The Bound Ones

The Bound Ones were trapped beneath the earth a thousand years ago during the Binding Wars by the most powerful Sorcerors of that age. There are now very few Ordained Chain Sorcerors, since the Bound Ones have little power left in the world. There are some worshippers out there, but anyone openly admitting to worshipping one of the Bound Ones is likely to be ostracised at best in most civilised societies.

Very, very, very little is known about the Bound Ones any more outside the highest echelons of the Cloistered Brethren of Chains. Most of them have names which seem almost nonsensical, the few scraps of lore from the days of the Binding War which remain in common circulation mention such names as “The Eater Of Wings”, “The Walker In The Hollow Places”, “He Who Walks Wilderness” and “Tears As Fire”.

It is known that the Bound Ones could grant their worshippers the ability to perform Name Magic, but this form of sorcery has virtually died out in civilised lands and is now mainly possessed only by the few surviving officers of the defeated Army of the Red Gryphon, priests of the Empire of the Unbound far to the West beyond the Great Forest, and inhabitants of the Kingdom of the Unnamed King.

Encountered Bound Ones

Tears As Fire

Worshipped by the Empire of the Unbound (Gold Rush). Responsible for the creation of the waterfire which Toquell Velasquez consumed in order to become immortal. (Dragonfire and Deep Water).

He Who Walks Wilderness

Freed as a result of a rogue chain sorceror trying to Bind the Light (Binding the Light). HWWW's deal is that geography is created wherever he travels, creating large amounts of new land and physically impossible locations. Led the Army of the Red Gryphon which assaulted the White City (Battle for the White City campaign) before he was bound beneath the earth in the ground east of the White City, primarily by Toquell Velasquez and Kit Fisable.


Freed by Stephano de Courci (Salvage Rites), Opal was a lesser Bound One charged with creating precious gemstones. Before the Binding War, he crashed cities' economies and caused chaos by flooding the market with these gemstones. Opal was bound by Sister Yana and associates in mines north of the White City (The Precious One)

He Who Lives In Memories Past

Creates versions of the past and hides in them. Briefly freed from the City of Chains before being imprisoned again. (Rebound in the Darkness)

The Seraph Unasker

An enormous petrified Bound One on top of a hill some distance north of Three Rivers. (Let Sleeping Sleepers Lie)

Sightless Intonation of Judgement

Sightless Intonation of Judgement was partially released in the City of Chains by the heretical apostate light priest Roark Velasquez. He now enjoys some limited freedom in the City of Chains. It is rumoured that he may have made dealings with Cordol Lome. Sightless Intonation of Judgment seems to be associated with gift-giving and water. The Fountain of Eternal Youth was an artefact of his creation.

Ravenous Renunciation of the Self

The Ravenous Renunciation of the Self is a lesser(ish) Bound One. Once the monstrous champion of the ancient rulers of the City of Chains, it feeds on the names of others. It resided in a palace amongst the stolen names of countless multitudes. At the end of the Binding Wars it was confronted by the Brotherhood of Chains who bound it within its own sword. The blade sat within the underground palace for centuries before being retrieved by a party of Adventurers to settle a noble dispute.

The blade was later used to consume the name of the Frost Prince. The name of the God allowed the Ravenous Renunciation of the Self to free itself and run amok in the White City. After trying to consume the name of the 'The City' it was bound beneath the White City by a party of adventurers with the aid of the Cloistered Brethren.

She Who Dances Heavens (Unbound)

Legend names her as the consort of 'He Who Walks Wilderness' and she appears to be responsible for the creation and maintenance of the firmament, taking virtually no interest in the world below. Appearing as a titanic multi-armed female figure 'She Who Dances Heavens' both resides within and is the moon. Having little to do with mortal affairs she was left largely unbound during the Binding War, the only binding upon her being a single great chain tethering the moon to the ground below (though whether this was even the result of mortal chain sorcerers remains unknown).

Following the corruption of 'She Who Dances Heavens' by the powers of glass a group of adventurers ventured onto the moon to end the chaos breaking out in the firmament. She was successfully purged of the glassy madness and in the process the great chain binding her was broken. She is now one of the few unbound Namers but though she dances the skies freely she seems to maintain her indifference to the world beneath her.

The Walker In Hollow Places (Unbound)

Encountered when a group of adventurers asked for the story of the Namers; the Princess of Stories transported them deep into the psyche of The Walker In Hollow Places where they witnessed the creation of Glass. After eventually defeating the Walker, its spirit was trapped in the dream palace of Leonardo Velasquez and the chain that bound it was taken by James Warver. (Best Left Untold)

Since freed after Leonardo and Warver returned and entered its dreams in order to forge the Starmetal Chain; The Walker In Hollow Places is free and roams abroad. (Forging The Starmetal Chain)

The Canvas Of Creation

Encountered under the world as the pillar which holds up creation. Becoming increasingly unbalanced by the chains that bind the bound ones on one side and the Black Flame's consumption of the world on the other; scholars estimate the world will tip in 5-10 years unless something is done. Lost all of its memories after they were consumed by Roark Velasquez.

Notable servants of the Bound Ones

The Empire of the Unbound

See here. (Land of the Dying Sun; War in the Greenwood; I Can't Believe They're Not Trollberries; Man of Chains, Man Of Action; Gold Rush, A Name Besmirched)

The Architect Without Keys

A servant of the Bound Ones who resembles a cowardly, wizened old man. Given immortality and the ability to connect any two doors. Escaped from the City of Chains and now either detained or killed by the Cloistered Bretheren in Crossroads. A dream of his gate, able to take travellers to anywhere with another door, lies deep in the northern Dreamscape. (Man of Chains, Man of Action; Forging the Starmetal Chain).

The Equal Army

A warrior servant of the Bound Ones in heavy armour and shield with the ability to multiply its numbers to equal the number of people fighting it. Escaped from the City of Chains and now either detained or killed by the Cloistered Bretheren in Crossroads. (Crown of Chains; Man of Chains, Man of Action).

The Prince of the East

A Name Sorceror from the Kingdom of the Unnamed King, the Prince became the lieutenant of He Who Walks Wilderness and the mortal general of the Army of the Red Griffin before being defeated before the White City and naming the Coldfire into existence in a final act of desperation. He is now bound beneath the earth alongside He Who Walks Wilderness. (Battle for the White City)


A Dream power who attempted to free the Seraph Unasker. (Let Sleeping Sleepers Lie)


These are Bound Ones or their servants who have been named, or mentioned in passing, but have yet to appear in a LARP:

  • Lady Spine-Singer (creator of the Architect without Keys)
  • The Eight-Crowned King (creator of the Equal Army)
  • The Spark of Life (worshipped by Tristan Blake)
  • The Eater of Wings (too many places to mention)
  • Breath of Shadows (worshipped by Naomi the Walker)
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