Major Gangs

Due to the nature of the White City's hierarchical underworld, there is only really one gang of criminals large enough to be at the top of the pile. King Eric's men are the the largest group of organised crime in the city and their reach goes far. Virtually every other gang in the city pays fealty to the “king” if they want to stay in business. They say the King Eric keeps everyone else around for his/her own amusement - and sometimes an old fashioned gang war is good for business.

Minor Gangs

The Barrow Street Gang

  • Leader: “Sal”
  • Turf: The Slums
  • Headquarters: The abandoned Temple of the Light on Barrow Street
  • Areas of Expertise: Gambling (Organising Gutter Running), Poisons
  • Appearances: Dem Ol' Bones

The Razor Fish Gang

  • Leader: Johnny the Shark
  • Turf: The Slums
  • Headquarters: Unknown
  • Areas of Expertise: Drugs, Smuggling
  • Appearances: Dem Ol' Bones

Dead Dog's Lads - DISBANDED

  • Leader: Emilio “Dead Dog” Delucci - DEAD
  • Turf: Merchant District
  • Headquarters: The Greased Ferret Tavern
  • Areas of Expertise: Gambling, Violence
  • Appearances: Dem Ol' Bones
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