The Kingdom of the King Who Waits

The City of Lights

For hundreds of years the City of Lights, so named for the constant glowing spheres that illuminated it, was rule by a nigh-immortal King. It was revealed that the source of his immortality was tied to the glowing spheres. Numerous groups of White City adventurers stirred up rebellion amongst the King's subjects, some for a sense of idealogy and others for personal gain. In the end the King was killed by adventurers who removed the illumination from the city. It turned out that the source of the King's immortality came not from the lights themselves but from a nocturnal creation of the Bound Ones, named the Taker of Within, that slept beneath the city and was kept sleeping by the lights. After gaining the blessings of various gods the adventurers slew the monster.

The city of lights is now a chaotic place as White City influences still struggle to restore order.

The Dukedoms

Various of the Dukedoms that once owed fealty to the King have now been able to declare their independence thanks to the White City's intervention. Some have fared better than others out of this. Whilst some have managed to establish stable ruling councils there is still confusion in other places. Of particular note is the Kingdom of Arakan, which was one of the first to declare independence and is ruled by a relatively competent council. Another is the kingdom of Bajur, which has clashed with Arakan on occassion over the rights to certain lands.

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