day, and many merchants, scholars and bored dilettantes are looking for a piece of the action. About half the things that are discovered in the forest are pointless or of purely academic interest, of what remains about a quarter are interesting diversions, a quarter remarkably useful or significant and about half monumentally dangerous. Of course, some are all four.

Significant locations

The Seat of Thorns

A throne created by the Verdant Lord in concert with an unidentified Namer, those who sit upon the Seat are able to battle the Spirit of the Great Forest and open a route to the Heart of the Forest. (War In The Greenwood; No, Nay, Never; Heart of Glass)

The Heart of the Forest

A location which can only be located using the Seat of Thorns. This was the site of an enormous pillar of Black Flame, until it was removed. (War In The Greenwood; No, Nay, Never; Flame Eternal)

The City of Silk

See here.


A prosperous village which became the core of a Glass Magic infestation when the local Blood Priest who was already Blood Tied to the land found herself Blood Tied to a Glass sorceror as well. Following its cleansing, it is now home to a shrine maintained by Ulf, its animalistic protector, housing the bloody right hand of Bill McKenzie. (Red over White, Blessed Are The Broken)

The Citadel of the Swarm

Barameus' Kingdom

Recent Events

  • A young Dream-Power crashed into The Forest, starting a chain of Optimistic events. Personally affronted by all the commotion, The Verdant Lord took personal offense, and lost a duel against Sir Falcon Bravo. To ensure his domain protected and purged of the Adventurers, Dream, and Black Flame powers within him, The Verdant Lord has sealed all of The Central Western Forest off from outsiders. Only a single, West Wind protected Trade Route maintained by the De Almedia Family still allows access. (An Unearthly Child, 4/12/2010)
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