The Palace at Three Rivers


Originally inhabited by Matteo di Calvo, the Necromancer at Three Rivers, the Palace seems to have some sort of metaphysical significance in keeping Dream back from the rest of the world. It is located North of the White City, where the rivers of Echoes, Shadows, and Whispers meet and become the Great River.


The Seneschal

Originally Carlos Mamushi, the Seneschal took up his post after helping kill the Necromancer who inhabited the palace.

The Warden

A Dream Sorceress who is fulfilling an important job in doing whatever needs to be done within the palace.

The Spirit of the Palace

A Spirit of Place whose crush on the Necromancer has been replaced with a crush for Adi. Appears as one of the Northern Tribeswomen, in feathers and warpaint. Flighty and easily distracted.


  • Heroes recover a magical artefact from the palace's basement, discovering (and dispatching) remnants of replica Burned Lords which the Necromancer had created as part of his attempt to conquer the Burned Realm before abandoning this in favour of creating the Defiers.
  • The Third Sleeper tries to cast the palace into dream, is betrayed by his lieutenant, Roland the Subtle, and temporarily defeated. (The Serpent And The Rainbow, 17/05/2008)
  • The Necromancer at Three Rivers is defeated for good. His plan to replace the Burned Lords with the Defiers, a more humanity-friendly set of deities, is thwarted. The Seneschal and Warden move in. (Even Death May Die, 08/08/2007)
  • The Necromancer reigns terror on the White City, causing havoc within the city to act as a diversion for his plot to kill Selena Curiana by sacrificing a Burned Lord. (The Reach Of Three Rivers, Spring/Summer 2007)
  • Patrol after patrol of undead skirmish with anybody travelling North. (2003-2007)
  • The Necromancer seizes the Bones of the First-Born from a cairn in the North, tries to sacrifice the Spirit of Three Rivers and frees a number of people from the Burned Realm. Some adventurers recover his wife and son from the Palace and bring them back to the White City. (Campaign 1, Summer 2003)
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