The City of Chains


All in ruins now, the City of Chains was finally destroyed at the climax of the Binding War, its stones were cracked, its walls cast down and its towers made as dust. Only the traces of the walls remain on the surface, but underground many speculate that the city remains much as it ever was. Many, particularly those who have forgotten the full nature of the City of Chains, speculate that riches and wonders untold could be found just beneath the surface. In recent years there have been stirrings within the ruins and the Cloistered Brethren have established a makeshift cordon of observation posts around the city.

Recent Events

  • Toquell Velasquez is freed from the Heart of Chains by Christina de Velland and is replaced by a young cloistered brethren member named Michaella. A period of unrest ensues as the inexperienced sorceress establishes control of the bindings. (City of the Damned Part IV: Child of our Time, 04/06/2011).
  • Rumours have spread of a Fountain of Eternal Youth found under the City, while the Brethren are very worried by reports of the partial release of the Bound One known as Sightless Intonation of Judgment (The Fountain of Eternal Youth, 27/2/2010).
  • There are grey-skinned men around the City who carry serpent-shaped chains and try to recapture escapees. They don't seem to be particularly discriminating about trying to attack others around the city. They're not strong, but their touch binds people with chains. (Birthday Greetings, 23/02/2008)
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