A notorious necromancer who returned from the Burned Realm and fathered the dread necromancer Selena curiana. He was later captured and returned to the ashen realm by servants of the Burned Lords. Many years later he was freed once more by his daughter. After his daughter's death he bided his time, eventually allying himself to his granddaughter Christina de Velland. He tried to prevent a group of adventurers from interfering in one of his granddaughters schemes and won the aid of an ancient name sorceress, Adelica Blake, by recovering a parchment pertaining to one of her old rivals returning from the Burned Realm. Although the adventurers killed the name sorceress, Sacchos escaped. Sacchos's real body has long since turned to ash, since he had no way of preserving his returned dead form. He is now only able to exist by posessing corpses.

Eventually he was hunted down and bound in his daughter's hand by a group of adventurers. His bound spirit was handed to the Temple of Ashes and presumably passed on to the Burned Lords's keeping.

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