The Memory Merchant


The Memory Merchant is a Rosemary Maiden who has become self-aware and lives in the Whistful City, trading in memories.

Recent Events

  • Kidnapped by James Warver, and was vivisected and experimented upon in secret at the Faculty of Alchemy. Since escaped (or freed), and current whereabouts are unknown. (A Night at the Opera, 25/04/2009)
  • Absorbed the mind of a Rosemary Crone, enabling her to implant memories as well as consuming them. (The Mirror And The Moon, 24/01/2009)
  • Was discovered by a party of adventurers and assisted in travelling to the Whistful City. Consumed Micael's memories of Leonardo; fortunately, he had backups. (In The Shadow Of The Mountains, 27/09/2008)
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