Enshinevrostra is the child of Rajanigandha and Inskuldres. She shares the heritage of three different powers and is a truly unique entity in being the only child of two dragons.

The name “Enshinevrostra” was chosen by the party of adventurers who defended her at her birth, who each chose one syllable:

En: Chosen by Enrico “Flash” Cristofori. The first syllable of his own name, representing self-interest.
Shi: Chosen by Kyre Wordsmith. Taken from “shield”, representing the protection of others.
Nev: Chosen by Bartholomew D'Artois. From the Never Queen, representing a broken memory of that which never was.
Ro: Chosen by Thier Cristofori. Beginning the Rose Prince of the South, representing nobility and duels for honour.
Stra: Chosen by Gustav Yoma. The start of “strategy”, representing strategy in battle.

Recent Events

  • Her grandfather the Frost Prince continues with his attempts to kill her (Fire Under the Hill)
  • Enshinevrostra is born in the Western forest. Several of Western Dragons come to see her. She is defended by a group of adventurers from the Frost Prince's minions who wish to prevent her from coming in to the world. Kyre Wordsworth is blood-bonded to her. (Diplomats and Dragons).
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