Duke Nerino Velasquez

Now the Duke of the Velasqeuz family, Nerino is a noted scholar and an accomplished Chain sorcerer. Uncle to the late Duchess Chiara he is rumoured to have attempted to assassinate her on no less than twelve previous occasions before her death. His final success in eliminating his rival was rather public however and has earned him the emnity of the Cristofori's and the displeasure of the White City authorities.

Recent Events

  • Hired a team of assassins and thieves to eliminate his political rivals in the White City. Revealed to Rebecca De Courci that he knows who the father of her child is (City of Knives, 06/11/10).
  • Sent agents to bring back proof of Eleanor de Courci's parentage from the Burned realm as part of his ongoing power struggle with Borgia Velasquez (At Death's Door, 08/05/11)
  • Assassinated by agents of Borgia Velásquez in front of the assembled masses. (Cracked Hearts and Coronets, 19/11/11)
  • Revealed to have survived his own assassination as a construct of chains. Took over the body of his own son Piera and is now once again ruler of House Velasquez (Duking it out, 21/04/12)
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