Dead Gods

The Gods are not eternal and some do fall to the schemes of their kin or man. Many of the Gods of ages past have been forgotten. Those that have fallen more recently are recorded here.

The Lord of the Gardens (Burned Lord)

The Lord of the Gardens was a strange and contradictory deity. Like most of the Burned Lords he was sombre, dour and severe, unlike most of the Burned Lords he did have other interests beyond the direct call of his duties. He bled softly from a wound in his side that he received in some ancient battle. Many speculated that he was not all that he once was, and that his fascination with gardens - with tending, growing and shaping things - stemmed from a desire to find a way to overcome his condition (this association with self-transformation and perfection made him rather popular amongst alchemists). His choice of charges - the dead by love, by age, by folly and by treachery - similarly spoke of an infatuation with completeness, with those who died through or in the workings of their own natures. He is thought to have created the Bodach, for some purpose of his own. Many of his followers were known to use a coat of arms which displayed a silver-coloured robed figure pierced with a blue spear below a red, white or black rose torn up by the roots, on a green field.

The Lord of the Gardens is now dead or changed beyond recognition; the actions of the abomination Selena Curiana led to his splintering into the Vitriarch of self-hatred and incompleteness, the Broken Gardener. What remained of him in the Burned Realm was hunted down and slain like a dog. Those few of his followers that remain can only hold their loyalty to his memory; most have given up hope, or surrendered to Glass worship and now follow the Broken Gardener.

The Broken Gardener (Vitriarch)

The Broken Gardener is the Vitriarch who is not a Vitriarch. A recent appearance, the Gardener's obsession is with self-denial, self-loathing, self-betrayal, and the power one can gain through becoming the thing that one hates the most. It is said that the Gardener was once the Burned Lord known as the Lord of the Gardens, or maybe even that he still is the Lord of the Gardens. He holds dominion over the twisted, blighted wasteland that was once one of the Three Gardens in the Garden Lands.

The Gardener was slain in his realm by Adventurers seeking to end the Hakardi threat.

The Never-Queen, She Whose Time Is Not To Come (Vitriarch)

The Never-Queen was a goddess without dominion or power, but one who was considered strong precisely because of that. There are countless prophecies regarding the Never-Queen, all pointing to the same thing: She never had been and never would be anything of any importance. Those who write the Never-Queen off as some kind of poor cosmic joke should possibly recall how much is actually achieved by people of no importance and how much damage can be done by somebody who knows for certain that they have nothing to lose.

In spring of the twenty-sixth year of the reign of Rebecca De Courci, the Never-Queen died, her shattered spirit consumed by the Black Flame. Her passing from the world went almost unremarked upon, a mere footnote in history.

The Princess of Veils (Prince of Breath)

An ancient Wind power absent from the world for centuries. Legend says that she was the lover and bride to be of the Rattle-Prince. The story goes that on her wedding day the Rattle-Prince stabbed her in the back even as he kissed her, killing her as she whispered of her love for him. She is now lost to the world, whatever power she had stolen by the Rattle-Prince.

The Frost Prince (Prince of Breath)

Father of the Western Dragons and the lord of the Snow Riders. He is the Prince of cold winds, snow and ice, and can be invoked by calling his name while standing on a high mountaintop. He has something of a cult in the Whistful City, who go and freeze to death on mountaintops in his honour.

In the year 31RdC the Frost Prince was destroyed (or at least utterly broken) through the actions of servants of the Rattle Prince and an unnamed glass sorcerer. Stripped of his divine immortality his name was consumed by the 'Sword with no Name' and his nameless spirit was Vitrified, his body being cast into the Shattered Plain. While it is known that a Prince of Breath lived and died his name is forgotten by the world.

Recently and entity referred to as the Nameless Prince has been reaching out from shattered plain, its reflection seen in the sheen of ice.

The Princess of Tempests (Prince of Breath)

Some say that the Princess (formerly the Maiden) is a new god, and some that she is an old one, recently rediscovered. Many more dismiss the tales of a goddess rising in the South out of hand; they ignore rumours of a mighty tower rising from the rocky coasts, of storms that dance like living men, and of abductions and murders carried out by mad cultists crying out devotions to their goddess. If there is a Princess of Tempests, the ancient tales say she is the dark mistress of storms and the violent seas, untrustworthy, cruel, and placated with only the most dire sacrifices.

Few, save for the most well informed scholars, and the high priests of the Ash lords know the truth- that the Princess was dead, escaped the Burned Realm, and then died again thanks to the actions of a small band of adventurers. Her cultists may continue to plot dark sacrifices, but the goddess herself is powerless.

Abject Terror Of Cessation (Namer)

Encountered under the world alongside the unbalanced Canvas Of Creation, attempting to tip the world further by creating fear. Aspects of its power were defeated by a band of White City adventurers, and then Abject Terror of Cessation was destroyed; vitirifed and shattered into fragments as it begged for mercy.

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