The Verdant City

The Kingdom of the Crimson Queen is located someway inland and rather separated from the other two kingdoms of the east. It is east of the City of Lights and north of the City of Ash and Iron. It has a strong matriarchal tradition, with its current ruler being an unordained blood sorceress. The Queen has ruled the city for some 150 years or so and looks unlikely to pass on power to either of her two living daughters any time in the near future. Likely her long life is the result of her expertise in her magical arts. Persistent rumours suggest that periodic human sacrifices in her name are the chief mystical element in her longevity.

The heads of the major noble houses are almost always female and it is very rare for a man to be appointed to a position of power unless he proves himself to be exceptional. The social structure is roughly three tiered, with the nobles concerning themselves with politiking and the day to day running of the city, whilst the middle classes tend to be more soldierly types, although scholarly pursuits are also considered honourable for a person of that social standing. Honour is of paramount importance amongst the nobility and the warrior classes, although plays less of a part in the day to day lives of the peasantry.

Recent Events

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