Rules Q&A

This page is for recording rules queries and their answers, with the hope of making such things a bit more generally accessible.

If you have a rules query then post it here and hopefully the LARPO will submit an answer before too long.


Question Can a disengage be called to run after someone who is disengaging?


Question To avoid confusion, particularly regarding monsters, can I suggest that characters using the blindfighting skill specifically call 'Blindfighting'?

Purchasing Downtime Skills

Question: When a downtime relevant skill is bought (i.e. Wealth) does it have its effect immediately or only after the next adventure?

Answer: The effect is immediate. In the case of buying Wealth for example you will recieve the appropriate new income and your repair fees for the last adventure will be appropriately reduced.

Glass mage & Exorcists

Question: What happens when the spell Eyes of Glass is used in a psychic combat with multiple participants (most likely due to the presence of an Exorcist)

Answer: Everyone but the caster takes the psyche damage called. The Glass Mage still pays only the usual psyche cost.

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