Historical Timeline

All times given are in years before the present (“bp”), and more recent times in years in the reign of the current Governor, Rebecca De Courci (“RdC”).
Dates in the White City parlance are given as years in the reign of the current Governor.

  • circa 1000 bp - The Binding War. The Bound Ones and their legions of abominations sweep out of the East, where they are met by the forces of the nascent Exalted Church of the Light and the newly formed Cloistered Brethren of Chains. The White City is founded.
  • circa 900 bp - The earliest years of the White City. Although constantly beset by enemies from all sides, the White City survives through the combined efforts of the Exalted Church of the Light, the Cloistered Brethren of Chains, and an emerging militia which will, ultimately, coalesce into the nobility.
  • circa 850 bp - The College of the Thousand Arts is founded. Although times are tumultuous the College dedicates itself to the preservation and rediscovery of the higher practices of earlier times.
  • circa 800 bp - The Watchtowers are founded. Tensions rise between the religious and secular authorities in the White City.
  • circa 775 bp - The Civil War. War rages between the Cloistered Brethren of Chains, the Exalted Church of the Light and the emergent noble Families. The Cult of the Burned Lords becomes increasingly popular.
  • circa 700 bp - The Civil War in the White City ends, largely through the intervention of the Temple of Ashes. There is a considerable downgrading of the official powers of organised religion in the White City. Temples are permitted to keep men under arms if they so wish. The first Governor of the White City is installed.
  • circa 650 bp - A man named Alesko de Almedia returns from a journey into the Great Forest to the west, he is half mad but brings with him stories of a city of spider-people, and of a substance as strong as steel and as soft as silk.
  • circa 450 bp - The City of Silk is now a thriving trading city, with humans living comfortably alongside the Weavers. The first Duke de Almedia is officially ennobled.
  • circa 400 bp - The City of Clear Waters to the south becomes gradually darker and more decadent, a haven for pirates and scoundrels. Warring criminal overlords and pirate kings feud for the next century.
  • circa 350 bp - Through influence and guile, a wealthy Sorceress from the South becomes the first Duchess Velasquez.
  • circa 300 bp - Stability is brought to the City of Clear Waters by the rise of the pirate king calling himself the Lord of Shards. Slowly the city changes, becoming the Port of Glass as we know it today.
  • circa 200 bp - The cluster of small villages, towns and outposts to the east becomes the City of Crossroads. It prospers and flourishes in an extremely short space of time. The Cloistered Brethren of Chains begin to move people to the city, just in case.
  • circa 150 bp - Contact is made with the Whistful City, which has been shrouded in mystery for the longest time. They prove to have virtually no useful trade goods.
  • circa 100 bp - An army of things comes out of the North, they are defeated at the Battle of Dream-Bridge but their precise nature is never fully understood.
  • circa 50 bp - What little trade there was with the Whistful City ceases. Rumours abound of something terrible in the Palace at Three Rivers.
  • 43 bp - The last battle between the Port of Glass and the White City. Lemuel D'Artois brokers peace with the Governor shortly afterwards.
  • 28 bp (1 RdC) - Rebecca de Courci becomes Governess of the White City, the Cristoforis rise to prominence and the Duchy.
  • 27 bp (2 RdC) - Rebecca de Courci forms the Low Guard.
  • 10 bp (18 RdC) - Chrecenzo and Andreah Velasquez die under suspicious circumstances, leaving Chiara as Duchess.
  • 5 bp (23 RdC) - A powerful Chain Sorcerer goes mad and tries to bind the Light, freeing a Bound One in the East in the process.
  • 3 bp (25 RdC) - The Second Naming and Binding War. The Army of the Red Gryphon almost destroys the city; He Who Walks Wilderness is rebound under the earth. The Garden Lands are corrupted.
  • 2bp (26 RdC) - The Black Flame appears. Marius and the True Servants of the Light overthrow the White City before a counter-coup reinstates Rebecca De Courci as Governor. The Lord of the Gardens is destroyed and the Broken Gardener appears. Lydia De Courci dies and Belor de Velland takes over the Port of Glass, renaming it the Port of Glass and Flame. The Perfidious Tower is built.
  • 1 bpThe present day (27RdC) - The Necromancer at Three Rivers is destroyed by White City Adventurers and war looms with the Port of Glass and Flame.
  • The present day (28RdC) - The Port is retaken by allied forces and the villains Belor and Selena are slain. An uneasy peace settles in the lands arond the White City.
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