The Empire Of The Unbound


On the Westernmost side of the Great Forest, the trees eventually give way to plains inhabited by a massive empire of Name sorcerers. Initially thought by adventurers to be an Empire which worshipped the Bound Ones, it now appears that although Name Sorcery is prevelant the Empire sees itself as an enemy of those beings.

A settlement named Belor's Folly has been built near the borders of the Empire, whose mayor, Will Wayhew, is rapidly falling under the influence of the Empire. The Empire is known to be making efforts to conquer the remaining free cities of the West, and cities which fall to the Empire disappear from the face of the world soon after, to an unknown fate.

Servants of the Empire have been seen making use of Chain and Black Flame magic as well as Name, and to make use of monstrous beasts created by Name Sorcery.

The Capital of the Empire is the City of Fire, beneath which is bound a creature which claims to be the Bound One Tears as Fire. It floats above a volcano far to the west, held above the caldera by mighty chains. Magical wards prevent easy approach.

Recent Events

  • The Guardian of the forge over Tears As Fire's volcano was refined by Roark Velasquez; the forge is now unguarded (except, of course, by the legions of the Empire - who are now under orders to stop anyone from the White City getting anywhere near the place). (Forging The Starmetal Chain, 19/11/2011)
  • Was opposed by a party acting under the orders of the Bound One Sightless Intonation of Judgement. The Empire's attempt to capture a city known as the City of the Silver Tower was thwarted, and a gift delivered to the Bound One residing beneath the Empire's capital. (Fire and Water, 30/03/2011)
  • Found an ally in Lady Dalmatia Velasquez who has now fled to its protection. (A Name Besmirched, 26/06/2010)
  • The Empire launched an exceptionally long-range mission to seize the former lands of the King Who Waits for the Bound Ones. They are thwarted, at the cost of Arashi Moriyama's life (The King in Purple, 15/05/2010)
  • The Empire of the Unbound tried to conquer the City of Crossroads using escapees from the City of Chains to do their dirty work. (Man of Chains, Man of Action, 12/04/2008)
  • Wayhew allowed the Empire to open an embassy, and is stopping just short of declaring Belor's Folly independent of the White City. (I Can't Believe They're Not Trollberries, 29/10/2007)
  • Wayhew paid a group of adventurers to negotiate with the Empire of the Unbound. They refused, and killed a lot of people before leaving Belor's Folly. (Gold Rush, 07/10/2006)
  • An 'ambassador' from the Empire killed and mutilated Charlan Anders, a prominent Cloistered Bretheren operative, and his retinue. (War in the Greenwood, 14/01/2006)
  • A caravan from the White City travelled West, guided by Belor de Velland, and discovered the Empire on the other side of the Great Forest. Undeterred, Belor de Velland founded a settlement there. (Land of the Dying Sun, 17/09/2005)
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