The Port of Glass


Notable for its sea trade with places heard of only in tales, and for its Navy which dominates the shoreline of the South. The Port of Glass was once a wealthy city, but successive revolutions and coups have turned the city into a disaster zone, with great districts of the city consumed by fire or turned into wastelands of fractured glass. After a series of coups the Port is now ruled by the De Verlay family, who seized control of the Port from the family D'Artois with the aid of the White City's House Velasquez. Vitriarch worship is common in the Port, and the cult of the King in Fragments is a major political power in the city.

Recent Events

  • It is revealed that Glass sorcerors in the Port are leading bandit assaults in the South using Crystal Vessels. (Glass Bandits, 05/01/2003)
  • A defector from the Port of Glass military is recovered from the Garden Lands by White City adventurers, including Kit Fisable. In doing so, she and the Bodach earn Lemuel D'Artois' personal ire. (Recovering the Defector, 15/05/2004)
  • In a move of breathtakingly poor judgement, Kit Fisable throws herself on Lemuel D'Artois' mercy in order to try and avoid his wrath falling on the rest of her friends. Adventurers rescue her from the Port of Glass at the last minute, narrowly stopping her marriage to Lemuel D'Artois. (Saving Private Kit, 14/08/2004).
  • The Low Guard begin experimenting with the use of Glass Magic. This turns into a full-blown infiltration by Port of Glass operatives, before a – only partially successful – purge of their ranks. (Mad Dogs and Vitriarchs, 19/02/2005).
  • The Port of Glass Embassy offer their assistance in the White City's battle against He Who Walks Wilderness. They are rebuffed, and siege weapons fired at the Embassy from the College of a Thousand Arts. (The Battle For The White City, 11/06/2005).
  • Lemuel D'Artois throws a party to celebrate the twenty-second birthday of his latest wife, Lady Caroline D'Artois. Serafine D'Artois, Karl D'Artois and Niske D'Artois use the opportunity to plot regime change in the Port. (Raindrops and Roses, 13/08/2005)
  • The Port of Glass launches an unsuccessful invasion of the Garden Lands, beginning the chain of events that end with the creation of the Broken Garden and the transformation of the Lord of the Gardens into a Vitriarch. (Bill and the Bodach, Bill and the Bodach and the Broken Guard, Broken Gardener campaign, Winter 2005/Spring 2006)
  • Lemuel D'Artois' beloved son, Emmanuel D'Artois, is assassinated in the Breathing Isles. An – unpopular – week of mourning is declared. (Blades and Feathers, 11/03/2006)
  • Lemuel D'Artois leaves the Port for reasons known only to him. His regent, Sebastian D'Artois, does an appalling job of keeping order. The Port undergoes a revolution, and Karl and Niske D'Artois, the Twin Dukes, are installed as leaders. The Ducal Palace seals itself and the Labyrinth of Selves, which previously only occupied the Palace's cellars, comes to life and takes the Palace over. (Blood in the Streets, 15/04/2006)
  • With the help of Serafine D'Artois and some White City adventurers, who pretend that that was what they were there to do all along, Lemuel D'Artois renounces the Vitriarchs and removes the shard of the King in Fragments from his heart. He goes into the East, to do something or another. (Milamber's Down, 22/04/2006).
  • Paolo, Abelard Velasquez, Belor de Velland, Kit Fisable and Selena Curiana, along with a large proportion of renegade High Guardsman and an enormous army of the undead, storm the Port of Glass, slay Niske in the streets, burn a large portion of it to the ground with Black Flame, and transform the place into the Port of Glass and Flame. Belor's High Guardsmen restyle themselves as the Port's Obsidian Guard, and de Velland takes control of the Port as Lord Protector. The remaining D'Artois family are exiled to the fabled Isle of the Broken Moon. The White City keeps diplomatic channels open with the D'Artois and prepares for war with de Velland. (No, Nay, Never, 13/05/2006)
  • Adventurers from the White City recover the Ducal signet rings from the Palace and slay the Labyrinth of Selves. This legitimises Karl D'Artois' rule over the Isle of the Broken Moon, but has the unfortunate side effect of allowing Belor de Velland access to the Ducal Palace. (Crystal Castle, 02/09/2006)
  • White City adventurers recover a number of prisoners from the Port. (The Order of the Rose, 04/11/2006)
  • Lord Protector Belor de Velland sends Obsidian Guardsmen and volunteers into Dream to recover the Tender of the Flame found there, slay a rival Black Flame sorceror, and recover de Velland's “family” of Aurorans. (The World as Will and Dream, 03/03/2007)
  • Belor unsuccessfully courts nations south of the Port as allies (Flame Noire, 17/03/2007; The Winds of Change, 30/06/2007; Song of the South, 06/10/2007)
  • (Reflections of Mortality, 20/10/2007)
  • (Rising Deep, 27/10/2007)
  • Belor de Velland creates the Long Road, a paved road of black obsidian that grows between the Port and the White City. It is removed from his control by the sacrifice of the vinechild Bottle. (The Chains That Bind, 24/11/2007; The Road Not Taken, 19/01/2008)
  • Allied forces from the White City and the Isle of the Broken Moon retake the Port from Belor de Velland with the help of Abelard Velasquez' betrayal of Belor de Velland. The Port now lies mostly in the hands of the Isle of the Broken Moon, though the White City possess some districts. Abelard sacrifices his past and name to the Tender of the Flame inhabiting the Ducal Palace to become the unnamed Soldier of the White City and to claim the Palace in the White City's name. The Port of Glass and Flame is the Port of Glass once more. (Dulce et Decorum Est, 16/02/2008)
  • Belor and Selena themselves are killed by a team of highly-trained adventurers, and ferried to the Tower of Heroes (presumably the only place in the Burned Realm they can be guaranteed not to fight their way out of). (Operation Certain Death, 01/03/2008)
  • King Eric makes advances against Giscard D'Artois, his competiton, in the Port of Glass. (Breaking and Entering, 01/11/2008)
  • (Low Tolerance, 08/11/2008)
  • The Soldier of the White City sends adventurers north to recover the Lunar Host, a powerful Glass Magic artefact, but is thwarted by White City adventurers hired by Serafine D'Artois. (The Mirror and the Moon, 24/01/2009)
  • (The Ringmaster, 21/03/2009)
  • (The Horror of Helvetica, 19/12/2009)
  • (All Along The Watchtower, 30/01/2010)
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