The White City


The main focus of the setting is the White City. The White City is an independent city-state and the most prosperous in the region. It is ruled by a nominal Governess, Her Eminence Rebecca de Courci, whose chief talent has been to weld the bickering noble Families, guilds, temples and of course dangerous mobs of lunatics with swords (who apparently prefer to be called “adventurers”) into a coherent unit. The city lives up to its name being as it is carved out of fine white stone (for the most part, most of the outlying buildings depart from this pattern but since only the plebs live there it hardly counts). Being conveniently situated along a major river and at the centre of a large number of trade routes between other city-states the White City is a terribly cosmopolitan place, and full of terribly interesting people from terribly far away who very often seem to need terribly dangerous things done by people who are either terribly brave or terribly stupid. This, by default, is where PCs are assumed to be living at the start of play. Note that there are no horses in the White City (there are sturdy ponies used as pack and draught animals, but these are entirely unsuited to being ridden) - almost all travel is done on foot or by water.

Noble Families

The White City, although basically a republic, is still packed with Old Families. The De Courcis are naturally pre-eminent at the moment but since their major skill is social brinkmanship they don't play a terribly active role in the cut-throat business of politics. Notable players on the stage of the White City include the De Almedias (merchants with a lucrative steelsilk route to the west) the Velasquez (widely considered dodgy, tend to dabble in Sorcery) and the Cristoforis (more merchants, have a nice little trade route going east). These Families and others tend to pass their days in a mixture of idle self indulgence, casual assassination attempts and internecine bickering. Many of their more notable members are mentioned here.

Notable Temples

Instrumental in the founding of the White City was the Exalted Church of the Light, whose headquarters are to be found in the very centre of the city, just across the square from the Governess' mansion. Occupying a position of some respect but less grandeur is the Temple of Ashes in the south of the city. Although all respect the Priests of the Burned Lords they are not exactly popular, they enjoy the faintly untouchable status which is shared by so many who deal with the trappings of mortality. The third major religious institute in the city is really not one, the Cloistered Brethren of Chains are not priests in the usual sense of the word and they view their duties as very real and very physical. Most other religions have a presence in the city, although they are often seen as backward or unduly romantic. Vitriarch worship is strictly forbidden. Many other Powers and deities have shrines and cults within the city, a selection of the better known ones can be found here.

Other Notable Institutions

Innumerable guilds vie for influence within the city, and numerous merchants ply their trade in the city's markets. Important secular and ignoble institutions include the Guild of Free Traders, the College of the Thousand Arts, the High Guard and Low Guard, King Eric's Men and the Embassies of the other city-states.

The Watchtowers

Some days travel to the north, south, east and west of the White City are the Watchtowers. These are kept garrisoned by the High and Low Guard and by soldiers supplied by the Temples and the noble Families. The White City is currently at peace, but none would even suggest leaving the Watchtowers unguarded.

Recent Events

  • Following the recent treaty with the Port of Glass, several changes have taken place within the City. (A Portentous Meeting 18/02/2012)
    • Worship of the Vitriachs is has been legalised
    • A large temple to the King in Fragments is being build (well away from the centre of the city)
    • Glass magic is legal to use in self-defense
    • The Shining Order's official position within the City's military has been stripped, replaced by “advisers” from the Exalted church (although in practice nothing has changed)
    • An official advisor from the Port of Glass has been assigned to Rebecca De Courci (Advisor to the Governess Miguel del Santos)
    • Duchess Karla Velasquez-D'Artois has been assigned as official Port of Glass tutor to Lady Eleanor De Courci
  • Recently invaded by the monstrous forces of the Dark Carnival, killing many from the lower classes and some nobles. Additional spiritual effects (mindless worship of a being known as the Wraith) are still being dealt with (Carnival of Carnage: The Amazing Jackal Brothers, 13/3/2010).
  • The waking of the Mother of All Serpents sent tremors throughout the world, wreaking havok on the poorer areas of the city. Rebuilding efforts are in progress (Fire Under The Hill, 13/2/2010).
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