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"The City"


A young, inquisitive Spirit of Place of the White City. Born of Maximillian and a Spirit of Place in the Western Forest. (Hush Little Baby)

He wants to learn everything there is to know about the city and while not exactly naive he is still a bit short sighted about what is and is not relevant to the city (e.g. anything outside the city is not worth his attention until it becomes an immediate threat outside the gates while on the other hand he feels he needs to know exactly how many bakers there are in the city and exactly how many varieties of baked goods they make each day etc.). Every now and then (to those who know him) he shows a keen interest in the history of the city - particularly in the naming and binding war - but he is distracted as easily as he is attracted to this topic. Occasionally he shows signs of a quick temper but is mostly amiable enough. Who he will work with and what he thinks of various families/organisations/religions etc. has yet to be seen. The Low guard have set several of its agents to keep watch over the spirit for the moment and find out more about it.

People begin to dream of the city more regularly - often they report meeting a young child with blond hair and purple eyes and an older man - not a father, more a guardian - who sit and talk with the dreamer a while asking them about their white city before waking up.

Recent Events

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