Her Eminence Rebecca de Courci, Governess of the White City


Now well into her forties, Rebecca De Courci is a peerless and parlous politician. She has balanced the feuding Families with consummate skill and under her inspired leadership the White City has prospered. As is ever the case with successful and influential people, particularly female ones, rumours abound about the source of her success. They just don't bound too high or too loud.

The shield of the De Courci Family consists of three golden crowns on a red field. This is, in fact, the coat of arms of the Governorship of the White City, but has been adopted by the Family De Courci as a matter of course.

Her heir is still a babe, a girl named Eleanor. The identity of the girl's father is unknown.

Recent Events

  • Recently narrowly avoided assassination at the hands of Eastern warriors, saved by the actions of Sasha de Courci, Kyre Wordsmith, Finch Tyrell, Theodore Luxfrey and Stophos (see the LARP Queen of Chaos, 12/12/2009).
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