The Western Dragons

Children of the Mother of All Serpents and the Frost Prince. The Western Dragons are:

Faragmas, First Born

The oldest of the western dragons. Lives in a volcano on one of the Breathing Isles, which his colossal size prevents him from leaving. May or may not count as one of the five Western Dragons.

Inskuldres, the Shapeless Wyrm

Lives in the Western Forest but likes to travel. Has been known to take the form of a large wolf. Father of Enshinevrostra

Torameas, the Burning Ghost

Rejected his fireblood so that he might fly with his father.

Barameas, God King

Incredibly arrogant and having a penchant for eating adventurers.

His fire was used in the development of an alchemical means of creating Coldfire (Fire and Ice)

Lethreyses, the Venomous Maiden

Deadly poisonous. Was sleeping until the birth of her niece Enshinevrostra awoke her. Is involved with Gustav Yoma.


Not strictly speaking on of the Western Dragons, since she is a child of the Mother of All Serpents and the dream power Time (who seems to be related to time). She was discovered by Gustav Yoma and Lady Sasha De Courci on a mission to find her mother's sleeping form. It has been strongly implied that her timeline is tied intimately to the geography of dream (her death occuring simultaneously with her birth) and if she were ever to leave dream she would cease to be.

Recent Events

  • A group of adventurers learn from the Dragon Ateus one possible fate for the White City in its duel with the Golden City. This particular future showns the downfall of the world. Ateus leaves them with a message hoping that this future might yet be avoided.
  • The Mother of All Serpents is returned to the world by a scream from her child Torameas, after a group including Lady Regent Sasha De Courci and Gustav Yoma remove her curse. (Fire Under the Hill)
  • A number of the dragons gather to witness the birth of Enshinevrostra (Diplomats and Dragons).
  • Lady Regent Sasha De Courci travels with a group of adventurers to Faragmas's isle and set up diplomatic relations with the serpentmen there. Sasha becomes Faragmas's bride and in secret bears his child, Sapphira. (Rocks Fall)
  • Inskuldres visits the White City under the guise of Lord Forme de Vyrme.
  • Torameas aids the White City against the army of the Black Griffin (Battle for the White City)
  • Toquell Velasquez helps Tormeas rid himself of his firey blood (gaining immortality in the process) so that he might fly with his father once more. Kit Fisable chronicles the names of some of the Western Dragons. (Dragonfire and Deep Water, also see the fiction page for Kit's description of three of the Western Dragons)
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