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Less an artefact and more a phenomenon, Coldfire is a fire which spreads and consumes flammable material like regular fire, but which freezes rather than burning.


  • Manufactured by Harriet Pinter by combining a sphere of pure ice taken from the Frost Prince and the fire of God-King Barameus in an attempt to separate the warring personalities within the Broken Gardener and the Lord of the Gardens. While the coldfire was successfully created, Pinter was beaten to the Lord of the Gardens by Selena Curiana. Part of the bargain for getting fire from Barameus was that the cold fire be known as Barameus' Fire in the civilised world.
  • Named into existence by the Prince of the East upon his death. Bound into Toquell Velasquez's Golden Chain using Bind the Wind. (Battle for the White City)
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