The City of Ash and Iron

The City of Ash and Iron is the center of the Kingdom of the Unnamed Kings, who style themselves the 'Emperors of the New World'. In truth they hold no more power than any other of the rulers of the east, but history hints that they are related to some line of royalty or high nobility from before the First Naming and Binding War. Upon his or her ascension to the throne, each of the Kings is ceremonially stripped of their name in a ritual involving powerful Name Magic. Each new monarch becomes simply the Unnamed King. One of the open secrets of this kingdom is that the subsequent rulers inevitably change in personality and opinions, becoming a close match to their predecessor within a few months.

The royal family are noted for their startling purple eyes. Given the associations of purple with name magic, and of purple eyes with name sorcerers, this seems to imply some strong sorcerous or even divine component to the kings' heritage. It is certainly true that both the royal family and the people in general make more use of name magic than is encountered elsewhere in the kingdoms. Still, its use is legally restricted to the noble born, and it could not be described as common.

Those in the White City who study Eastern matters are aware that it is from this land that the so-called 'Prince of the East' and his Army of the Red Gryphon originated, although that force supposedly had no backing from the Unnamed King.

Of all the realms of the East this land has had the least contact with the White City .

See 'the Ambassadors (16/09/06) for further details.

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