The axe Dreamcleaver was forged by the Northern Defence League after the first incursions of the Sleepers into the waking world from Dream. It is a powerful weapon against Dream spirits and shapings, forged by Beornwulf upon the dream of Anvil's anvil, quenched in James Warver's alchemy, blessed by Gustav in the name of the Lady of Battles and used by Sra'em Yar to slay the nightmares of those who created it.

The Grey Abbess, in whose domain the axe was forged, has extracted the promise that it will never harm her nor her brother the Bard of Rainbows.


  • Forged in the Abbey of Broken Dreams under the watchful eye of the Grey Abbess, by various members of the Northern Defence League. (The Abbey of Broken Dreams)
  • Currently in the possession of Sra'em Yar of the NDL.
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