Vengeance was a particularly baleful weapon created some hundred years ago by a Blood sorcerer whose village was put to the sword by a noble, of a line now extinct for relatively obvious reasons. The sword is said to have been steeped in blood at every stage of its creation, finally fixed when it was driven into the heart of the youngest daughter of the noble in question. It is said that this sword killed all but one of the offending line of nobility, and that the last in that line took up the sword to seek revenge for the death of his family. So the cycle began and so it continues. Anybody who takes up the sword becomes a potent instrument for vengeance, implacable, indefatigable and near unstoppable. However, as an eye for an eye leaves the world blind, those who bear the sword inevitably fall to it.

Those who wield Vengeance become Indefatigable. They are only affected by hits to the torso.


  • The point was recovered and built into a sword by Stephano de Courci forged with the intention of slaying Toquell Velasquez. The sword was never used. (Salvage Rites)
  • Taken to the North to be disposed of in Dream (I Dream Of Vengeance)
  • Recovered from the Port of Glass by adventurers and returned to Rebecca de Courci's safekeeping (Vengeance is Whose?)
  • Wielded by Sirius Panastra in his crusade against the White City, and stolen by Tibbs when he was defeated. Tibbs stormed the Glass Embassy with it, and was eventually defeated and the sword taken from him. (Battle for the White City)
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