The Man By The Fire


A quiet, unassuming minion of the Princess of Stories. Appears around campfires and chats with people.

His brothers are the Man on the Road, the Man in the Pub, and the Man Stuck Halfway Up A Mountain In The Pouring Rain. They can be 'summoned' by travelling to near where they are and reciting a particular poem. It's possible they are a kind of guardian spirit of people who are on roads, in pubs, by fires, or stuck halfway up mountains in the pouring rain.

Recent Events

  • The Man By The Fire provided vital information for adventurers seeking to dispatch the Grey Templar, showing them scenes from her past life in order that they had the information they needed to talk her down. (Last Orders, 08/03/2008)
  • The Man in the Pub found someone else to become the new Man on the Road. The former Man on the Road seemed quite happy about this. (Birthday Greetings, 23/02/2008)
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