High Captain Silvio Cristofori


Silvio Cristofori is the sensible and pragmatic face of the High Guard. He is known for being particularly reserved but in spite of that is generally a pleasent and agreeable individual with a strong sense of morals. During the war against the King Who Waits he travelled out to the Port of Sands but is currently stationed in the White City.

Recent Events

  • Was revealed to a group of nobles to in fact be a bastard son of Alonso Velasquez, making him half brother to Toquell, Vincenzi and Abelard. This information was hushed up by the White City nobility and Silvio was quietly adopted by Duke Ario Cristofori to avoid dissent in the White City. NB. This is note generally known except for characters who were present on City of the Damned Part III: The Man that Never Was.
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