Lady Dalmatia Velasquez


Influential within house Velasquez but little known outside of the intrigues of the house itself or the merchants she deals with. Notable as a powerful Name Sorcerer who learnt her art during the second naming and binding war against the Army of the Red Griffon.

Recent History

  • Publicly exposed as a Name Sorcerer after a dispute with Maris Cristofori, she fled to the Empire of the Unbound with the aid of the 'Adventurer formerly known as Tibbs'. Assumed dead in the White City. (A Name Besmirched, 26/06/2010)
  • Responsible for naming Count Reginald Cristofori “Unlucky” after a trade dispute, though this is as yet unknown. (A Series of Ornithological Events, 11/04/2010)
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