A cat trapped man befriended by Selena Curiana. This did his generosity, benevolence and sense of fair play about as much good as you'd expect, notwithstanding the fact that he was a cat to start off with anyway. A talented Glass and Ash mage.


  • Discovered and befriended by Selena. (Four Legs Good, 20/11/2004)
  • Negotiated with the party exploring Toquell's old house, and obtained the vitrified First Hammer from them. (Toquell's Lesser House, 27/05/2006)
  • Took up residence in the Broken Garden following the fall of the Port of Glass and Flame. (13/05/2006)
  • Masterminded a scheme to kill a whole load of rabbits and send some university professors mad. (Adi and the Park of Darkness, 09/10/2006)
  • Presumably, escaped Selena's destruction and her tower burning. (Operation Certain Death, 01/03/2008)
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