The Long Road and Itkovian's Watchtower

The Long Road was created by Belor de Velland using the Black Flame to aid an invasion of the White City. It stretches from the Port of Glass almost to the gates of the White City. It was taken under the White City's control when a blood mage named Bottle sacrificed himself to it but it is currently dormant.

Itkovian's Watchtower stands in the middle of the Long Road and was saved its destruction through an Air after Storms by the then High Priest of the Rattle Prince, Roland the Subtle. Unbeknownst to most of the White City it is an accursed place and terrible misfortune befalls many who have tried to hold it.

Recent Events

  • Christina de Velland attempts to release a glass monstrousity buried by Selena Curiana under Itkovian's Watchtower (All Along the Watchtower).
  • The Fairweather company show an interest in maintaining the Long Road for profit (All Along the Watchtower).
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