The Eastern Plains

To the east lie the plains, the City of Crossroads, and ultimately other Kingdoms of which little need be said here since they are distant in the extreme. It is to the East that the Cloistered Brethren of Chains look most strongly for signs of the return of the Bound Ones.

The City of Crossroads

The Battlefields

Nearly a thousand years ago, when the White City was founded, a war was fought against those things which we now call the Bound Ones. Armies fell against them, the mightiest Sorcerers of the age were all but powerless. In the end it fell to the Exalted Church of the Light and the new-born Cloistered Brethren of Chains to force the things back whence they came. Between the White City and the ruins of the City of Chains there are three Battlefields, where key battles in the Binding War were fought. Each of these places was twisted and broken by the events that took place there, and each of them has bound beneath it some being of intense and ancient power. The Cloistered Brethren of Chains watch these places closely.

The City of Chains

The City of Streng

The Thirteen Tribes

The Caravan Route

Merchants from the City of Crossroads talk of the mighty three month caravan route that leads to the Eastern Kingdoms. It passes first through the lands of the Twelve Tribes, and then moves north as it skirts a great desert, the Waste of Rose. The caravan route avoiding the whole area and eventually curves back south to the coastline at the Port of Sands, last remaining city of the devastated kingdom.

The Waste of the Rose

This desolate area is said to have once been the nearest of the Eastern Kingdoms, until the Rose Princess of the East destroyed it for reasons unknown. Few attempt to pass into it, and those that do return driven insane by the heat, telling tales of desiccated corpses rising from the sands to consume those who trespass on their ancient lands. In the middle of the Waste there is said to be an oasis, in the center of which is an island covered in red roses, inhabited by a woman who never leaves.

The Port of Sands

The Port of Sands is a cosmopolitan crossing place popular with merchants and mercenaries. Mercenaries are ubiquitous in the East, where the Kingdoms and Dukedoms continually jostle for power amongst each other- open warfare between Kingdoms is rare, open warfare between Dukedoms allied to different Kingdoms is common… Westerners have not yet been allowed beyond the Port of Sands.

Kingdom Of The Crimson Queen

Kingdom Of The Unnamed King

Kingdom Of The King Who Waits

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