The Eastern Dragons

The Eastern dragons are the progeny of the Mother of all Serpents and the Lord of the Tower of Heroes. They all have some link to death and to life.

The Eastern Dragons are:

Matahadres, the Herald of Morning

The most political of the Eastern dragons. Matahadraes is associated with renewal and rebirth.

Rashamaya, Midnight's Voice

Embodying the state of death. On good terms with the Crimson queen and last seen with Kit Fisable in the very far east.

Palistrata, the Bride of Evening

Associated with decay.

Rajanigandha, the Pale Shadow of the Moon

Associated with the moment between life and death. Mother of Enshinevrostra.


There is a fifth as yet unknown Eastern dragon. Some indication that it may be female but even this is uncertain.

Recent Events

  • Matahadres helps engineer a rebellion in the kingdom of Arakan, with the aid of the White City. This leads ultimately to the overthrow of the King Who Waits (Diplomats and Dragons, the King Who Waits no More)
  • Rajanigandha bears a child by the Western Dragon, Inskuldres. The child Enshinevrostra is the first child born of two dragons. (Diplomats and Dragons)
  • Dominic du Cesare and others slays Palistra and Anvil consumes her heart. It is very likely that she is not dead but merely recovering. (Dominic and the Dragon)
  • Rashamaya visits the West in the guise of a envoy from the Crimson Queen and begins trying to seek out knowledge of her western siblings. (The Ambassadors)
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