Quite literally named for the death-rattle, the Rattle-Prince is one of the least pleasant figures counted amongst the Princes of Breath. The Rattle-Prince is the Death That Cheats, the sudden unexpected twist of fate, the icy patch on the road, the want of a horseshoe nail, the betrayal from an unlooked-to corner. One half trickster, one half devil-figure, some legends say that the Rattle-Prince conned mankind out of its immortality long ago. The cult of the Rattle-Prince is not regarded kindly, unlike the Ash-Cults which concern themselves with funerary rites and the proper disposal of the dead the cult of the Rattle-Prince is full of traitors, swindlers and murderers. It is popular amongst bandits and thieves.

Recently the Rattle-Prince was trapped by a group of adventurers and struck a terrible blow by the Lord of the House of the Gods. As a result he has lost his divine immortality and will die after living a mortal span of years. Naturally the Rattle-Prince has other plans.

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