Christina de Velland


Christina was the child of Selena Curiana and Belor de Velland. When he died Belor used some sort of Black Flame ritual to accelerate her aging process and turn her in to some sort of entity of the Black Flame. In addition to a strong association with the Flame, she also inherited ties to glass and ash from her mother (her blood is both ashen and shattered). She believes that the White City wronged her parents and is determined to get revenge. Perhaps more redeemingly, though, she also is a strong supporter of the rights of the ordinary people to be able to realise their potential. Perhaps she might be able to be brought over to a better path, perhaps not, only time will tell.

Recent Events

  • Tried to remove the concept of the nobility from the world by sacrificing the former heart of chains, Toquell Velasquez. It was revealed that she was being tricked by the Rattle Prince who wanted to subvert her ritual. Fortunately she was stopped by adventurers. In return for her foolishness Theodore Luxfrey cursed her to suffer the pain of any she sacfriced to the flame.
  • Convinced a bunch of PCs to allow her to sacrifice a blood spirit (albeit a pretty unpleasent spirit).
  • Returned an undead Light Sorcerer by the name of Bragdall Courtasair to the world and convinced him to join her cause. He is currently fighting dream entities in the North.
  • Tried tro release a glass monstrousity her mother had left buried under Itkovian's Watchtower. She was aided in this by a number of sleeper agents, who had been planted in the city by her parents during the war with the Port of Glass and Flame. There may well still be sleeper agents under her control in the White City.
  • Has been raising villages out East to support her cause. In particular the small town of 'Little Crossroads'.

Toquell Curiana

Christina has one half-sibling by the name of Toquell Curiana (the son of Selena and Paulo). He resides with his grandmother Maria Curiana and has some sort of spiritual connection to Christina. More can be found here.

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