The City of Crossroads


The City of Crossroads rivals the White City for the strength of its trading empire, since it dominates trade with the distant Eastern Kingdoms. The City of Crossroads is a civilised place, modelled after a similar structure to the White City, but it is younger, having arisen as a trading post some three hundred years ago. Recently it was rocked by a civil war precipitated by Light fanatics. It is now ruled by a Merchant-Governor called Gerran Bellart, who is advised by a Council of nobles, merchants, mafiosos and a representative of the Cloistered Brethren of Chains. The Cloistered Brethren have a large presence in the city, and they have been using their influence to limit the political power of all the temples in the city. In particular, the Exalted Church has no official presence in the city (although the Light itself has some small cults), and is widely distrusted despite the charitable work its followers have been doing. The caravan routes to the East and the West have been re-opened, and business is returning to the city as before. The city features an institution of learning known as the Burned College. It's so named because the Light fanatics burnt the old Invisible College, and many of its members.

Recent Events

  • The Cloistered Bretheren have certain emergency powers within the city that can get their operatives out of legal difficulties. They're understandably hesitant to invoke them. (Man of Chains, Man of Action, 12/04/2008)
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