The First Hammer


The first hammer ever used. This means that it's effectively a big stick.

Nontheless, it's a powerful Chain Magic artefact, and is widely believed to be able to break the enchantments holding the Bound Ones prisoner.


  • Retrieved from the Western Forest by a party of adventurers wanting to ensure that it didn't fall into the wrong hands. (If I Had A Hammer, 26/02/2005)
  • Fell into Toquell Velasquez's hands and used to kill the Serpent of Chains. Part of it was vitrified into obsidian by Bartholemew D'Artois during the process. (Hammering The Snake, 12/03/2005).
  • The non-vitrified part was driven into Kit Fisible during the ritual to turn her into the Binder of the Seven Powers. It's presumably still there. (Forging Kit Fisible, 14/03/2005)
  • The vitrified part fell into the hands of Selena Curiana after an adventuring party retrieved it from Toquell's old house (Toquell's Lesser House, 27/05/2006)
  • A minion of Selena Curiana's tried to use the vitrified part to free the Eater of Wings. It didn't work, and the vitrified part was Commended to the Flame. (Flame Eternal, 10/02/2007)
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