Slender Nige'

Ogre Gang Boss

Through better-than-average smarts, luck, and a little bit of the old ultra-violence, Nige' has risen through the mysterious “ranks” (read: “bigger”) of Ogres, even achieving himself a (mostly) loyal (through fear) gang and even a wife. Of sorts. And a big old stash.

But then a dapper man in a cloak and his girl-with-a-sack-over-her-head came along, asking questions. Too many questions. About his stash. He got suspicious, and was ready to stab him up. Then Nancy got a bit too curious about the pretty girl. Then it all went weird. Chains everywhere. They ran. And Nancy couldn’t remember him. What heart Nige' had broke, and he declared he’d “slash him up a bit”.

Nige' has the intelligence of your average Crim' - less than average for a civilized person, but a veritable genius for an Ogre. Theories run riot on how and why this is. The only clue comes in Nige's mention of Ogre “gangs”. Surely Ogres don't do any organized crime more than simply pretending to be Giant Clown Fish / Wardrobes / Talking Pigs and stealing meat / eating people… do they?

Nige', being an Ogre, can appear however he wants, although he always seems to have a raggedy Top hat and a horrid Ogre (cockney) accent.

Nige's Story

Aw’right my son, my little kipper, my tiny blue boy! it takes a lot to be a Guv’Nor like me, in my fancy topper and my raggedy wescot! You should’ve seen me back in the days when I was but a nipper! Face like a mourning trout I had! Sad little face, hiding behind wardrobes, pretending to be slightly smaller wardrobes.

But you don’t get where I am today without a bit of fancy thinking, plannin’ n’ schemin’! Got me’self a fancy dolly n’ all! Then that dapper bloke with The Chains - Oh The Chains! - came by with his tart in a bag! Oh how we laughed! Oh how we cried! Then he buggered off, scarpered he did! But he took something precious from old Nancy he did, Cheeky little bounder! She wuzn’t the same after that!

So we came after ‘im to teach ‘im a lesson, if you know what I mean! Slive him up! Slice him down! Slice him downways! I’ll make him the King In Fragments of Slashing I will, whoever that is! And see if i don’t!

Apples n’ Pears, Apples n’ Pears!!

Example Stats

8 Body + 2 Armour / 8 Fatigue, 5 Psyche
Doubles, Single Through, Back Stab Quads
3 Disengage, Cosh 6
Learned: Ogres, Organised Crime
Shapeshifting, Hard To Kill (Dismemberment)

Recent Events

  • “Slender Nige's Roadside Menagerie of Beautiful Things”, a small gathering of Ogres (pretending to be a mix of moustachioed ladies, legless sheep, wardrobes & ponies in hats), led by the surprisingly intelligent Slender Nige'. Nige's “wife” Giggling Nancy had apparently had her memories stolen by an accomplice of “Chenner”. Prof. James Warver deduces this is certainly the works of a Rosemary Maid. Despite being constantly asked how he got to be so intelligent, Nige' refused to answer questions and instead scarpered.
  • Later the same day, at a College campfire, Professor James Warver had an encounter with a “Slender Ni… Jeff. Slender Jeff”. Thanks to the actions of Warver, Nathaniel De Almedia and Sereth, “Jeff” was prevented from stealing the Professor's rather-nice shield. He was last seen running into the woods, heard shouting “Apples n' Pears! Apples n' Pears!”

(An Unearthly Child, 04/12/2010)

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