The City of Silk


The primary trading city in the Great Forest, the City of Silk has made wonderful use of what most human travellers in those parts would consider a hazard. They have taken to farming the Forest's abundant spider population and harvesting the silk to be woven into materials of the most remarkable characteristics. The city itself is a little odd, since its buildings exist on two levels: the humans primarily live on the ground, and the Weaver city has been built around the trees, rather than out of them. The ruler of the city is an elderly Sorcerer-Priestess of the Old Powers known as Queen Marianna Mor.

Recent Events

  • Narrowly avoided a hostile and violent takeover by a new Spider Queen, stopped by Gustav Yoma, Beornwolf Oakfast, Adi, Winsel, Stophos and Brandon (A Tangled Web, 4/7/09).
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