The Bagman


A mysterious and shadowy individual ostensibly working for the Cloistered Bretheren. The Bagman hires people for top-secret Bretheren-related tasks, and avoids meeting clients in person, preferring to use go-betweens whose Will and Tongue have been bound.

Recent History

  • Provided Yana with the information she needed to bind Opal (The Precious One, 23/09/2006)
  • Hired Toquell Velasquez and associates to kill individuals identified as the Grandmother, Mother, Father, and Son of the Destruction of the White City. This turned out to be a misguided attempt to prevent the Destruction of the White City, since all it achieved was motivating the Destruction himself (aka Sirius Panastra) to lead the Army of the Red Griffin to the White City's gates and try to destroy it. (Life is Cheap, 12/02/2005)
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