Carmina Curiana, Former High Priestess of the Light


Carmina rose to the position of High Priestess of the Light after a period of unrest in the Church, leading to a period of more stability under herself and her successor, Amelia du Sallis. Her most notable achievement was being part of the group that dispatched the Necromancer at Three Rivers. Carmina ascended to join the Light, along with her old friend, Bairoth (who had sacrificed himself to the Hushed Princess in order to save Carmina's life and was subsequently rescued by her and other adventuers). Scholars argue as to what Carmina is now. She is either a full aspect of the Light or merely an incredibly pure spirit. Although both Bairoth and Carmina ascended, their relationship is not equal. Bairoth cannot exist without the sustaining presence of Carmina. It is widely rumoured that before her ascension Carmina was in love with former Captain of the Low Guard, Carlos de Mamushi (who later became the seneschal at three Rivers), and in some places it is said that she still is.

As a spirit she has a special care for those who have fallen away from the path of purity and who seek to return to it and for those who are in love.

Recent Events

Last seen in the North fighting creatures of the Fifth Sleeper.

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