The Shattered Plane

The domain of glass and the Vitriarchs. It is believed that most souls that end up here will be driven instantly mad. However, some adventurers have found a couple of notable exceptions to this rule. The plane contains a mirror of the White City but with no magic or gods (and those who end up there are cut off from the gods and magic, at least without a significant ritual). It is theorised that this is a creation of the Hollow Prince, or possibly the Absent Lord, set to drive those who end up on the Shattered Plane mad in a more subtle way. There are also the Gardens or Black and Red Roses (representing folly and treachery respectively), which are considerably more coherent than the rest of the shattered plane, given they fell there from the Burned Realm. There are many souls trapped there who did not escape the gardens quickly enough and have been driven insane.

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