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Adventure Summaries (2011)

Despair the Rod and Dishonour the Child

Run by Oliver on 8th January 2011


Sir Hector (Trev), Orlando (Vicky), Dracarnius (Elliot), Thomas (James I), Mumbles (Dave Ha), Havelock (Richard)

Mission Brief:

With the birth of the Dream Power Aspiration, sleep within the White City is restless and for the lowest born and the greatest nobles alike dark dreams writhe in a storm of phantasmagoric ecstasy and hellish nightmare.

In the depths of these tumultuous dreams some within the City share a vision of two figures walking across the shifting wilderness from the far north. One, grey and downcast, moping behind the other, who strides towards some distant goal a smile on his face and humming a jaunty tune. In their wake the dreamscape shifts and boils, twisted into shapes, patterns and forms unimaginable.

On the horizon a glittering pale something appears and the lead figure turns to his compatriot;

“Do please hurry brother, the thought of even one more moment in your dreary company is quite unbearable. Look! Our journey nears it end.”

“There is no point in haste brother.” replies the despondent traveller, “There is no point in this journey, in our presence or whatever it is you have planned.”

“Nonsense!” replies the first “I think this will be just the thing to break you out of this funk, and besides…” he reaches out and plucks the white object from the skyline, raising the perfect miniature city to his eyes, peering down into its tiny ivory streets ”…I think this will be fun.”

With a snort of laughter he strides off. The miserable man looks at his retreating back, sighs deeply and trudges after him.

Adventure Consequences:

The competition between Despair and Dishonour is over; with both claiming to have won. Either way there is no doubt that the two knights have been truly broken; one through blackest despair and the other through foulest dishonour. To end the Dream Power's hold over them the two parties turn on Dishonour and strike him down in a battle in the twisting realm of dream. As the last of his duplicates evaporates away into the dreamscape the dream that holds the adventurers shatters.

The eyes of the party flutter open and they find themselves once more in their beds, having never left them physically. However as they awaken it becomes apparent that they have slept for nearly three days straight and those of them with family or retainers will find them peeking nervously though the door. Still there seems to be no physical damage from the strange phantasmagoria they were drawn into.

Shadow awakes to find an odd obsidian artefact of flickering dream matter within his grasp; it whispers of terrible suffering. While Havelock wakes to find a strange polished dagger within his hand, it reflects the world about it but with slight distortions; daggers hovering at people's backs or secret lovers hiding behind the curtains (note retcon, also 7pt magic item).

Sir Hector and Thomas look into the reality of the two knights and do indeed learn that Sir Ralph and Richard Urquart were twin brothers serving in the east. A few days later they hear that the two men awoke and, raving about visions of treachery and anguish, they attacked one another; both receiving mortal wounds. It seems that the adventurers did indeed venture into the men's dreams…and destroyed them.

Mumbles will visit Orlando to speak on glass magic but having drunk the essence of 'dishonourable intent' will find himself getting lost in Orlando eyes. Indeed whenever he meets Orlando again he will be struck by feelings of lust for him…these are stronger shortly after sleep or in the realm of Dream.

Dem Ol' Bones

Run by Dave H on 15th January 2011


Taggart (Joe W), Avity (Ellie), Akmenos (Elliot), Mr Black (Peter), Mumbles (Dave Ha), Daniel Kelson (Dominic), Roark Velasquez (Oliver), Ratrynna de Fideli nee D'Almedia (Andrea)

Mission Brief:

Word has gone around the shadier elements of the White City that a big job is going down, and soon. Emilio Delucci, better known as Dead Dog Delucci to his business associates, is reported to be hiring some legitimate contractors to do some work for him.

Rumours suggest that one of his rivals is getting a bit out of line. It is further rumoured that the last time Delucci had some problems with competition, they were found in the sewers with so many stab wounds that the High Guard had to call in the Professor of Unusual Numerology from the College.

Adventure Consequences:

The party clear out of the Greased Ferret, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake and fragments of the door across the street. Taggart has slung Mr Black over his shoulder, and others are struggling with bolts of silk and paintings removed from Dead Dog's back room. After some time they convene at the agreed meeting spot with the Barrow Street Gang, where they are given a small amount of cash as their cut each and told that more will come in time.

Meanwhile, the High Guard comb the slums for clues and end up paying a visit to the Greased Ferret, where they scratch their heads in bemusement at the damage that has been done (including, for some reason, lots of scorch marks). Later, after a prolonged investigation into the matter and an anonymous tip, they arrive at the conclusion that there are a few people who need to be brought in for a chat.

After coming to in a prison cell, Mr Black decides to start a riot. The jailhouse ends up catching fire and a guard releases him, because after all “he only killed a cat”. After heading back out into the City he calls in a few favours with King Eric's organisation, and after putting a fair amount of his own resources into it has taken over many of Dead Dog's gambling operations. With Delucci and his cronies now mostly dead it will take a while to get them back to their former glory, but he's in charge now and that's what counts.

Ratrina De Almedia takes her silks and sells them through family contacts, also getting someone to take a look at the venom. It is alchemical in nature (though no actual indication as to how). Using her family name and flashing a bit of cash here and there, she is let in to discuss business with Sal. In exchange for not having to pay the De Almedia family's cut of the Gutter Running take, she will instead set her gang to putting down the steelsilk black market. It is now somewhat more difficult to get ahold of steelsilk in the city without going through official De Almedia channels. As for the Gutter Running itself, the De Almedia money pumped into the game has caused it to grow even larger, and is starting to become popular outside the slums. The High Guard have tried to clamp down on it, but without much luck.

Kelson, having consecrated the Barrow Street Gang's Temple to the Faceless Lord, starts the slow but sure process of converting them. He has a few converts, but will need to put some more work in if he wants the gang to be a fully fledged cult. Some of the gang members are starting to grow beards, claiming they are having trouble using mirrors to shave. At some point later, he tests the venom by ingesting it. He then falls asleep for what he is later told is about a week, and wakes up on an altar to the Faceless Lord in the Embassy.

Akmenos of course has spent the entire time locked in the High Guard Citadel, and is not getting out any time soon after having finally been arrested for High Treason. He is later approached by a member of the Low Guard and a man from the Cloistered Brethren, who offer the charges against him to be dropped if he submits to having his will bound for the good of the City. Akmenos agrees, and the Cloistered Brethren member takes him through a complicated ritual. He is now compelled to “Follow the orders of Rebecca de Courci or any of her representatives” whilst the binding on his will is intact. The guards give him back his equipment (but not the cash he was carrying at the time) and set him free on the understanding that he will almost certainly be called upon to do some service for the City at some point.

Avity, after staking out the High Guard Citadel for a while but seeing no Akmenos, gets a note from King Eric thanking her for shaking things up a bit in the underworld. He may be amenable to requests for a favour in future.

As a result of his sacrifice to the Black Flame, Roark will now forever know where the other three participants of the Gutter Run are. Currently, two are in the Isle of Souls in the Burned Realm and the other is… absent. He then finds the man with no memories from earlier, attempting to turn him into the “perfect man”. After fully brainwashing his new minion, he approaches Duke Nerino Velasquez and manages to get himself appointed unofficial Velasquez ambassador to the Golden City.

Mumbles does- well, Mumbles does his own things.

Due to an anonymous tip-off, descriptions of Mr Black, Taggart, Ratrina and Roark have been passed around the High Guard in connection with use of Glass magic within the White City and they are wanted for questioning. In the case of the last two, family connections have largely smoothed things over for now. Taggart smooths things over by talking to the High Guard friends he made during the Gutter Run. Everyone else has gotten away with it for now either by having all their crimes wiped clean or by virtue of wearing other people's faces.

Making Money

Run by Oliver on 22nd January 2011


Havelock (Richard), Olar (James G), Dienne (Hayley), Nimrod (Vicky H), Elena (Ellie H), Sharada (Iain), Dante(Dave H), ??? (Vicky)

Mission Brief:


Citizens of skill and good repute to attend to financial matters of considerable import.

Interested parties should report to Teobaldo Cristofori, Master of the City's purse, at the City mint three days hence.

Competence with a blade and complete discretion required. References will be checked!

Adventure Consequences:

Teobaldo Christofori lies dead, brought to justice for his crime and betrayal of the City's trust. The High guard search his offices and find half-burned papers that confirm it was indeed he who hired the group of master thieves to break into the mint and steal the molds. They also find evidence that he had racked up thousands of hexa in gambling debts, debts that he was quite unable to pay. In particular to a Ms. Grimbaldi, a mysterious but clearly extremely wealthy loan shark. It would seem Teobaldo posed as Grimbaldi to hire the thieves and then set the party on the trail hoping they would kill both the thieves and his loan shark, meanwhile he fled with the plates toward the Port of Glass.

With Brother Nimrod's and Olar's help the High Guard discover that Grimbaldi was planning to pass the plates to some mysterious contact in the Port. The High Guard make clear they shall investigate who this might be. The Cristofori captain of the High Guard thanks the party for their efforts, and stresses that down playing Teobaldo's part in the affair would be wise for all involved. As a reward, and insurance of this discretion, he gives the party an impressive reward of 60 hexa each.

He notes the death of Dante with some regret; the bodyguard died in High Guard armour and died for the good of the City. The Captain offers to give Dante's family a guardsman's pension should they wish it.

The Party go their separate ways. Olar reports in to the brotherhood about the affair. Sharada returns to the Velasquez and promptly informs them of Teoblado's misdeeds. Duke Nerino personally notes this down for future 'use'. Elena takes her reward and returns to the country.

[Vicky's Character] takes the body of Teobaldo to a temple of the Lord of the Blood-Fury and drains his blood in offering to the God. The High-priest looks upon her severed leg and then communes with his God. When he speaks he speaks with voice that carries echoes of the bloodiest battlefield. “So that you might spill more blood I give you this leg, but it will be mine and blood demands blood.” The leg regrows but it is constantly covered in the wounds of battle that weep blood. Until 12 bloods points have been lost it will bleed 4 points of blood at the start of every adventure.

The Blackmoore's return to the College. Prof. Warver's research assistant hands them two odd coloured alchemical preparations. As they drink the concoctions their vitrification recedes, however the alchemist makes clear that there may be some unexpected side effects. Over the coming nights they discover they have developed a strange touch of the Vitriarchs and their servant's nightmares are plagued. People who sleep near them will lose one psyche overnight as per shattered blood, however glass magic targeting them will not cost twice the amount. No doubt they have also earned the enmity of 'The Face' as well.

Golden City Part 2

Revelation Of The Hakardi

Run by David & Ellie W on 5th February 2011

Found Here!

Fall of the House Velasquez Part 1: Horrible Histories

Run by Oliver on 12th February 2011


Armand Velásquez (Julian), Valentin Velásquez (Dom), Thomas D'Verlay (Matthew), Anomander Rake (Elliot), Sonea Rake (Ellie), Lazarus (Rich)

Mission Brief:

At the College of the Thousand Arts academic circles have been abuzz with rumours of one of the most significant archeological discoveries in decades. At a series of seminars the infamous Professor Lorenzo Cristofori, head of the faculty of Enigmatic Archeology and Artifact Reclamation, has revealed the uncovering of a previously unknown tomb to the south of the White City dating back several centuries. His initial findings were slim on details but were impressive enough for the College to award him several prestigious research grants to begin excavations.

Several weeks have now passed and rumours are beginning to filter back to the City that things are not going as planned at the dig site; with accidents, disappearances and, what are diplomatically described as, 'freak-outs' seemingly increasingly common. Keen to protect to their investment the College has put out a call for competent individuals to go and investigate the mysterious happenings at the tomb. No Archeological training required.

Adventure Consequences:

Venturing through deadly traps and even deadlier magical defences the party at last come to the crypt deep within the tomb complex. There they awaken its occupant; the founder of house Velásquez, Duchess Borgia, the sorceress who through wit, guile and treachery set her house among the greatest in the White City four centuries ago. A powerful necromancer, it seems her family tired of her eternal rule over the house and so, unable to destroy her, sealed her away within the arcane defences of the tomb. Now she is free, her physical form nothing more than a floating golden skull and she fully intends to take control of her house back from her upstart descendants.

As the rest of the party watch on Armand and Valentin ally themselves with Borgia and flee with her into the Burned Realm. The rest of the party remain to loot her crypt of its ancient valuables, including the inanimate remains of the undead sorceress. Lazarus awakes after his psychic encounter with Borgia to see the burned gate flicker close.

Lorenzo Cristofori leads the party out of the tomb fascinated at the treasures they have recovered and keen to hear about their expedition, he is unnerved when they tell him that the tomb's occupant floated away. He suggests they return to the College as quickly as possible and put their finds into the care of the College and its trained archaeologists. However as they journey back to the City agents of Duke Nerino politely inform them that his eminence wishes to have a word.

Elsewhere a burning gateway opens within a small hamlet some distance outside the watch towers. In fear the villagers watch as a floating golden skull with emerald eyes emerges followed by a priest of the Light and a young noble. It is the last thing they see as Borgia calls forth the grim fury of the black wind, killing and raising the villagers as undead. She makes clear to Armand and Valentin that great power and influence will be given to those who support the rightful ruler of house Velásquez. Both pledge her their support as she begins her efforts to seize control of their house.

Sonea, Anomander, Thomas and Lazarus are lead back to the City by Nerino's agents, to the Duke's mansion itself. The Duke is none too happy about the release of the Velásquez's dirty little undead secret. By offering aid and telling him the events that unfolded the adventurers manage to placate the Duke but he makes quite clear that they will be killed should they tell anyone of what transpired and furthermore that he may well call on them to correct this problem in the future. Ignoring this warning Thomas promptly arranges a meeting with Sasha De Courci and informs her of what happened, she thanks him for the intelligence and rewards him 30 hexa for his snitching. Lazarus remains to aid Nerino in studying Borgia's remains and is able to determine the extent of her necromantic power (and also pocket one of her golden knuckle bones), in return the Duke binds the black flame that rages in Lazarus' memories with a ritual; marking the Ash priest's face with a midnight black chain. Sonea, Anomander and Thomas manage to sell their looted artefacts for 50, 40 and 50 hexa respectively. Anomander is given two obsidian eyes by the college's department of prosthetic sciences.

Armand returns to the temple of the Light and informs Duke Nerino that he will support whoever is the stronger for control of the house. The Duke's curt response leaves little doubt that is unimpressed at the suggestion he is not clearly the rightful ruler of the house. Armand will have to play a delicate game, if his dealings with a creature such as Borgia become public knowledge his future in the Church is likely to be limited. Valentin returns to see the Duke to falsely suggest his alliance with Borgia was a ruse. Nerino, naturally suspicious only agrees to let Valentin live if he may bind a chain around him. Having little choice Valentin consents but later returns to Borgia who vitrifies the hand the chain was bound around, she assures Valentin the Duke's control has been broken and that the Duke shall be none the wiser. Whether his glass hand may give Borgia any control over him is another matter.

In groups or individually the party return to the College to collect their reward of 25 hexa and in some cases return the artefacts of historical significance they recovered from the tomb.

Over the next few weeks it becomes clear to members of the house Velasquez that tensions are arising within the family. Duke Nerino has made many enemies over the years and while once they acted alone now they are beginning to draw together, their ire guided by a hand in the shadows…

Golden City Part III: The Man that Never Was


Posters appear around the White City depicting the four High Captains of the High Guard with the caption 'one of these is not what they seem'. Rosalind de Vermilli hires some adventurers to investigate.


The party return with the assembled nobles to the Golden City caravan, where the nobles are given a chance to vent their frustrations. With both the party and a number of high level sorcerers fairly quick work is made of the Golden City guards. A couple are left alive and taken back to the city for questioning. The party are paid the 20Hx they were promised, plus a further 30 for their discretion.

Thomas retrieves the Bodach he rescues and sets them up as servants in his household. Five of them are very good gardeners and the other, who boasts exceptionally fine plumage, claims to have certain other talents. What he does with them is up to him. He also has a certain quantity of drugs stolen from the smugglers (OOC: from the way the smugglers are behaving these are probably cut with something none too pleasent).

Olar and Thomas secretly report to the Brethren and the de Verlay respectively, who are very pleased with the juicy gossip. Despite this the truth of Silvio's parentage seems to be hushed up and Silvio is allowed to retain is High Captaincy after he is quietly adopted by Duke Ario. It is clear that the party's diplomacy played a big role in smoothing over the situation.

Despite Roman's best efforts to secure him indentured service, the nobility decide to make an example of Mitchell Walker and he is executed for his crimes.

The priniting press is seized by the De Courci faction of the High Guard and set to printing White City propoganda. This seems to keep the Duke of Scattered Leaves happy.

Genesis Of The Hakardi

Run by David & Grover on 26th February 2011

Found Here!

Blood Ocean

Run by Chaos 5th March 2011


Theodore Luxfrey (Dave Ha), Anvil (Joe), Sasha de Courci (Vicky), Thier Christophori (James G)


Around the White City, particularly among those who consider themselves capable adventurers, nights have been full of vivid dreams of eagles falling from the sky, whilst days have seen the birds of prey hovering on the horizon, staring down at the world below. Notable individuals from around the city claim that these eagles have their eyes on them specifically, as if calling for them to follow and venture on some great quest…

Whilst diviners and scholars suspect that these signs point to something significant in nature relating to the King of the Eagles, these happenings are not currently being seen as any immediate threat or cause for worry, as the city has bigger and more long-term problems elsewhere at the moment. Nonetheless the general consensus both among the nobles and on the streets is that -somebody- ought to look into it…

Adventure Summary

The party follow the eagles and head to the North, stopping some assassins sent after the lead vocalist of Blaquinox on the way. The band is apparently doing quite well at the moment, save the odd internal conflict and jealousy issue. They eventually find the King of the Eagles who tells them that something of the waking world is attacking his dream.

The party agree to help and find themselves in an empty void with a huge red sphere of blood in front of them. There are other spheres in the distance, including one light grey one above the blood sphere and a darker grey one below it. Pale glowing wisps of light (but not Light) seem to connect them in places. There isn't much time to think about it before the party end up inside the sphere which turns out to be hollow, save a huge ocean of blood.

This is possibly a dream of Blood itself, or the combined dream of Blood-related creatures, or the gods. Or possibly it is the King of the Eagles' dream. Or maybe it's a dream granted by the King of the Eagles to convey a representation of Blood as a metaphysical thing in a form that mortal minds can comprehend. Or something. It's never really specified. Occasionally, streams of blood pour in from the outside, set up patterns of ripples and interactions across the ocean's surface and lead to more blood flying off in different directions, often in ways which relate to various Blood Magic spells. The party end up fighting off various things which form where these interactions happen too close to them.

The King of the Eagles, who until now has been travelling with them through this dream, is sent flying away by an enormous stream of wind blowing in from one side of the sphere. Now alone, the party are attacked by what is presumably a representation of the Lord of Blood Fury, which is eventually kept down by a mundane-looking figure, save the large golden wings. This is Divinity, who claims to wander the dreams of gods, spirits and Powers themselves. It offers them some aid on their journey and sends them on their way.

The party start to encounter groups of glassy creatures, which turn out to be the doing of an old man calling himself Dream As One, who seems to be trying to invade with his glassy minions. Although he is empowered in some way by Dream and Glass, the party fight and defeat him.


The forces that were empowering Dream As One failing, Anvil kills the old man and his body is consumed by Black Flame as the rest of the party finish off his glassy minions. The sea of blood around them seems to twist, and after a brief fade to black the party find themselves once more in the Northern mountains, not too far from the nest of the King of the Eagles. Recalling his request that they bring the liver of the one responsible and realising that this has now been destroyed, the party decide to provide a replacement. Anvil's liver is quickly removed and a new one grown back with Sasha's magic, the old one being offered to the King, who seems well aware that it is not the liver that he asked for but thankful for the offering in any case. He thanks them for their efforts, offering them each his blessings.

Theodore, to become closer to the King's way, is granted opposable talons, somewhat greater flexibility and a more versatile beak whilst in his eagle form. So that he does not need to revert to his human form so much, there are few things which humans can do that Theodore can not as an eagle. At Anvil's request, the King agrees that should the Lord of the Forge be created, he shall recognise the new being as an equal in terms of godhood. Although he can not do much for Thier with his request to understand the dreams of Wind, he gives his word that he will do what he can to guide him towards these dreams and the one who watches over them, the Rose Prince of the North. The party's work done, the party return uneventfully to the White City and return to life as usual.

Fire and Ice

Run by Julian on 12th March 2011


Rourk Velasquez (Oliver), Gex the Sparklepire (Rich), Naomi the Walker (Ellie), Nathaniel d'Almedia (James I), Rob's Character (Rob, sorry I don't know why I can't remember your character's name…)

Mission Brief:

The calls start in your dreams, but that is just the beginning. The beginning of a yearning, of a calling, of a tug at the very soul of your being. The beginning of visions of a place of darkness in the East, or is that the West, a deep cavern, silence broken by the jangling of chains and the soft splash of water on stone… or is that the crackle of distant flames? And you hear a name, over and over again, repeated until it drives out other thought. Sightless Intonation of Judgement.

The Bound One has sounded his call. Those tied to him by debt or drawn to him by curiosity travel east to the City of Chains, there to meet with a god…

Adventure Summary

The PCs went to see Sightless Intonation of Judgement, who through a mix of rewards and geasing recruited the PCs to deliver a gift to his 'brother' in the Far West. The PCs travelled to Belor's Folly via to the City of Silk. En route they were attacked by a weapon of the Binding War unleashed by the Cloistered Brethren to stop them - the General of the Unwilling, but they managed to destroy him and Rourk sacrificed him to to the Black Flame.

Arriving at Belor's Folly, the PCs discovered they needed to travel to the City of the Silver Tower for further directions. On arrival there, they found the city under seige by the army of the Empire of the Unbound. Sneaking into the City, the PCs were offered help if they could first assasinate the General of the Empire. The PCs acheived this by using a combination of propaganda and Dream Magic brainwashing to get 1 person in 10 in the City to sacrifice themselves to the Black Flame to power a ritual to turn the river running through the city into a torrent of Black Flame which began then to destroy the army of the Empire. Using it as a distraction, the PCs killed the General of the Empire and routed his army. In return, the PCs were told of three quests they needed to complete to find the City of Fire, capital of the Empire and the location where SIoJ's brother, Tears as Fire, was Bound during the Binding War.

The PCs completed the quests, and made their way to the City of Fire. There, the Unbound Emperor tried to seduce them to his cause, citing their shared enmity with the Bound Ones, but the PCs refused him and, fighting past his minions, managed to deliver SIoJs gift to Tears as Fire.

Adventure Consequences:

The players have returned from their journey to the Far West, having defied the Unbound Emperor and deliver Sightless Intonation of Judgement's gift to Tears as Fire. Their return journey to the White City is relatively uneventful, and the purpose of SIoJs gift remains unclear, although if prior record is anything to go by it will prove a double-edged sword for all concerned.

The PCs have snubbed the Unbound Emperor, and defeated his armies in battle. It is likely that the attention of the Empire may now turn to those lands beyond the Western Forest more than ever before…

Tea, Rum and Spices

Run by James G on 19th March 2011


Taggart (Joe W), Mr Black (Peter M), Dracarnius (Elliot), Mumbles (Dave H)

Mission Brief:

In the past few months a recently formed guild of navigators, claiming to follow the Prince of Trade Winds, have been offering their services for free to all shipping out of the Port of Glass, with the stated aim of reducing the amount of trade lost at sea. However, six White City ships have recently gone missing under the care of such navigators, and the authorities suspect a Golden City plot might be afoot.

The low guard have put out word that the city is looking for a group of adventurers to join a Christofori trade ship as guards, both to ensure its safe passage, and investigate the guild, whose services are being engaged for the journey. Pay will be 40 Hx a head on safe return of the ship, with a small advance to cover expenses.

Adventure Summary

Adventure Consequences:

In the wake of the smashing of the orb, the column of wind rising up from the centre of the temple dissipates, and the skies around the island become calm once more. Having been healed up from his tragic lightning bolt accident, Taggart bags up the paralysed form of captain Esteban Black, and the group leave the temple. While their ship is currently not in a seaworthy condition, a little scouting reveals a large pirate vessel around the back of the island. Captain Watson suggests that they use this to get back to the white city, and has his crew load what can be salvaged of the cargo up. The group set sail, carrying both their own vessel's cargo, and the other stolen good they found at the pirate camp. Also abroad are the drugged and bound form of the pirate captain, and Mumbles' new crystal vessel, which he tactfully puts a blanket over. Mr Black puts the boot into both a few times along the way, just to prove that he can.

On return to the Port of Glass, captain Watson thanks the party for their help, and arranges a caravan to travel back to the white city with them carrying the rest of the impounded trade goods. He also organises an expedition to salvage and repair his own ship, and leaves the impounded pirate ship in the care of the White City embassy, to be put to use in the war effort. Taggart heads to the local branch of the bounty hunter's guild, and hands over both the head of captain Golbez, and the still lliving captain Black, receiving 200 Hx for his troubles, some of which he chooses to share with the rest of the party (can't remember the exact distribution).The party then return to the White City.

The day after their arrival, they meet up with their contact once more, who thanks them for their good work in both clearing the Navigator's guild of any wrongdoing, and removing the threat of captain Black's sorcerous piracy from the city's shipping. He pays the party the agreed 40 Hx, plus an additional 50 Hx each bounty for acquiring Black's ship for the city. The party can consider themselves in the low guard's good books for the time being. Captain Black hangs later that day, his run of successful escapes from city custody finally at an end.

Some of the party travel to the city of silk with a trade caravan to pick up their reward for rescuing the timber merchant, which comes to an additional 10 Hx each (2.5 of Mr Black's share going to Taggart). They are met by a priest of the Prince of Trade winds alongside their contact, who thanks Taggart for his good work in keeping trade flowing, and tells him that he is now considered a friend of the Temple. Equally, during the journey, Taggart finds that lightning infrequently strikes the ground near his tent in a…threatening manner.

Mumbles head to the Port of Glass embassy in the city to receive instruction in Care and Feeding of the Crystal Vessel. This will require LARPO resolution.

Mr Black tells King Eric's men that the drug traders on the isle of Jotus are not to be trusted, making life thaht much mroe painful for the few surviving members of the local drugs ring.

Taggart receives a letter from Master Corneillson on the isle of Jotus thanking him for “putting him in touch” with the Serpent Priestess, and informing him that he has reached a deal with the serpent men for them to help cultivate the dragonroot in exchange for being able to barter for it, and that thanks to their agricultural knowledge, productivity has massively increased.

Right of Steel

Run by Oliver on 26th March 2011


Akmenos (Elliot), Brandon (Rob), Sir Hector (Trevor), Olar (James G)

Mission Brief:

In the underworld of the White City anything can bought if the right price is paid by someone willing to overlook the law. In the gambling houses and black markets of the City such individuals have recently been hearing rumours of something rare and valuable for sale. Agents of the wealthy and unscrupulous have been heard whispering of a mysterious auction to be held several nights hence and in the banks of the City large notes of credit have been exchanging hands; the payee's left blank.

Meanwhile lieutenants of Rosalind de Vermilli have been quietly requesting that those of good character and reputation, or those with 'obligations' to the City, come to the High Guard compound in four days time, with a reward of 40hexa being offered.

Adventure Summary

  • The location of the four ceremonial High Guard Halberds is discovered after they were stolen by the first King of Thieves 150 years ago.
  • Anyone presenting the four halberds before the palace could claim the right of noblity and pardon from all past crimes.
  • The party manage to recover all four of them and prevent King Eric from obtaining them and the pardon they could bring. They return them to the High Guard captains.

Adventure Consequences:

The party return battered and missing a member; Akmenos having been refined by Brandon for his use of Glass magic. With them they bring the final lost Halberd, completing the set of four that were stolen long ago by the first King of Thieves. In tow they drag the agent of King Eric who attempted to bribe them for the Halberds; it turns out that this is none other than King Eric's third lieutenant a wanted man with a substantial reward of 300hx on his head.

High Captain Vermilli thanks the remaining members of the party for their efforts in recovering the ceremonial halberds and gives them their promised reward of 40hx plus a bonus of 20hx for their efforts in ensuring that King Eric was not able to claim the halberds for himself and their promise of nobility. She further informs them that they have the favour of the High Guard should they wish to call upon it in future. She is perturbed to hear that Akmenos was 'vanished' but seeing as it as clear that he is dead she has his file destroyed, his mis-deeds no longer a concern of the High Guard.

Olar returns to the Cloistered Brethren where he is congratulated on repairing the bindings holding the lesser Bound One; 'Song of Brass'. He also informs them that Brandon is a lunatic who now appears to be in charge of a large segment of the Exalted Church. He much more complementary about Sir Hector.

Sir Hector reports about the mission to the Exalted Church and finds his family's name now held in higher regard in the City after Captain Vermilli spreads words of his service to the state.

Brandon, still a blazing pillar of Light, returns to the Exalted Church where the minor priests prostrate themselves before him. Even High Priestess Amelia du Sallis bows her head reverentially before such a demonstration of the Light's glory. Over the next few days the Light infusing him ebbs away but his tattoos are left blazing with Light, as if his skin were filled with liquid radiance. Brandon journeys back to the Cult of the Seared Eye and returns them to the fold of the Exalted Church; merging their fanatical view of the Light with the Church as a whole.

Akmenos awakes in an infinite void filled with endless brilliance. From everywhere and nowhere at once the Light speaks to him and offers him the chance to be purged of the Vitriarch's taint and awaken the Light within. He rejects its offer and so the Light casts him out of its itself as an impurity. He awakens in the Port of Glass covered in burns that looks like cracks running across his flesh, the wounds burning with an inner glow. Over a few hours this Light dies away leaving him with an impressive array of scars; he now looks different enough (not to mention pretty imposing) to be unrecognisable to those who have met him before. As he comes to his senses he also finds his mind altered; perhaps by Brandon's many, many Epiphanies or perhaps by having his physical from boiled away into the Light, whatever its cause the bindings on his Will have evaporated away. He is free. He sets off to explore potential sites in the Port of Glass and Crossroads to begin setting up his guild.

About a week after the party return the annual parading of the White City colours takes places before the walls of the High Guard compound. The four High Guard Captains lead their respective regiments past the governess holding their ceremonial halberds before them, the first time in 150 years that they have done so. Meanwhile in the Port of Glass there are once more rumblings of discontent about rampaging manifestations of the Light purging all in their path.

Vitrian Lullaby

Run by Vicky on 2nd April 2011


Thomas (James I), Mumbles (Dave Ha), Dr Holtz (Joe), Dog (Oliver)

Mission Brief:

Sister Grace, a do-gooder servant of the Light, has had a vision of a mysterious young woman in the south who may be in grave danger. Calling upon the resources of the Temple of the Light she has gathered a sum of money to hire a group of adventurers to investigate.

Adventure Summary:

Adventure Consequences:

The party return the young girl to her mother, who is immensely grateful. Thomas suggests that she might be safer in the White City and she seems to take on board and be considering his advice. The adventurers remain in Blue Port for a couple of days, during which time the Dog keeps company the children of the village. The little girl seems to have developed a certain fondness for Thomas.

On the way back relations between the party are uneasy. Gregor attacks Thomas with his glass magic and uses it to knock him out. He attempts to take the shard of glass from Thomas but the dog intervenes on Thomas's behalf. On the way in to the White City the party are met by Sister Grace and a contigent from the Exalted Church. She reveals that she was imprisoned by bandits several weeks ago, who restrained her but ultimately released her without any harm. This means that whoever hired them must have been an imposter, which can really only suggest one thing. She tells the party that she hopes that they were not asked to do anything terrible. All except Thomas seem genuinely puzzled by this turn of events. Although they seem to have done a good deed she is not able to pay them the reward they were promised and the party leave disappointed at not get paid but also satisfied in having saved the life of an innocent.

The dog wanders off to do whatever it does, whilst the other party members return home to fine a small package. The package contains twenty hexa each. Thomas also receives a short note thanking him for his services and signed Karl.

Cobwebs in the Sails

Run by Dave Ha on 9th April 2011


Brother Nimrod (Vicky),Thomas Aster (James I),Sylke de Verlay (Chaos)

Mission Brief:

Julio Christophori, a young merchant who's holdings have been rapidly increasing, has put out word that he requires the services of competent individuals to investigate disruptions and irregularities in one of his more profitable trade routes. Discretion is of course expected but 50 hexa a head is being offered for the successful completion of his next shipment with the suggestion that if the cause of the problem is resolved some form of profit sharing plan could well be on offer.

Adventure Summary

The party discover that Julio's caravans and ships both have shitty luck, hearing from a member of the guild of navigators that he was for some reason forsaken by Trade Winds.

The party acquire his secret steelsilk shipment from a village of xenophobic weavers near the south coast of the western forest. They are upon departure set upon by a band of weaver pirates led by a human calling himself “The Chronicler of Trade Winds”. After an explanation that, in the opinion of the chronicler, Julio's success is founded upon blasphemy, brigandry, and a stolen magical book. The party all swear an oath before Trade Winds to do everything in their power to return the book to the Chronicler. Killing off his unreasonable weaver companions the party make their way back to the white city to confront/seek payment from Julio.

Arriving at the gates of Julio's estate in the white city they discover that his guards had been warned that the chronicler was a “notorious rattle prince cultist” and so whilst the party was able to achieve payment for services rendered at the gate this failed to get them the book. Eventually to shut them up and make them go away Julio agreed to a private meeting with Silka and the Chronicler.

Adventure Consequences:

Both Julio and the Chronicler are dead. Julio's innards are found to be dotted with little glass fragments, as though he were killed with storms of shards and the obvious bits removed. The chronicle is returned to the temple of trade winds, although a little battered. From speaking with the spirits of both the deceased at the temple of Ash and interviews with the guards it is ascertained that both Sylke de Verlay and Thomas Aster were the glass mages involved in this murder. With a highly suspicious alibi from the port of glass embassy that the two had been involved in religious devotions at the embassy all day and the massive quantities of glass magic involved providing the slimest of chances that the individuals at the gate could merely have been glass mages trying to frame them it is deemed not worth the major diplomatic incident to demand their extradition and execution. Unfortunately with Brother Nimrod's full description to the temple of ash coming to light during the low guard investigation there is not a low guardsman in the city unconvinced of their guilt and should either of them so much as breath wrong within the watchtowers they will find themselves in a cell. The Christophori successfully clear up any implications of wind based wrongdoing on Julio's part with appropriate donations to the temple of trade winds and a much more reasonable explanation of his actions being provided by Julio's spirit to the temple of Ash than was ranted to Sylka before his death.

Common Knowledge Fallout

  • A pair of Port of Glass assassins murdered an important Christophori noble in his own home within walls of the White City!!!
  • The ones that did it were Sylka de Verlay and Thomas Aster, but don't tell anyone I told you that.
  • Relations between the White City and the Port have become significantly more strained.

Judgement Of The Hakardi

Run by David & James I on 16th April 2011

Found Here!

Tying Up Loose Ends

Run by Dave Ha on 30th April 2011


Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos), Captain Lee North (Ellie W), Anvil (Joe), Sasha de Courci (Vicky)

Mission Brief

Kyre Wordsmith has called upon his favour from the city to arrange for support from the high guard in taking a group of his companions to the Far East to eliminate rogue chain mage Cordol Lome. Who was last reported to be somewhere in the vicinity of the Dukedoms that offer fealty to the Unnamed King.

Lome is known to be a powerful former member of the Cloistered Brethren driven mad by the dread necromancer Selena Curiana, who has since taken up the practice of name magic to a frightening degree. Whilst it's unknown whether he actually directly worships the bound ones any powerful chain sorcerer with such strong connections to name is a clear and present danger to the continuance of a stable world.

Whilst the city is willing to offer funds to those accompanying Kyre the amounts will probably appear a pittance to anyone of sufficient experience to accompany him.

Those who he directly contacts will be informed that he also plans to visit sites of ritual significance along the journey in order to forge an item to allow him to protect them against any long term affects of Lome's name magic.

Adventure Summary

Kyre and friends travel across the Far East in search of Cordol Lome. Visited by the dream power night they know their quest to be urgent having been granted a vision of the terrible events that will come to pass should they fail.

Along the way… They maintain a cordial relationship with the Dukedoms formerly allied with the King Who Waits, in spite of latent tensions. Unbind a bound army and slaughter it to the last man at the cost of the lives of the ancient cloistered brethren interred within. Discover that the high guard is under attack by a group using a confusing poison. Reach the borders of the Kingdom of Ash and Iron wherein Sasha swears by her Name to do everything in her power to prevent her or her companions interfering in the Kingdom's affairs. Sasha does everything in her power to prevent Kyre looting a vault of artefacts. Kyre loots it alone, declared a traitor to the city, rejecting his humanity in the process to find sufficient strength. Kyre sacrifices his knowledge of why he is hunting Lome to discover his location, whilst the rest ritually track him by scent.

Arriving almost simultaneously they find the man they seek nearing the end of a great ritual to shatter the power of chain itself. He is slain and both body and spirit given to the flame.

Adventure Consequences

Kyre picks up the strangely rusty iron chain that falls to the floor as the body of the being he now considers to be The Unbinder boils away into the black flame. Setting off on the long walk back to the west. Knowing that he's banished from the city he heads to the Western Forest to take Gustav Yoma up on his previous offers of hospitality. The rest of the party head to the capitol to try to smooth over the diplomatic incident with the unsealed vault, explaining that Kyre had been killed and taken over by some sort of Black Flame monstrosity over which they had no influence. Only Sasha's silver tongue is enough to ensure the incident isn't enough to prevent further incidents of special dispensation to enter being granted. Whilst there she is able to arrange a method of unofficial diplomatic contact with some of the more opportunistic lesser statesmen. Whilst in the city Anvil manages to conduct various trades using the gems he'd picked up in the port of sands for local curios of various sorts.

On the way back Lee manages to pull strings within the high guard to arrange improved supplies to the extreme border outposts (unfortunately at the temporary expense of the supplies for the peacekeeping forces in more central regions).

On return to the city a full and frank report is given to Her Eminanance Lady Rebecca, whilst a more diplomatically friendly version is issued to the general populous. Kyre Wordsmith is declared dead and the black flame monstrosity that has taken his body is declared an enemy of the city.

Sasha also relays her deep concern about practitioners of the black flame to many important groups including the low guard, who take this to mean that practitioners of the flame should be watched in the same manner as unproven but suspected criminals.

After the damning words of the party regarding his logistical capabilities the Velasquez high captain finds himself stripped of his commands in the far east, unfortunately due to the restructuring of the other captains responsibilities this requires this just moves his commands closer to the city. Due to these failings and on the recommendation of Captain North the logistical needs of the high guard are outsourced to the guild of free traders with Anvil taking a major part.

Fall of the House Velasquez pt. II: At Death's Door

Run by Oliver on 7th May 2011


Roman (David M), Dracarnius (Elliot), Rederick (Harry), Taggart (Joe), Mr Black (Peter)

Mission Brief:

Throughout the city invitations are being delivered for Nazzereno Velasquez's birthday party, to be held at the Velasquez ducal estate. As the son of Duke Nerino, Nazzereno's party is likely to be the social event of the season and rumours are rife that the Duke will officially name Nazzereno his heir apparent. Of course these go hand-in-hand with rumours that some sort of internal power struggle is under way within house Velasquez and that the Duke's move is designed to protect his position within the complex game of house politics.

Security at the celebration is to be high, unusually so, as many important guests are expected and the Duke's agents have put out a call for reliable individuals who are good at looking the other way to act as guards for the great event. Interested parties should report to the ducal residence five days hence.

Adventure Summary

The great party the adventurers are hired to guard ends badly when Nazzerno Velasquez explodes into a thousand shards of glass; humiliating Nerino and killing his heir apparent. The Duke decides he needs the support of the governess and to obtain blackmail material for him the party journey deep into the Burned Realm to learn the secret of the parentage of Eleanor de Courci. There they find Rebecca's ex-lady in waiting Delera de Alemedia who tells them that the sanctioned ritual to resurrect Lydia de Courci went awry, though it produced a healthy little girl. Following her advice they track down Lydia de Courci who they find within the House of the Gods; the place dead powers, such as the Princess of Veils, reside. Lydia sits upon a crystal throne surrounded by mirrors that face away from her. Roman correctly identifies that this the Never-Queen's room within the house, though she, perhaps as expected, is not apparent. Lydia is bodiless and clearly insane, rambling on and on about the Queen who never was. When questioned she says that during her time in the shattered place she did indeed feel the ritual calling her back but that something else answered that call leaving her in the endless maddening nightmare. As Taggart mentions escape from the room Lydia's spirit flows into him and with his hand shatters one of the mirrors. Within the greatest shard is an image of Eleanor de Courci sleeping soundly. Bar this cryptic image within the glass the mystery of what spirit entered the unborn child during the ritual remains unclear but it seems likely this will be enough proof for the Duke of her strange origin.

As the Lord of the House of the Gods senses the group's presence he unleashes his wrath and they are forced to flee through the guardians of his house and through the conjured tornado outside. Back across the plains of the Burned Realm they journey, coming at last to their point of entry to the land of the dead. There High Captain Tarquin Velasquez awaits them along with a young woman in robes of green and black (though Taggart instead sees a floating golden skull with eyes of emerald). She introduces herself as the true ruler of House Velasquez and offers the party power and wealth if they betray Duke Nerino. When they refuse she sets Tarquin upon them and leaves through a burned gate. As their way back to the world of the living opens the party escape back to the Port of Glass, though Mr Black pauses briefly to disembowel the paralyzed High Captain, leaving his corpse in the ash.

Adventure Consequences:

Emerging into the living world once more Taggart finds himself kissing Gelna the Necromancer's zombie bride and the spirit of Lydia flows from him into it before punching Taggart and fleeing into the city. He catches up with her in a bar where the zombie rambles incoherently while apparently, and unsuccessfully, trying to get drunk. When that fails she flees to the White City Embassy, Taggart in hot pursuit. At the embassy the existence of the insane, undead Lydia de Courci leads to some very awkward questions for Taggart. The zombie is taken away and Taggart summarily informed that he is to be co-opted into the Low Guard to 'keep an eye on him', the implied alternative being a hushed up execution.

The rest of the party await Taggart's reappearance and after a couple of days (during which time Mr Black murders the Necromancer Gelna) they see him emerge from the embassy. Together they journey back to the White City and relay their tale to Duke Nerino. When they hand over the mirror shard the Duke contemplates it in mild confusion but he seems satisfied that it will serve as blackmail material against Rebecca de Courci and ensure her support in House Velasquez's internal turmoil.

A few days later a rather smug sounding proclamation is issued by Duke Nerino announcing that Tarquin Velasquez sadly died while performing his duties as High Captain. The announcement ends with a curt: 'He will be sorely missed by those to whom he showed such loyalty'. Over next few weeks rumours circulate around the city that Tarquin's replacement is being heavily contested, with Duke Nerino's choice being opposed by another faction within his own house. The stalemate is broken when the governess, in an unprecedented move, publicly expresses a preference for Nerino's choice. Three days later his remaining son Piera Velasquez is declared the new High Captain, one of the youngest ever.


Run by Oliver on 14th May 2011


Rederick (Harry), Thomas (Matthew), Thomas A (James I), Elena (Ellie H), Sylke (Chaos), Gavin (Dave H), Favian (Iain), Armand (Julian)

Mission Brief:

In the skies above the White City the stars tremble and across the horizon some are seen to plummet to earth in fire and fury. In the College's faculty of astrology professors look on dumbfounded as the ordered structure of the firmament begins to change in subtle ways and over the course of a few days a hundred prophecies are rewritten or revoked. To the south, in the Port of Glass, great tides sweep into the city shattering all in their wake and ruining the trade routes to the Breathing Isles.

Then, as panic increases, the new moon rises and around it a corona of flickering rainbow light is seen.

Court Astrologer Gideon Wiscar and his Port counterpart put out a call for skilled, brave and scholarly individuals to investigate these strange phenomena. Interested parties should report to the College of a Thousand Arts three days hence.

Adventure Summary

The party locate the source of the great disturbance within the firmament. As they set foot upon the mysterious wandering isle they realise that it is in fact the moon; floating on the ocean and joined to the earth by a titanic chain. As it rises the party ascend with it into the sky, the world stretching out below them. Upon the glowing orb they find themselves on they encounter the two courts that rule the moon; the Waxing Court, ruled by the King of Tranquility, and the Waning Court, ruled by the Queen of Serenity. The two courts seem to be at war and with this imbalance chaos seems rife; with the moon disturbing the stars in the sky as it passes.

At the behest of the King of Tranquility the party venture into the interior of the moon to confront the Waning Court, only to find that it is under attack from creatures of glass emerging from the very heart of the moon. Ascending to the corrupted centre of the hollow moon the party discover the colossal form of 'She Who Dances Heavens' the Namer who appears to inhabit and be the moon. In her forehead they find a crystal eye embedded, its magic maddening the ancient god. Through creatures of Glass and mindless creatures of Name the party fight until they succeed in shattering the malign oculus. As they do so its influence on the Namer ends and 'She Who Dances Heavens' awakes. She thanks the party and assures them that she will correct the disorder within the firmament. She tells them that the evil behind this is none other than the fool of the Waxing Court; an entity that calls itself the 'Riven Jester' a thing of glass that revels in chaos without reason or purpose. She bids them drive this evil from her surface, to restore balance to the two courts and bring peace to the heavens once more. Before they leave she asks them one further boon; to break the great chain that holds her to the world so that never again may another evil ascend it to corrupt her. The party discuss this but inform her that they will not do this, though some of them in secret promise her otherwise.

The party return to the Waxing Court to finds its King comatose upon his throne and the great white tower encased in a sheen of glass. Before the dias capers the maddened Jester, corrupted knights of the court arrayed around him. The party engage the creature and through force of arms and magic they overcome him, yet as it falls it shatters itself and fragments of its fell power slice into the party. Some of them feel the touch of Shattered Plain and others feel the touch of the Jester, for though its physical manifestation was destroyed the entity itself endures.

Adventure Consequences:

With the Jester's defeat the King awakes and thanks the party; bestowing upon each of them a weapon from the forges of the Waxing Court. With that he bids the party leave his realm for it is no place for their kind. The party once more descend the great chain (though not before Thomas inserts a shard of the Jester within the moon's surface) that binds 'She Who Dances Heavans' to the world below and find themselves on a small island with their ship not far away. As they descend the last link Gavin leans down and commends the metal to ash. As it breaks, all along the huge chain, links shatter with perfect melodic notes and the binding disintegrates. A thrum of power emerges from the moon and its softly glowing surface now takes on a hue of purple. It rises into the sky and in a manner which defies explanation begins to dance the heavens, leaping from star to star in an impossible waltz both alien and beautiful. A sight the world has not seen for centuries.

The party return to the Port of Glass where Gavin is 'arrested' by Elena and Favian after having his mind exposed to the shattered plain by Thomas. He is taken to the temple of Ash who hand him over to the White City authorities who in turn call in the Cloistered Brethren. He is summarily sentenced to death, the sentence to be carried out the following morning. As he sits in his cell the light of the purple moon flows between the bars of his cell and a voice speaks 'come my saviour, come dance the heavens with me'. Then he finds himself outside the walls of the White City. Over the next few days wanted posters appear for him all over the City, though the crime he committed is not mentioned. He flees to the Port of Glass.

The rest of the party report their success to the de Verlay family and collect their 50hexa reward from Gideon Wiscar.

The skies appear to return to normal and the Harlequin Star reappears. The disorder in the natural world dies down and soon the oceans are peaceful once more. Yet there is a permanent change that all the world can see. Now the moon is a shade of purple that marks it out as a thing of the Namers and though it still sets and rises its path through the firmament is impossible to predict as 'She Who Dances Heavens' dances her dance among the stars.

Ten Reasons To Be A Pirate

Run by Chaos on 21st May 2011


Captain Jake Dagger (Harry), The Bosun (James G), “Albatross” Jim (Dave Ho), Pippin (Ellie W), Fat Jim (Oliver)

Mission Brief:

An upstart pirate captain and their intrepid (albeit only recently formed) crew have high hopes for the future. Legend says that the last Pirate King of several hundred years ago left behind a great treasure, the Pieces of Seven, which when gathered will allow the crew in their possession (sic) to become the next Pirate Kings (this applies to the women, too). Liking the sound of this, they have decided to go in search of this treasure. Fortunately, Legend also says that there's a guy in another tavern nearby who knows more about the Pieces and even has a map showing where they're hidden these days, and Legend is an alright guy and isn't too drunk at the moment so it's not like he's likely to be lying or spouting nonsense like he sometimes does.

Adventure Summary

The man called Legend directs the crew to Nancy's Harbourside Tavern, where a cowled man tells them of the gemstones that are the Pieces of Seven, telling them that they must gather them and take “all eight” to an open patch of sea and hold them aloft to become Pirate Kings. He gives them a map showing where the Pieces may be found. They depart, taking with them Mitsy the seal, who happens to be in the tavern. They sail along the coast fighting off an Adventuring Party on the way, making some of them walk the plank and capturing a scholar among them. They find the location of the first Piece, a waterlogged cave within a small cove to the East of the Port. Fighting off the eels there they recover the small fragments of crystal embedded in the rocks. The fragments gather themselves together and form a light blue gemstone which although appearing whole still seems to be made of fragments when held. They return to their ship to find that the seal has escaped having left the scholar guarding it, so they make him walk the plank. The last remaining eel feeds.

The crew head West, meeting other pirates on the way and stealing their stuff. They reach a glimmering patch of sea, below which shapes can be seen in the water. These turn out to be chests which are pulled up onto the deck. The chests contain chain monstrosities which try to bind the crew and attack. They fight the things off, but the going is difficult and they stop to rest and repair armour for several hours between opening chests. The captain takes this opportunity to drink heavily. They eventually find a purple gemstone within one of the chests which invokes a minor sensation of servitude towards one's purpose when held, although the captain drunkenly goes and opens the last chest and lets out the last monstrosity anyway. They finally move on, talking their way around a fight with another Adventuring Party and reaching islands marked on their map as the Triplet Isles. On one of these islands they find giant stone heads that seem to be lacking any sort of face carved into them. As they approach the heads hop towards them, flailing (relatively) tiny arms. Once smashed, they find a red gemstone which seems to be missing whichever side anyone holding it is looking at directly.

The crew return East towards the Breathing Isles, on the way receiving some rest and food from a minor Wind power called the Duchess of Respite. No longer quite so tired from their journey they reach an island temple where worshippers of the Rose Prince of the South have moved in, believing it and the yellow gemstone on the altar to be sacred to their god. They try to fight off the pirates with their duelling skills, but they're obviously not very good at it an they are brought down or made to walk the plank. The gemstone is recovered, and seems to induce a minor sense of division and inequality when held. The crew sail on South to the Isle of the Broken Moon, where following an encounter with some slightly mad Light worshippers (and yet more planking) they find a temple which has been torn apart at some point, presumably when whatever happened to give the Isle its distinct crescent moon shape happened. The spirits of those attending a wedding at the time remain, and possess all of the party except for Fat Jim, who grabs the deep blue gemstone sticking out from the altar. Whilst holding it, one seems to get a minor feeling of betrayal. The possessed crew complete the marriage whilst Fat Jim attempts to get them back to the ship, drawing the attention of a small squadron of the Broken Guard who happen to be passing nearby. Their chaplain deals with the possessions in a rather glassy manner, and suggests to Fat Jim that he gets them out of the way and doesn't cause any trouble.

Returned to normal, the crew eventually head on further East again to an island marked as the Isle of Vitia. It is smaller than the map suggests, and making their way past the waves of Splintermen they find there they eventually reach a huge stone statue with green gemstones set into its eyes, one of which is cracked. Upon removing the whole stone (which immediately shatters), the stone layer falls off the statue to reveal glass beneath and it comes to life and attacks. Once it is brought down the crew retrieve the other eye, which no longer appears cracked but still somehow feels so whilst held. They return to the Breathing Isles to a collection of small islands called the Shifting Isles. From an encounter with some treasure hunters who happen to be passing, they learn that their map shows an additional island, which they head to as quickly as possible. When they arrive, they are attacked by strange, twisted, intangible creatures. These defeated they deal with the treasure hunters who have caught up with them and somebody gets buried. They recover the orange gemstone on the island, which when held seems to take a small amount of concentration to remember that it should even exist.

Seven gemstones gathered, the crew go South to an open patch of the Mirror Sea, East of the Isle of the Broken Moon, and the Pieces are held aloft. They fly upwards in a ring around the ship (the eighth is Absent), then drop into the ocean. With a great rumbling an island of glass rises from the water, a spire at its centre tearing the ship apart. The crew are thrown onto a glassy plain where glass creatures break away from the island and attack. Their attacks begin to vitrify the crew and affect their minds. “Albatross” Jim attempts to fly the captain and the other Jim away but as they fly up and away from the island a Glass Tower rises from it and more creatures break off and fall onto them, knocking them from the sky. The crew are all subdued.

Adventure Consequences:

Little is heard in the weeks following Captain Dagger and his crew's adventure, until news reaches the mainland of ships going missing. It is quickly established that a great island of Glass has appeared somewhere in the Mirror Sea and is sending ships of glass to attack and plunder any ships that stray too near. It comes to be known as Shattered Isle, and whilst for now it is not seen as the greatest of threats, the area around it which is in danger of attack seems to be steadily growing. The Temple of the Light takes the stance that it is impure and should be purged, whilst the temples of the Princes of Breath, in particular that of the Prince of Storms seem to view it as a problem that will need dealing with due to the Breathing Isles being among the first potential targets.

Meanwhile, near the Isle of the Broken Moon, a man is found in the waters clutching a single half-vitrified plank of wood. He is taken back to the mainland and brought before Duke Karl, who demands to know what happened to him. Among insane gibbering, he tells of his narrow escape from the madness of Shattered Isle, ruled over by its five monstrous Pirate Kings.

Death Rattle

Run by Oliver on 28th May 2011


Orlando (Vicky), Sereth (Dave H), Akmenos (Elliot), TAFKAT (Joe), Olar (James G)

Mission Brief:

Around the White City great storms have been blowing in from the Breathing Isles, the winds disturbed by the emergence of the shattered isle. At present the winds are merely impressive but Priests of the Princes of Breath whisper about turmoil and turbulence, perhaps the storm is about to come.

Meanwhile in the city some devoted followers of the Mother of all Serpents put out a call to the adventurers of the White City to aid them in a noble quest to perform a service for the woken wyrm.

Adventure Summary

  • The party gain the support of the Mother of all Serpents to exact her revenge upon the Frost Prince.
  • They create a trap within the eye of a great hurricane and a poison with Dragon-fire.
  • Along the way the Dream power Dishonour lies to Olar and contracts Akmenos to stab the Rattle-Prince in the back with a dagger of dreams.
  • The party convince the Frost Prince they are his allies against the Mother of All Serpents and lure him into their trap.

Adventure Consequences:

Using their cunning and magic the party successfully enact their plan to ensnare the Frost Prince. Within the eye of the great hurricane conjured by Sereth and Orlando they poison the Frost Prince with the source of Dragon-fire masked by Tibbs' magic. Weakened, his cries of rage alert the Rattle Prince who calls to his servants to bring the Frost Prince to his knees. Even stripped of much of his power and greatly weakened the Frost Prince is still a powerful foe but the party prevail and he falls to his knees, paralysed by Sereth's venom.

The Rattle-Prince appears in a roar of wind from the edge of the hurricane and moves toward the fallen prince. He is utterly intent upon his goal: the divine immortality of his brother. He begins to breath in the essence of the Frost Prince and as he does so ash flows from him, billowing back into the Frost Prince. So intent is he upon defeating the curse of the Lord of the House of the Gods that he simply ignores a backstab from Orlando and continues to breath in the magical essence. Then Olar steps forward, producing the shimmering dagger of dream given to him by the elderly Priest of Light and plunges it into the Rattle-Prince's back. As he does so laughter ripples through the hurricane and a voice intones; 'Behold! I have cheated the Death that Cheats!'. As Olar is blasted back by the shifting substance of dream that leaps from the dagger, another figure appears gripping the weapons handle. At first it seems to be the elderly Light priest but then its form shifts and Orlando recognises the Dream Power Dishonour. With a cackle Dishonour appears to step into the Rattle-Prince and the merged powers take a single titanic breath, drawing in the immortality of the Frost Prince.

As the Rattle-Prince becomes lost in a tornado of wind and dream substance, the hurricane begins to disintegrate and the servants of the Frost Prince pour in to try and save their master. However Tibbs begins to cut away the God's name with the 'Sword with No Name' and then as the god's name is consumed by the bound creature within the blade Tibbs looks into the fallen prince's eyes and vitrifies his spirit. As their god's name and spirit are lost the snow riders evaporate and the hurricane begins to falter. In its centre Dishonour reappears; his form still ill-defined as all things of Dream are but somehow more real, more part of the physical world now. He thanks the party for their aid in acquiring a God's immortality and for his new 'existence' and with that he pulls them into a dream-scape; a vision of the world he will create now that he is no longer bound solely to the realm of dream, a world of debauchery, treachery and of course dishonour.

When the party awake they find themselves upon the mountainous plateau, the hurricane abated, the Rattle-Prince gone and Dishonour not evident. Only the motionless form of the Frost Prince remains, his eyes shattered. As Orlando and Sereth turn on Olar, Tibbs casts the body of the Frost Prince into the Shattered Plain, with remarkably little objection from the rest of the party. Olar escapes the two Rattle cultists and leaves them bound upon the mountainside as he leaves with Tibbs and Akmenos.

In their separate ways the party arrive at the Wistful City. It lies in ruins, even its outer walls torn down by the vast hurricane that passed directly over it. Those of the party that stay in the city for any length of time realise that something odd appears to be happening; the city's authorities are losing control, the populous turning to a mysterious Lord directing the rebuilding. Tibbs remains behind to make this Lord a King.

Back in the White City Olar and Orlando attempt to turn their factions against one another. As a result they are both being watched to greater or lesser extents but the protection of their factions makes direct action against either impossible. Sereth and Orlando are later visited by the Rattle-Prince, his blades pressing against their throats. He is angry. Very angry. Furious that at the last moment he was cheated of the full measure of his prize. His amusement at his brother's fate seems to overcome his rage however and he suggests that not all of the Frost Prince's immortality was lost to him. As he leaves he makes clear that what Dishonour stole shall be his.

Akmenos returns to the Mother of All serpents to collect the reward promised him. The great serpent is none too pleased that she was played by servants of the Rattle-Prince but, though she expresses regret at the terrible fate of the Frost Prince, she admits that her revenge was duly exacted. In return for his service she teaches Akmenos to harness the power of his blood but leaves him with a reminder of the hazards of the taint of glass.

Days pass and then one night as the party sleep they find themselves within a throne room. Before them sits a grinning Dishonour in a suit of farcically ornate silver armour; a crown of shifting darkness upon his head; the steps of his dias strewn with the writhing forms of the pilgrims of the Light the party met…doing terribly inappropriate things to each other.

“Once more I thank you noble heroes. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to exploring this world of yours. A realm filled with those whose desires so often remain unrealised…unfulfilled. But now I come to walk this waking world and so shall those dreams and nightmares and you are to be thanked for it. I name you my champions. My Knights errant. Bound in service: to serve with honour!.”

Around the party appear a multitude who shout as one in exultation of the party, their applause both approving and yet somehow mocking. Then with a start all awake.

Over the next few weeks two things become apparent to world at large.

Firstly from the north comes word of the devastation of the Wistful City and yet just as quickly come rumours of a new ruler in the city, heralded as a King by its people. Those who venture north see not devastation but something glorious; the Wistful City reborn in glory, its walls standing proud, gleaming spires reaching into the sky. Yet all who see it say it seems ever so slightly unreal, intangible. With rumours of the new city come dreams; more vivid than usual and every one carrying dark images of treachery and betrayal.

Secondly the Frost Prince has disappeared and several of his priests are seen wandering the streets, a bemused and often haunted look upon their faces. Even stranger as the weeks pass people find themselves forgetting the Prince's name. They know there was once a Prince of Breath, that he vanished, that he ruled in the North but his name escapes them. Gradually memories of him become harder and harder to recall, it will not be long until his name is entirely forgotten.

One cold night the god's high priest in the White City is found dead: slumped before a pool of frozen of water, his eyes frozen and shattered with the cold. On the mirror like surface of the ice his dying fingers have written a name, forgotten almost as soon as it is heard.

“The Nameless Prince”

City of the Damned Part IV: Child of Our Time

Run by Vicky on the 4th of June 2011


“Last night I dreamt our Lady came to me. In her infinite compassion she granted me three dreams of three children. The first our was protector and the second was our destroyer. The third- a young boy with a scar across his face- was something I can not yet comprehend. I can be sure of one thing though, his fate was irrevocably tied to our own. Our Lady told me that the boy was in terrible peril and that he must be saved for all our sakes. I saw the child and his face was filled with fear but also a kind of defiance and strength that should have belonged to someone much older than he. In the shadows behind him I saw a figure and although I could not make out its features, its gait was full of wickedness and malice. At last our Lady told me of another piece to the puzzle. In this she spoke of one that had once been great but who had begun to be forgotten. Forgotten, perhaps, but not gone. Not gone in the slightest.”

-Gideon Wiscar, Court Astrologer

A lonely haunted woman in her mid-fifties walks the streets of the White City begging for someone to rescue her lost grandson. She has the stature of one who might have once been an adventurer in their hey-day but time has taken its toll on her body and in her eyes is a deep abiding sorrow which is beyond the comprehension of all but a few. Most people pay her no heed. Mad old woman must have just forgotten where she set the boy down. But one night, as the Temple of Ash is closing it doors for the evening, the High Priest of the Lord of the Tower of Heroes collapses in what seems to be a fit. He babbles for a few minutes about a young boy with an arcane link to the White City's past and to its future. He is adamant in his words that the boy must be saved. Many in the city look upon his words with incredulity at first but then the Court Astrologer comes to the Governess claiming to have had a vision from an aspect of the Light that supports the High Priest's own story. Hastily a mission to rescue the child funded by the Temple of Ash and partly supported by the Government begins to be assembled.


Captain Lee North (Ellie W), Captain Theodore Luxfrey (Dave Ha), Gustav Yoma (James I)


Three notable adventurers; Captain Lee North, Captain Theodore Luxfrey and Gustav Yoma, are called to the governmentoral palace to meet with Captain de Vermilli and the High Priest of the Lord of the Tower of Heroes. The High Captain explains that the High Priest has had a vision of a kidnapped child who will play some important role in the destiny of the White City and that this is supported by the divinations of the Court Astrologer, Gideon Wiscar. She hires them to speak to the child’s grandmother and to find out what might have happened to him. The party accept the mission and as they turn to leave Lee feels a tug at her leg. She looks down to see young Eleanor De Courci, who has escaped the care of her nursemaid. She tells Lee she had a nightmare about being hunted by a woman with purple eyes. Lee promises the young heir she will allow no harm to come to her before the young girl is swept up by a rather stressed looking nursemaid who berates her for wandering off by herself.

The party then head to the place outside the city where they were told the old woman lived. They are welcomed in to her home, where they find Gideon Wiscar is also present. After some persuasion by Gideon the old woman reveals herself to be Maria Curiana and that the child is the son of her daughter Selena and the high priest of the Lord of Blood Fury, Paulo. Her granson’s name is Toquell. The party take some of Maria’s blood and a toy wooden knife belonging to Toquell to use in their divinations in order to find him. Gideon describe his vision of three children: a child destined to protect the White City, Eleanor De Courci; a child destined to destroy it, the daughter of Belor de Velland, and a young boy who seemed to be tied to the other two but he can not discern whether this is for good or ill. The last part of the vision hints that the kidnapped child has been taken to the City of Chains. The party suggest that young Toquell might be a balancing factor in whether the White City survives or falls and resolve to go to the City of Chains to rescue him. As they turn to leave they are attacked by a spirit possessing a dead body, who claims to be Selena’s father, Sacchos, and seems to have thrown in his lot with Christina de Velland. He does not want the party to succeed in their mission and so calls up spirits of ash, which are the party defeat. Sacchos’s soul flees the corpse it was possessing.

On the way to the city of chains the party are attacked by Named creatures, suggesting things have gotten loose of their bindings. They find the gates mysteriously unguarded, suggested the Cloistered Brethren are all busy dealing with things going on within the city. They fight their way past various traps. They also come across a rather suspicious woman with a cart, who sells Lee a wind enchanted pendant and Theodore some eagle brand soap. Lee accidently releases a number of weasels from the cart who attack the party. The party are wary of the tradeswoman but decide not to provoke a fight, Theodore even paying for some of the weasels they killed. Lee inspects the pendant suspiciously, suspecting it to have some link to the Rattle Prince.

Deeper within the city the party eventually find some of the Cloistered Brethren. The are for once quite cooperative, almost seeming glad to have some help. They explain they are over-worked, dealing with the servants of a Bound One by the name of the Sightless Intonation of Judgement and things which seem to have more recently gotten free. Chief amongst these latter things is a particularly nasty and notorious name sorceress by the name of Adelica Blake. They tell that some of the survivors of one of their scout groups claim to have met a woman calling herself that. They explain that her notoriety results from the fact that she was initially working on the side of the Binders but betrayed and murdered the general she served under, turning instead to the side of the Namers. The party also meet a plucky young scout, named Michaela. She is a competent but not exceptional chain mage. Her real talent is she knows the city’s passageways like the back of her hand. The Brethren, seeing that the party’s mission may well be important to their cause, offer to let her travel with them. Before they leave Lee carries out a Divination, which implies that things of ash lie up ahead. There is also a hint of chain and wind intertwined. As the other party members rest Theodore walks abroad, finding things of wind and name ahead. He also finds an old man bound and unconscious.

Further down the party are attacked by more creatures of Name and some wind sprites. Finally they find the elderly man Theodore described. Upon inspecting him more carefully the see emblems of the Princess of Stories. He tells them he is Timothy, weaver of tales, and that he came down here to warn Christina de Velland of the dangers of what she is doing. He tells them that she plans to sacrifice the heart of chains to remove the concept of the Nobility from the world. However, her plan is doomed to failure because the heart has been subverted by the Rattle Prince. He tells them she was unwilling to listen to his words, being persuaded by a young man who was travelling with her that it must be a trick. He retains some hope that she might reasoned with, though, because she left him alive. The party thank him for his information and suggests he go back to the Brethren.

The party press on and once again run in to Sacchos in a new body. This time he has an emaciated woman with purple eyes with him and they seem engrossed in a document. The party try to reason with Sacchos, telling him that what his granddaughter is trying to do is madness. He is too mad to be reasoned with and he and his companion call up things of ash and things of chain to fight them. The sorceress also names Theodore “wingless”. The party beat the abominations down. Although they capture and remove the tongue of the name sorceress, Sacchos manages to flee having used necromancy to heal himself. Lee recovers the document from the unconscious form of the the name sorceress. It appears to be parchment, although the paper has an odd quality she can’t make out to the touch, and details the life story of a General Quintos, who served on the side of the allies during the first Naming and Binding War. The parchment tells he was betrayed to the Namers then murdered by one of his subordinates, a woman called Adelica Blake. His soul then travelled to the Garden of Red Roses. The last bit of the parchment is the oddest, as it appears to have been stamped to suggest at some point his soul was granted permission to return to the world.

Deeper in the tunnels the party finds Christina’s camp. There are a number of guards and imprisoned but not mistreated a small boy with a scar on his face. The party recognise the boy must be Toquell Curiana. Again they try to reason with the guards but to no avail and a fight breaks out. Toquell takes the opportunity whilst his guards are distracted to use blood of the soil to escape his cage. He runs to the party, who protect him. Eventually the guards are dispatched of. As Lee bandages the wound on Toquell’s arm that he used for blood magic, he points out the parchment she is carrying in her pouch as a thing of ash. When questioned on how he learned of such things he claims to have be taught by a high priestess of the Lord of the Faithful. Toquell also explained that Christina needed him to get close to the heart of chains because he and his uncle “had the same name” and that she plans to sacrifice “Uncle Toquell”.

The party finally catch up to Christina. She is at the heart of chains with her entourage of guards including a swarve young man and a tribal looking woman. Also present and almost free of his bindings is Toquell Velasquez. The party try to tell her of the Rattle Princes involvement but the swarve man persuades her that it must be a White City trick and that she should go on with her ritual. The party tells her that her companion is probably a priest of the Rattle Prince. Just as it seems she might be going to listen the tribal woman declares she is going to do the westerners a favour and stabs Christina in the back with a poisoned dagger. The tribal woman bursts in to laughter and reveals herself to actually be the Rattle Prince before bursting in to swirling leaves, which rip apart all of Christina’s entourage, including his own priest, before attacking the party. Gustav swiftly cures Christina with blood magic. The party cut down the Rattle Prince’s wind spirits but are still faced with the problem that with no heart of chains soon things will start to escape from the city. As the ground begins to shake they try and persuade older Toquell to return to his bindings but he is unwilling. Michaella explains that the heart must be someone willing and with knowledge of chain magic. At this point it becomes clear that there is only one option. Michaella steps in to the breech and takes up her place as the new heart of chains. The ground begins to settle down but they can clearly hear things moving up ahead.

Christina starts to leave looking dejected but Gustav catches up with her. He persuades her that she needs better advisement and swears an oath to become her advisor. Seeing that Gustav does not seem to be returning Lee uses her powers of flight to catch up to them. Gustav explains that he will not go back with them to the White City. Lee persuades them that they should at least travel out of the City of Chains together to ensure their safety. With that the party and Christina fight their way past a number of Name creatures and make their way home.


Lee returns to the Brethren to explain the nature of Michaella’s sacrifice and to warn that things may have gotten loose during the brief period that there was no heart of chains. The Brethren reassure her that they are pretty certain that nothing major has escaped. She does not inform them that they have Toquell Velasquez with them. She then returns to the rest of the party. Before they go their separate ways Theodore casts a blood vengeance on Christina, so that she might suffer the pain of anything she sacrifices to the flame. At this point Gustav and Christina head back to the Golden City, whilst the other party members and both Toquells head back to the White City. On the way back Theodore finishes off the Name Sorceress they had left unconcious.

As the party containing Lee and Theodore arrive at one of the City of Chain’s gateways a burned gate opens. A dour looking eastern woman flanked by ashen guardians steps through. She claims the party has something belonging to her, indicating the parchment at Lee’s belt. When queried as to her name and nature, she claims to be the Lord of Letters, an entity charged with the Burned Realm’s bureaucracy, including approving those allowed to return to the world. The party return the parchment to her and in exchange she offers each of them a boon. Theodore asks for his axes to be recorded as part of himself, so that they may not be commended by an ordained ash mage. Lee asks for a favour at a later date. The Lord gives her a seal, which she may break at any point to call on her services. Young Toquell asks the Lord about his mother, to which she responds that though she is in the Tower of Heroes she must be punished for hercrimes. The boy seems saddened by this. The Lord also notes older Toquell and says she has little doubt that servants of the Lord of the Tower will come for him too soon. Undeterred older Toquell asks her to inform the Lord of the House of the Gods that his offer still stands, which she declines to do. The Lord explains the parchment was stolen from her by a necromancer and asks how they came upon it, which they explain. She then steps back through the gate, which closes behind her.

In the Golden city Gustav finds himself a place to live and starts a purge of those of Christina advisors he deems unsuitable. In lieu of any payment Christina offers to repair his badly damaged armour for him.

As the other party members return to the White City they head straight to the High Guard. They are called to an audience with Her Eminence; the Lady Regent, who seems to have a knife well displayed at her belt; a high ranking member of the cloistered brethren, who gives older Toquell a rather significant look; High Captain de Vermilli, and High Captain Cristofori, who seems to be giving older Toquell some rather strange looks. Lee explains what occurred in the City of Chains. She also tells the Governess about the rather odd Burned Lord that appeared. When questioned of what happened with Christina she explains how Gustav sided with her. The Governess seems disappointed that Christina got away alive but is understanding. Lee asks whether Michaella might be able to be replaced at some point, to which the Cloistered Brethren man responds that though possible it might be difficult and dangerous to replace her. She offers each of the remaining party members 60 hexa a piece and her gratitude. Young Toquell and his grandmother are invited to stay as guests at the De Courci lodgings, at least for the time being. The governess seems interested in finding more out about the boy, especially since he has a blood link to Christina de Velland. Toquell Velasquez is also invited to stay as a guest but it is clear in his case he is more of a well looked after prisoner. The party hear no more of what has happened to older Toquell but Theodore does explore his dreams. Over the coming weeks older Toquell is interrogated by various representatives of the city. He is posted with a guard detail at all times “for his protection” and often watched over by a chain sorcerer. He waits and bides his time.

A few days later a number of things occur. Gustav is officially declared a traitor, who may not return to the White City. Rumours circulate that the governess visited the Temple of Ash, some of which say she even took her daughter with her. It is kept very quiet with whom she spoke and what they spoke about there but some say she left with a relieved if somewhat confused expression on her face. There is a period of unrest in the City of Chains whilst the new heart establishes itself. Eventually over time Michaella will be able to take control of the bindings but because she is so inexperienced there is something of a transitional period. Michaella’s family are given generous financial recompense by the city. Her name is also honoured by a well placed plaque in the Brethren’s headquarters. The higher echelons will also hear rumours of a child staying at the De Courci palace that might have a key role in the war against the Golden City and that the Court Astrologer’s divining have turned up some interesting pieces of information.

City of the Damned Part V: Hearts and Minds

Run by Vicky on 18th June 2011


Sonea Rake (Eleanor), Anomander Rake (Elliot), Brother Penitence (Joe), Athol (Dan), Koretz (James G), Captain Azak (Fed)

Mission Brief:

Rumours reach the White City that the Mayor of one of their outposts, one Colonel Leahman of Felsguard, has gone mad. The Church of the Light sends some adventures to investigate.

Brief Summary

  • The party rescue an old woman who informs Sonea and Anomander that they will soon meet their father.
  • The PCs visit Felsguard to discover the Colonel has indeed lost control of his senses, having fallen to decadence.
  • Sonea and Anomander who grew up their speak to a childhood friend named Tobias, who has become the Colonel's lover. He tells them that the Colonel is the child of a local blood spirit named the Feathered Lord and that the only person who can make him see sense is his father. He also tells them that the Lord's high priest lives in a neighbouring village. The party also hear rumours that Golden City agents are active in the area.
  • The party fight some Golden City agents who want to capture and interogate them, including the necromancer Sacchos.
  • The party reach the next village only to find a shady figure has hired the High Priest as a guide. They begin retracing his steps.
  • The party rescue some captured merchants from monkeys. The merchants tell them that a bounty hunter is active in the area.
  • The party come across some fiercely matriarchal members of tribe eagle. Sonea is able to negotiate past them and is taken on a vision quest by their shaman. There she learns that the bounty hunter is her father who travelled to Felsguard many years ago. At that time he was hired to kill Leahman by the Port of Glass but failed. He has become so obsessed by settling this old score that he is willing to use an extremely dangerous artefact from the N'Cora lands.
  • The party find the bounty hunter, William Walseth, and the High Priestess uncovering a strange glass sword. Some of them try and persuade him not to use it but they are unsuccessful and resort instead to attacking him. Koretz is nearly vitrified by the sword but is just saved by a timely purification from Brother Penitence. The High Priestess casts a blood vengence on William and he is cut down. The glass sword is destroyed. Sonea persuades the Priestess to save her father's life.
  • The party return to Felsguard and the Feathered Lord is summoned. Leahman falls to the ground apologising for his sins. The party are attacked by Golden City infiltrators but fight them off. They return to the city with Colonel Leahman and William Walseth as prisoners.

Adventure Consequences:

Those of the party who accept it are offered 10 Hx (unless they did not take the advance, excepting Attol, in which case they are given the full twenty) for completing the mission by the High Priestess of the Light. Azak bargains for a further 10Hx each for going above and beyond the call of duty. Amelia du Sallis calls upon Silvio Cristofori, who takes Colonel Leahman in to custardy. Upon the suggestion of Brother Pentinence she request that he be allowed to be given counsil by someone from the Exalted Church. Captain Azak voices concerns about the actions of the Golden City and the Priestess promises to share these with the Governess, stating that the Shining Order will have a role to play in any conflict. As a representative of the Low Guard there is very little the High Priestess can do about William Walseth, so he is allowed to leave. He later moves in with his two children and seems to start to form a relationship with his daughter, although he is still a little uneasy about Anomander. He is visited occassionally be representatives of the Exalted Church but they don't seem to make much progress in converting him.

Sonea returns to the village of Felsguard to find a new Mayor has been put in place, along with spiritual guidance by the Exalted church. Tobias seems to be considering taking up service with the Exalted church, although she tries to persuade him to consider the blood powers instead. Colonel Leahman in the meantime seems to have been taken in to the White City's best approximation to an asylum, although there is some hope that he may one day recover.

What's In a Name

Run by Oliver on 2nd July 2011


Mr Black (Peter), Falcon (Joe), Orlando (Vicky), Nathaniel (James I)

Mission Brief:

Around the White City unidentified corpses have been appearing. Each victim appears to have committed suicide, which is not out of the ordinary, but the Low Guard are becoming increasingly discomforted. Rumour has it that there is something very strange about the deaths, something about the identity of the victims. Now it's whispered that another corpse has been found, this time in the house of an important member of the De Courci family, though no one seems sure which one.

Meanwhile throughout the city people are finding their dreams disturbed and their sleep restless. Furthermore citizens are beginning to stay indoors after dark, those able to articulate their fears talk of something unnatural moving through the shadows of night.

The Low Guard have put out a call for trustworthy members of the adventuring community. Those interested should assemble in the Black Boar 6 days hence. Pay 60 hexa.

Adventure Summary:

  • A high ranking De Courci has her name consumed by the freed bound one the Ravenous Renunciation of the Self that has escaped from its own blade after consuming the name of the Frost Prince.
  • The party learn of the Namer by following the fragments of the broken 'Sword with no Name'.
  • The dream power Aspiration warn them that the Namer intends to consume the name of The City, something that could have terrible consequences.
  • The party confront the Namer and with the help of the Cloistered Brethren are able to bind it deep beneath the White City.
  • Along the way, from a mysterious curiosity shop, Falcon retrieves the spear head from the spear once used to slay a Burned Lord and returns it to the Lord of the House of the Gods.

Adventure Consequences:

Deep within the ancient sanctuary beneath the White City the party successfully defend the 'The City' from the monstrous Namer that assails it. As they strike down its amorphous physical form Brother Link calls upon the chain of thought and with the parties help, and the intervention of the Dream power Aspiration, is able to bind the creature. Chains erupt from the ground as the earth is torn asunder and the 'Ravenous Renunciation of the Self' screams in rage as the bindings ensnare it. As it is pulled down into the chasm the names it has consumed swarm around it and Nathaniel is able to wrench his stolen name free, as do the spirits Falcon conveyed to this place. As 'The City' adds its own shackles of thorny vines the creature invokes the last of its unbound power to name Nathaniel as 'he who once unnamed' and then with a roar it vanishes into the darkness deep beneath the White City, bound as are its kin within the City of Chains. The silence that follows is broken only by a faint tinkling as Mr Black urinates into the hole into which the creature was dragged.

Aspiration and 'The City' thank the party for their aid against the monstrosity and 'The City' spends some time talking to them. He is especially pleased to see his Godfather Nathaniel and is very interested in what Falcon says about “other cities” and though he seems rather unsure on the exact details of the concept he says he would very much like to meet them.

The party return to the low guard who thank them for their efforts and reward them with 90 hexa and promise to sing their praises up the chain of command. The Low Guard Lieutenant, mentally unhinged by his time stripped of personal identity, retires. For his stirling work Orlando is promoted to his place within the Low Guard, one of the five Lieutenants who work under the mysterious Captain. Falcon and Nathaniel find themselves reaching new heights of respect and fame among the ruling elite and are invited to all the best parties over the next few weeks as guests of honour.

Falcon after a saga of money lending and pickpocketing is able to reclaim his magical hand from Manfred Echo's shop, though he now owes Orlando and Nathaniel money and has promised to build a new Temple to the Sinister Lord in Crossroads. When he later returns with a retinue of temple guards the curiosity shop is quite gone, a blank wall where it stood. Having returned the ancient spear that once struck down a Burned Lord to the Lord of the House of the Gods Falcon is now blessed in the sight of that Lord and well regarded by his own temple.

Orlando visits Mr Black and after cutting his throat witnesses the strange properties of Mr Black's experimental armour from the College. As Mr Black recovers Orlando leaves him with a warning about the importance of subtlety, spoken in the voice of the Rattle Prince. When he arrives the next morning at his bake shop he finds it trashed, his despairing employees telling him a group of drunk young nobles appeared, ate all the cake and held a series of duels on the pudding counter. It'll cost him about 20 hexa to repair the damage.

Mr Black passes on knowledge of the 'The City, and the events that occurred to King Eric, who seems very interested in the information. King Eric's men in turn inform Mr Black that both the Low Guard and the Cloistered Brethren are watching 'The City's' sanctuary with interest.

Within his dream palace Nathaniel reforges the dream of the 'Sword with no Name' into a potent weapon of Dream and one that could be further forged into an artefact of considerable power.

Hell to Pay

Run by Dan and Dom on 23rd July 2011


Sylke (Chaos), Rederick (Harry), Favian (Iain), Olar (James G), Dog (Oliver), Holly March (Anna-Marie)

Mission Brief:

With both Rupert Cristofori and the Heart of the Lord now missing, certain conclusions have been drawn by a number of parties. The Cristofori are having none of it though, and are publicly hiring people to track down their lost family member. After all, he was almost certainly caught up in the machinations of a Phantom Thief (and possible De'Courci) plot to steal the heart.

Adventure Consequences:

The Cloistered Brethren receive a report from Olar detailing everything that happened, Sylke DeVerlay is recommended as someone who can be relied upon in an emergency, both Holly and Favian receive positive recommendations, and Rederick is declared a dangerous madman.

Shortly after the party return to their homes, a number of people across the city (and possibly further afield) start getting ill. Mostly the very young, but a very small number of adults are also effected, its quickly discovered that only those born after the taint of ash was removed from the world or those who have been alchemically purified are effected. The sickness appears to have some similarities to vitrification, but is easily purified and even fades away if left untreated. Within the White City rumour abounds that this was the result a ritual performed by Duke Karl D’Artois, and that it was Sylke de Verlay who was responsible for foiling the attempt to implant glass directly into everyone in the world.

Following the incident, the church of the King in Fragments has suffered a schism, or at least an increase in tensions. Although there have always been those who thought the King should be-united and others who believed he should be kept apart or even fractured further, many are now claiming to have been directly instructed by the King to pursue unification while others claim direct instruction to engage in dispersal. Many of the most vocal supporters of each side have previously held beliefs to the contrary and infighting within the church is at an all time high.

Within the Port of Glass tensions are also high. Everyone within the port is aware that some great ritual was performed involving the King in Fragments, but no-one is sure whether it was a ritual to hurt the King performed by the Duke and stopped by Sylke, or whether it was a ritual to destroy the Port performed by Sylke and stopped by the Duke. Either way, relations between the D’Artois and de Verlay have become somewhat icy. The de Verlay family have, much to their surprise, found themselves being hailed as champions of the unification of the King in Fragments, even as those supporters of dispersal gather around Duke Karl.

The Queen of Eternity

Run by Vicky on the 30th July


Sir Ulrych von Rauschpfeife (Peter), Captain Azak (Fed), Galena (Ellie W)


High Captain Silvio Cristofori has been called to take a faction of the High Guard to the North to deal with a newly founded cult of the so-called 'Nameless Prince'. Early indications suggest his mission has been a success. The White City authorities become concerned, however, when several weeks later he still has not returned. Then the first mid-July snowfall so far south in over a century occurs in the White City. A call is put out by the High Guard for capable and trustworthy adventurers to investigate what has become of the High Captain.


Silvio has been infected with a shard of a mirror belonging to the Nameless Prince that reflects a person's worst aspect and is slowly vitrifying. He has been taken in by the White Duchess, an ice entity who served the Nameless Prince before he became a vitriarch and is slowly vitrifying herself. She promises to remove the shard if he can spell out 'Eternity' in the ice. The party are given the aid of the Rose Prince of the North and the Princess of stories (whilst they are both disguised) to enter his dreams and fight back the glassy taint, which manifests as aspects of the Seven Deadly Sins attacking people from Silvio's past, who are themselves manifestations of his better nature. They must also defeat Silvio's own dark self.


The party awake in the White Duchess's Palace. Carved in to the ice are images of the various people from Silvio's past that the party encountered in his dream scape. The White Duchess removes the shard of glass from Silvio and he slowly seems to begin to regain his senses. Galena, still under the influence of the Light, offers to try to remove the glass taint from the Duchess. The Duchess refuses, noting that it can not be done without destroying a part of herself. Galena commends the vitrified parts of the Duchess to ash anyhow. Although it might have slowed the vitrification down, the act has also weakened the Duchess and so whether it was in fact helpful is somewhat debatable. Angred the Duchess asks the party to leave. As they depart Silvio promises to visit her again before the end. In total the Duchess has a few months left before she shares her Prince's fate.

The following night Azak sleeps in to Ulrych's tent and murders the princess-in-the-body-of-an-eagle Ulrych had promised to aid. Ulrych wakes in time to see a dark figure retreating and blames it on the Rattle Prince. The night after he sees the bird in his dreams bearing a betrayed and disappointed look.

The party report back to Captain de Vermilli, giving her a full report in to everything including the nature of Silvio's dreamscape, which she seems extraordinarily happy about. Galena warns Silvio that they have reported to Rosalind. The party also inform the wind temples of the White Duchess's precarious predicament.

Later Ulrych speaks to Orlando and Falcon. Falcon and Ulrych agree to work to save the spirit of the Eagle Princess and Orlando also seems to have been volunteered to help (great). Ulrych also discusses the description of the High Priest of the Rattle Prince he was given by the White Duchess. Falcon notes the similarity to Orlando but ultimately chalks it down to a misunderstanding and is unless in mortal danger sworn by Ulrych to secrecy.

Silvio returns to his duties and although shaken by his ordeal seems mostly unscathed. Rosalind is pleased with the party's success and pays them 40Hx in addition to the initial 10 they were given. Azak puts the idea of working for her as a freelance mercenary, which she seems very interested in. She will be very happy to hire his services in future for activities that she can not be seen publicly to carry out as a High Captain (with plausible deniability, of course).

Sleep of the Just

Run by Oliver on 20th August 2011


Nathaniel d'Almedia (James I), Thier Christophori (James G), Beornwulf (Dom S)

Mission Brief:

High Priest of the Lord of the Faithful Beornwulf Oakfast has let it be known amongst the very greatest of the White City's adventurers that he intends to journey forth into the realm of Dream and strike at the being known as the Third Sleeper in an attempt to end the wickedness of this creature of nightmares once and for all. Those brave or foolhardy enough to set themselves against this ancient evil, and risk all in pursuit of its destruction, are asked to come to the College six days hence.

Adventure Summary:

  • The party Journey to the Shrine of the last sleeper to forge a weapon that can slay the 3rd sleeper.
  • They find a map of dream in the Wistful City that has now been taken over by the dream power Dishonour, who seems to be at war with the King of the Eagles.

Adventure Consequences:

At the shrine of the last Sleeper Beornwulf forges two swords of great power. The first is one designed to hunt the 3rd sleeper, resist its power and finally strike a killing blow that not even a being such as the Bard may resist. The second he forges is for Nathaniel; from shards of star-metal and the strange dream of the Sword with no Name, a blade that may cut away identity itself.

Through the Bard's terrible minions and devious blockades the party battle, at last coming to the auroric castle of the Sleeper they hunt.

In the citadel of the Bard of Rainbows Their and Beornwulf make war on the legions of clones of the 3rd sleeper, cutting them down in their hundreds, as high above Nathaniel infiltrates the mightiest spire of the castle to find the dreaming form of the Sleeper; an ancient and withered man. As Nathaniel removes the sleeping form's rainbow mask the clones below transform back into faceless puppets, revealing the Sleeper's true Dream form. With a cry of surprise and rage the Bard of Rainbows attacks Beornwulf and as Thier and Nathaniel hold off the army of puppets, the Sleeper and Beornwulf battle. As the duel reaches its climax the Bard falls and Beornwulf plunges his blade into the Sleeper's chest, the magic of the weapon irresistible. From the tallest tower there is a terrible dying scream.

With that scream the sky fractures as Dream begins to schism with the death of one of the Sleeper's that dream it into being. Yet even as it does Nathaniel plunges his own sword into the Bard's dying form stealing the identity of the Sleeper and binding it into the magical blade. As the blade begins to burn with rainbow fire Nathaniel paints it across the sky, sealing the great rent into the real world and healing the realm of Dream.

The Bard's castle melts away and the party are left in a phantasmogoric desert. Next to them is the body of an ancient man, a single sword wound in his chest…the mortal body of the man who was once the Bard of Rainbows. Beornwulf gives the body the last rites and senses that whatever spirit was once the Sleeper has passed into the Burned Realm.

The party journey back to the White City (stopping only occasionally to deal with some very foolish bandits) and go their separate ways, their heroic quest complete. Nathaniel and Beornwulf deposit the strange dream map in the College after Beornwulf makes two careful copies. Thier has dinner with Rebecca De Courci and recants his tale, mentioning both the disturbing situation in the Wistful City and the fact that Nathaniel's blade may contain something terrible. He is commended for his heroism and is widely hailed around the court…noble ladies are now swooning at an alarming rate when he enters a room. Beornwulf communes with his god and is told that the spirit of the Bard of the Rainbows is now under the care of his brother, the Lord of the Tower of Heroes, and that there it shall stay forever more.

Nathaniel meanwhile finds himself with a sword that is both of the real world and of dream and that is, at least from the point of view of maintaining the unity of the Dream, the 3rd Sleeper. In the real world its blade ripples with the colours of rainbow, as he gets closer to dream it burns with prismatic fire and while In dream itself great rainbows trail from the blade stretching off into eternity. He gets the impression that there will be terrible consequences should the blade be broken (not least the loss of the magic he bound into it).

(2011 36-hour)

Run by James G and Dan on 26th-28th August 2011


Roman(David M), Rederick(Harry), Roark Velasquez(Oliver), Mumbles(Dave H), Sylke de Verlay(Chaos), Kelson(Dom), Elena(Ellie H)

Mission Brief

Rumours are flying around the city that the Astrologers of the college have discovered something terribly awry with the cosmos, something that might threaten the very existence of the city. The rumour mill has been hard at work, and there is some significant panic within the city, centred around prophets of doom who seem to be springing up on every corner.

A notice has been put out, bearing the seals of both Rebecca de Courci and the chancellor of the college, requesting that adventurers willing to undertake a *long* journey on behalf of the city present themselves at the palace at a given time. A few days later, a proclamation of unconditional support for the mission arrives from Duke Karl at the Port.

Adventure Summary

  • The Party journey travel far to the south to retrieve the magical ship that can sail beneath the world.
  • Beneath the world to discover the source of the unbalance. The Canvas of Creation (the Namer who is the pillar that holds up the world) is being unbalanced by the weight of the Chains that bind the Namers and the Eroding power of the Black Flame.
  • This effect is being increased by a partially freed Namer (Abject Terror of Cessation) that creates fear and who is unbalancing the Canvas further.
  • The party destroy Abject Terror of Cessation by defeating aspects of its power.
  • As the party do so they discover that the Canvas of Creation itself is under attack by the Emperor of the Unbound, who is seeking to save the world by replacing the Canvas.
  • The party defeat the Emperor's avatar but turn on each other as Roark Velasquez attempts to destroy the Canvas of Creation. He succeeds only in eradicating its memories before being cut down by Rederick and Sylke de Verlay.

Adventure Consequences

Abject Terror of Cessation is destroyed, vitirifed and shattered into fragments as it begged for mercy. Without its influence, the rate at which the world is heading towards destruction has slowed greatly.

The world is still, very gradually, tipping on its axis, towards the battlefield in the east. Scholars estimate that at current rates, the end is likely years away, probably in the region of 5-10. It is still a present threat, however, and many a solution is proposed at symposia and academic meetings. In the streets, doomsayers have returned to their normal set of prophecies, occasionally spiced with dire warnings about the risk of inaction. Some mad (and often purple) eyed individuals scream about how this is the world's punishment for binding the namers, but they're usually arrested relatively promptly.

General Elissa Tyre remains in the white city, as an “honoured guest” of Rebecca de Courci. She appears to have the freedom of the city, but those who know how to look see the low guard keeping a constant eye on her – whether to stop her running or to protect her is unclear. Rumours of trouble for white city travellers in the far west increase.

Prince Asura and his bodyguard remain in the white city for now as friends and ambassadors from their home Dukedom

Canvas of Creation returns to its slumber at the base of the world. Now though, in some level, it watches the surface and cares.

The Curse of Shattered Isle Part 2: Corrupted Seas

Run by Chaos on 3rd September 2011


Galana Ravin (Ellie W), Sir Ulrych (Peter),Dracarnius (Elliot)

Mission Brief:

The world beset with fears of impending doom, little attention has been paid to the great island of Glass to the South. Yet its acts of piracy continue, and evidence of its activity is becoming apparent further and further, and growing ever closer to much of civilisation.

The temple of the Prince of Storms is the first to act, one of the Southern Breathing Isles sacred to the Prince and closest to Shattered Isle having had issues with Glass taint in the past. Notices are posted around the White City calling for adventurers to assist with an investigative mission into the island. The temple of Trade Winds is quick to get in on the mission, offering their support to look into a number of trade vessels that have gone missing whilst running nearby routes. Within a few days the Shining Order has also agreed to assist. Members of these organisations who can spare the time and any other would-be adventurers-for-hire are asked to show up at the temple of the Prince of Storms at noon on the specified day, with a quite reasonable 30 Hexa offered per head, with potential bonuses dependent on the outcome of the mission.

Meanwhile, Duke Karl seems to have taken an interest, and the Port of Glass embassy receives instruction that those affiliated “might be able to make themselves useful” by taking part in the mission.

Adventure Summary:

The party visit the temple of the Prince of Storms where they meet Fiora Ricci, a fairly high-ranking priestess of the Prince of Storms in charge of the mission, Silvia de Almedia, a representative of Trade Winds and Sir Peter Luxfrey of the Shining Order. Apparently tensions between the two Princes of Breath are still high, as their priests are engaged in a heated argument when they arrive. After being briefed they go to the Port of Glass where Fiora has prepared a ship. Sailing via the Breathing Isles, where the party is somewhat struck by lightning whilst Fiora attempts to calm a particularly strong storm around an island so that they can pass, they reach a series of islands which the plan is to follow, getting closer to Shattered Isle with each for a careful, investigative approach.

On one of these islands they find the remains of a village with no sign of life, with dead bodies not laid to rest but lacking souls. Looking around they find odd tracks indicating that this wasn't the work of anything human, and strangely enough the food stores that have been untouched. Stocking up, the party return to their boat, where they spot something odd about one of the next islands in the distance. Fending off the servants of an angry Prince of Storms which are attacking indiscriminately and taking a small diversion to investigate something they see in the ocean and finding the half-vitrified smashed remains of a ship, they head towards the island. On the way, they are attacked by what seem to be people made of glass, not in fragments like Splintermen but mostly solid with cracks and sharp edges. Whilst fending them off a monstrous glassy creature manages to sneak aboard their boat by breaking through the hull, attacking most of the crew and rendering them unconscious. When the party fight it, they find their spirits assailed when its appendages touch them. Galana is unable to hold up against this assault but fortunately Dracarnius is there to fend off the creature's influence before it can do much damage. Whilst Galana ends up with only a small crack across her face appearing on her spirit and visible to exorcists, the affected crew are less lucky, with Dracarnius able to see thin cracks appearing all over their spirits. Exorcism attempts, as well as attempts to purify them with Light magic at this point yield no results.

The party reach the island they are and find that it too seems to be partly vitrified, a great cascade of huge glass shards rising up over the side closest to Shattered Isle like a wave of Glass washing over it, frozen in space. They are attacked by Imperfect Albatross, one of the Shattered Isle's Pirate Kings, and manage to fend it off, causing it to retreat to the Isle, dropping an bracelet which seems to have some significance to the Light. Waves of the glass people and glassy sea creatures rise from the sea and Fiora gives the order to retreat, the party heading back home chased by glass ships with more of the glass people on board. With these dealt with sailing seems relatively smooth until near the Port, where the cracks in the crews' souls which have been ever slowly widening finally give way and their spirits shatter, their bodies twisting into the glass people themselves and attacking. The ship is almost destroyed and lands somewhat forcefully near the Port and the party return to the White City to debrief.

Adventure Consequences:

Fiora, Silvia and Sir Peter thank the party for their aid, and a full report of the mission is made, including information provided by Dracarnius about the cracks appearing in the crews' spirits. Particular attention is given to emphasising the danger of the huge glass monstrosities which seem to come from the island, which are capable of tainting the spirits of those they touch such that they break apart, rendering the victim one of the glass people encountered and turning them against their allies. The College is contacted and asked to look into this in the hopes of finding a cure for those who are affected. Meanwhile, the party are paid 30 Hexa each as agreed, plus an extra 5 each from the temple of Trade Winds for the information they were able to obtain on one of their missing ships.

Sir Ulrych returns the bracelet to Sir Peter who recognises it as a relic sacred to the Light long thought lost. He thanks Sir Ulrych for his efforts and allows him to keep the sword he has been using on permanent loan from the Order in recognition of his efforts.

Galana has a small crack in her spirit, visible only to exorcists, across one cheek. She visits the College and allows herself to be subjected to a variety of only slightly spiritually invasive tests to investigate this. It becomes apparent that it is capable of holding spiritual things within it temporarily, and when affected by magic of a given type, exorcists can subsequently briefly see something in the crack relating to that type of magic which fades with time. (A faint glow for Light magic, etc.) Whilst there doesn't seem to be a way of fixing it for the time being, it doesn't seem to be causing any harm either. Studies of her are reported to be of use to the College in investigating the creature the party fought.

High and Dry

Run by Chaos and Dan A on 17th September 2011


Brother Olar (James G), Thomas Aster (James I)

Mission Brief:

Brother Olar and Thomas Aster are both on well-earned breaks from their hard work, and decide to go to a pub. They meet a drunken member of the Cloistered Brethren ranting about a Bound One getting loose and decide to investigate. Wacky hijinks ensue.

Adventure Summary:

The Cloistered Brethren member rants about a Bound One getting loose in the waters to the South East, past the Shattered Isle, and how the Brethren are arguing about it without taking action. The pair decide to investigate and head to the Port, where they are immediately called before Duke Karl, who is apparently aware of their mission. He tells them that he wants the matter dealt with too, and even gives them the use of a boat and crew to do so. After some restless nights on board and parts of the boat itself subsequently coming to life and attacking them, it becomes apparent that this boat is in fact a young woman with whom a priest of a Wind power fell in love. Jealous and angry with her for taking their servant from them, this power cursed the woman by turning her into a boat. They calm the confused and upset girl somewhat by telling her that once their mission is over they'll save her.

They arrive at an island of dehydrated water, covered in breaking chains which seemed to be holding it down beneath the ocean. Fending off inverse bubbles and lengths of chain, the pair reach the heart of the island where a Bound One called He Who Thirsts For Dust has begun to break loose after the surrounding waters were upset by the Shattered Isle's appearance. Thomas fights off its servants whilst Olar conducts a ritual to restore the bindings and drag the island back down, returning it to water. The pair make their escape and return to the Port, where they are attacked by the Broken Guard, apparently with an arrest warrant for them, until de Verlay family guards interfere and escort them to family holdings.

Adventure Consequences:

Thomas and Olar are sneaked out of the Port under cover of darkness whilst the de Verlay family work on smoothing things over there. The boat is returned to the Duke before anything can be done to help her. Duke Karl denies sending the Broken Guard to arrest the pair, and the warrant they hold is shown to be forged, though the de Verlays take this to be an attempt at covering up a d'Artois plot aimed at a bodyguard who usually serves them, and tensions between the families remain high. Returning to the White City, Olar and Thomas report to the Cloistered Brethren who thank them for dealing with the issue. Thomas is added to the list of embassy members the Brethren can rely on, and later also receives 50 Hexa for his services.

Finality of the Bodach

Run by David on 1st October 2011


Athol (Dan), Galana (Ellie W), Favian (Iain), THAT DOG (Oliver), "Markus" (Elliot), Rowatt (Jon)

Mission Brief

The final Rose petals fall from the Black Flowers in the Ash Priests’ Gardens. The Garden Lords’ followers feel the Grey Lord’s passing, and the Grey Knave , the Bodach Girl’s spirit filling her place. She mouthes a sad message in the dust: “The Bodach End. The Bodach Die.”

Breezes blow from all four compass points, brass cockerels spinning with wild abandon. A White Dog is seen at the City’s Southern Watchtower, waiting patiently, waiting for the story to end. Far South, a Storm gathers…

Even in the back alleys, the drunken hush of bars and the maddened writings of scribes, scholars of Glass speak of great and terrible visions. A great crystal branch shattering. hands like glassen sickles reaching into Earth and tearing the Garden down, deeper down into the broken madness. A cowled man, scythe in hand, writhing in pain and guilt and insanity. Something is about to break…

The Churches tell their Priests. The rumours spread in bars. Rosalind Vermili is recruiting a final strike against the encamped Hakardi. There is a plan to be discussed…

In his room, the Autocrat stares out at the Garden States, and counts the Black Bonfires, The Named Citizens… the Glassy teeth that protrude from the ground. He knows it all ends soon.

Autumn approaches.

Adventure Consequences

  • The Broken Gardener is destroyed, his feeble body trounced by Rowatt as the Vitriarch attempted to flee. Nothing remains of his body or soul.
  • The Petrified Orchard, The Realm of The Gardener, is destroyed, and fell into the Shattered Plain.
  • Fenrah, The Autocrat is dead, his body turned to galss and his spirit destroyed by The Gardener.
  • The Hakardi are no more. They ahve the potential to be recreated, but there are currently none existant.
  • 200 Bodach survive in The Garden Lands. Much stronger attempts at diplomacy between The White City & The Bodach are underway.
  • Bodach are currently the only Ashen species able to die of Mortality (Except Humans…ish… well, you know). As Such, with The Lord Of Grey Roses absent, Youshe, The Autocrat's Daughter, stands as “Knave Of Grey Roses”.
  • The Giant Volcano-Propelled Monolith that was in the Garden Lands is now removed and lies broken in The Shattered Plain.
  • The Value & The Shape, a minor Bound One, is free & unbound in The Shattered Plain…

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fishmen

Run by Dave Holley on 8th October 2011


Gavin (Dave Ha), Edric di Ludovici (James I), Brother Benoit (Dom), Aldrick the Emissary??? (Julian), Sonea Rake (Ellie H)

Adventure Summary

Sent out by Duke Karl along with one of his men, the party arrive on one of the Breathing Isles to find the cult of the Drowned Princess vitrified and cut to pieces in their own temple. A storm is brewing, and the party leave to the last known location of a recently-sunk merchant vessel whilst they still can.

Crafting a makeshift submarine to steady their descent, they plunge into the depths and eventually arrive at the wreck where they are interrogated by the Lord of the Deeps, who charges them - being surface dwellers - to fix the taint of glass which is slowly overtaking his children. Accompanied by an Axolotl guide they make their way towards what appears to be the source of the incursion - the recently-raised Shattered Isle.

There the party find a large chunk of glass, hewn from the side of the island, in the centre of an Axolotl village - the inhabitants of which have gone quite mad. With quick thinking, ingenuity, and not a little Blood, they float the glass boulder to the surface and standing atop it attempt to hack it to pieces.

As they do so, they are set upon by splinter men and a maniacally cackling figure riding a shark and casting glass magic; her name is immediately apparent as Juliet Velasquez. Unfortunately for the party the splinter men slice through their already-damaged armour with ease and the glass sorcerer is only brought down at the cost of three of their number - the Wind mage Brother Benoit cut to ribbons, [Julian's character - sorry, I don't have a note of his name] bleeding to death, and Sonea turned into a glass statue. Only Edric and Gavin remain, exhausted by their ordeal.

The Lord of the Deeps appears to them, praising them for their efforts, and passes on his blessing [see below], before healing them and then sending a group of Axolotl to lead them back to civilisation.

Adventure Consequences

The big picture: the Axolotl are now holding their own in the fight against the corruption of the Shattered Isle and are now more aware of the surface dwellers. There is a marked decrease in the sinking of ships crossing the Mirror Sea, and Axolotl have occasionally made contact with those brave (or stupid) enough to dive into the ocean. The Drowned Princess is now less angry and the storm that was about to ravage the south has abated for now.

Edric sits with Gavin and they discuss Gavin's inadvertent necromancy at length; in the end Gavin allows Edric to bestow the “blessing” of the Light and remove his eyes. Gavin is now totally blind.

After receiving their payment for the job, Edric and Gavin seek out Anomander Rake to inform him of the death of his sister. Gavin writes a letter to the De Almedia family to inform them of the death of one of their number at the hands of a Velasquez. They discuss redemption further, and Edric leads Gavin to Crossroads, where he presents himself to the Temple of the Garden Lords at midnight, under a starry sky, for whatever trial of redemption may present itself. Edric returns to the White City where he enquires further about redemption at the Temple to the Burned Lords before heading home to the Temple of the Light.

The Palace of Night

Run by Julian on 15th October 2011


Roark Velasquez (Oliver), Akmenos (Elliot), Kelson (Dom), Olar (James G)

Mission Brief

Five hundred years ago, there arose in the west a mighty lord known as the Night King. He defied the gods themselves, smashing their temples, and driving his followers to worship him as a living god. For his crimes, the gods banded together and cursed him, although the manner of that curse is now nothing more than legend. It is said that somewhere within the Western Forest lies his old palace, and that it is filled with the looted treasures of his reign. Many have searched for it, but none have ever returned… Recently, a poster has gone up around the city, signed by a Master Griswald of the Cloistered Brethren of Chains. He seeks adventurers to find the palace and recover from within items that are of interest to him. Pay is 20hx a head, plus whatever other items can be carried off from the palace.

Adventure Summary

  • The party journey to the Palace of Night
  • They defeat the Night King and end his curse.
  • The blood powers angry at them, set the wild hunt upon them.

Adventure Consequences

The PCs return to the Cloistered Brethren with the Destroyer of Faith, and hand it over for their reward - 20hx each.

Each PC also collected 100hx in horribly accursed coins from the treasury of the palace, apart from Rourke who for once did not loot everything in sight (just most things). The coins are not standard hexa, and so are distinguishable, but there is no particular reason to think they are cursed (at first at least - I leave it to each PC to decide when or if they notice the coins are cursed). Anything bought with the coins turns out to be useless or even counter-productive, no matter how attractive a proposition it appears to be at first. Superior or even masterwork items will turn out to be subject to a hidden flaw which makes them substandard. Potions will not do what it says on the bottle. Anyone hired with the money will betray his employer. Gifts of the money will not be appreciated or even taken as an insult, and so on. This applies even if only part of the purchase is made with the money. If someone wants to buy Wealth with the money, it could be a good jumping off point for an adventure where you try to cope with the consequences of your accursed purchases and keep the wealth level. The coins always curse those who spend them, so passing them on passes on the curse, in effect.

For Whom the Road Tolls

Run by Oliver on 22nd October 2011


Prince Ashura (Vicky), Misa(Iain),Saruda (Adam), Lucinda(Ellie H), Baran(Marco)

Mission Brief:

Over the past few days there has been a noticeable decline in the number of merchants passing through the White City's gates. In particular, few merchant caravans from the Port of Glass have been arriving. Those that have were covered in merchants with looks of fear in their eyes…some of them muttering about problems along the Long Road, the magically created byway that runs from the White City to the Port of Glass. If this trend continues the effect on the city's economy could be disastrous.

The Fairweather Company, a trading group with considerable clout and particular interest in the roads that run to and from the White City, has put out a call for skilled individuals willing to investigate certain 'barriers to trade' along the Long Road.

Adventure Summary:

  • Passage along the Long Road is blocked by manifestations of the Black Flame that demand a toll.
  • Various merchants have paid the toll but the price has turned out to be higher than they expected.
  • The party are sent by the Fairweather company to solve the problem and rescue the Chief engineer of the company.

Adventure Consequences:

The party trace the source of the problems on the road to the ruins of Itkovian's watchtower along the Long Road. It seems that Dagny Cristofori, the Fairweather company's chief engineer, attempted to replicate the magical creation of the Long Road. In doing so she turned to the power of the Black Flame but she became obsessed and her ambition consumed her, so she became a Tender of the Flame driven to feed the Flame to create her road. The party destroy her and in doing so end the creation of the new road she was attempting, but also the tolls she was collecting to fuel it. As the Tender dies a burning coal falls from where it stood. The party try to find a way to contain the burning ember but it seems that it burns everything except flesh…so Misa picks it up. As he does so his mind is assailed by Dagny Cristofori's obsessed spirit and he is only just saved from annihilation by the intervention of Lucinda. Still the experience leaves him marked, with the black coal burnt into the palm of his hand.

The party return to the White City to find the merchant caravans once again moving along the road. They return with reports to the Fairweather company and High Guard who are both pleased. They are each given a 35hexa reward and the assurances of the good will of the Fairweather Company. Misa and Prince Ashura have an exciting adventure at the Port Embassy after discovering Roark Velasquez's shady past and Saruda throws a lavish party. Lucinda tells the brotherhood about her adventure and warns them about the presence of easterners…though she does report that they don't seem to be name cultists.

Fire and Faith

Run by Chaos on 29th October 2011


Someone Else/Roark Velasquez (Oliver), Stephano De Courci (Julian), Sereth (Dave Harper), Taggart (Joe), Mr. Black (Peter)

Mission Brief:

In the less reputable parts of the White City, notices appear overnight, posted in seedy taverns known to attract the less heroic sorts:

“Skilled individuals, who answer to none, required. Meet at the Golden City three days hence. Only those willing to do anything to achieve their goals need heed this call.” The notices are signed only with a stylised flame in white ink.

Adventure Summary:

The party meet in the Golden City, swearing the usual oath to get in, where Roark offers Sereth and Mr. Black payment in Hexa, whilst offering Taggart a replacement eye and Stephano control of his Tender of the Flame once the adventure is over. Wishing to summon and gain power over a manifestation of the Light Roark has heard of, the party need more information, so they attack the Golden City's temple of the Light. Sereth uses a Rattle Prince-aligned Air After Storms on the temple. Gaining power over Bragdall Courtesair's spirit with Necromancy, Stephano learns some of the information they need and the rest is discovered by Taggart whilst looking around: to summon the manifestation, known as Transcendence, a specific ritual must be carried out at an old temple in the Plains, but only by one who is “untarnished” in the eyes of the Light. Only one such person is known of, a hermit called Lucius the Ever Ascended.

The party flee the city, taking the remains of Bragdall with them so that they can destroy him with a Necromantic ritual when they get a quiet moment. As they do so, Christina de Velland discovers that they have taken Bragdall and makes a sacrifice to the Flame to return her City's servant to her. Roark learns of this and attempts to make a counter-sacrifice, but thanks to Mr. Black's ruthless killing of those they meet on the way is just unable to meet the required number of lives in payment. As such, when they go to do the ritual they find only small ashy remains which quickly boil away in Black Flame.

Heading to where Lucius is believed to be, Roark speaks to him and it becomes quickly apparent that he is not willing to help them, and a rough approach is unlikely to help as he must remain untarnished. The Flame provides a solution, however: a ritual resembling the old spell Moths to the Flame, whereby good relations, owed favours and servitude may be sacrificed to bring Lucius onto their side. The party travel the area, finding people to help to win their favour. Whilst fighting a named monstrosity which has escaped the City of Chains and is attacking a nearby village Taggart is consumed. However, his narcotics somehow to save his spirit from being swallowed by fear as he is too busy being totally high and he is left drifting until brought back by the Tender of the Flame, sent by Roark to retrieve him.

Moving on, the party meet some Cloistered Brethren who are assailed by a large group of Chain Wraiths, but run instead of stopping to help them. As they run from the City of Chains there are crashing sounds and links of chain fly through the air away from the city. The party ignore this and carry on with their mission. When they are unable to find any more people to help, they stage an attack on a village by Mr. Black and Sereth where the rest of the party play the heroes and rush in and save the day. In the process Sereth uses Air After Storms again. Once they have enough favour earned Roark carries out the Flame ritual, using an Anti-Name potion to suppress the effects of his naming. It is successful and Lucius accompanies them to the temple, which is now slightly ruined.

The party find a large chamber within the temple which is suitable for the ritual and it is carried out. The chamber then seems to rise into the air to become the upper level of a tower made of Light, rising from the ruins. As it does so Sereth once again uses Air After Storms. At the height of the ritual Lucius explodes in a more violent version of Pass Beyond and in his place Transcendence appears. The party subdue its physical form, whereupon it assails their minds, but with the help of the Flame it is defeated and Roark takes what it is reduced to and draws it into his heart, sacrificing his humanity in the process, burning away his naming and becoming a searing mass of white flame. As the ritual completes Stephano commends Mr. Black to ash, but fails to stop the latter's spirit from possessing him and making him stab himself in the heart. Fortunately for the Condemned By Ash Necromancer this isn't fatal.

Adventure Consequences:

As Stephano lies bleeding on the ground, Roark tells the Tender of the Flame that he is its new master. The tower fades and the chamber returns to the ground. Roark uses Name magic to restore Taggart's eye and pays Sereth the 70 Hexa promised. He doesn't pay Mr. Black, who is now either a pile of ash or on the floor in Stephano's body as it's too busy bleeding, depending on your outlook on life. He stays behind in the ruins of the temple to try to convert those who pass by to his crazy doctrine of the individual and generally bide his time. He is no longer named Someone Else and is once more Roark Velasquez, and now also has the part of the Light which set it apart as something alien and above mortals within him. As such, the Dream power Divinity now wanders his dreams, and he is the closest thing the Black Flame has to a god and would make an potent sacrifice for one seeking to, say, create a new Black Flame god through sacrifices.

Stephano is taken by Sereth and Taggart back to the White City, where Taggart tells Sereth that he'll use his connections to get a decent reward what with the bounty on the Necromancer's head and all. Instead of turning him in, however, Taggart lets him go and gives Sereth 200 Hexa, claiming that was half of the reward he was able to procure. By selling the various statues and the like recovered from the temple, the pair gain a further 150 Hexa each.

Sereth subsequently has a dream in which he sees what could well be the Rattle Prince, who tells him that he is pleased with his efforts. It seems that he has earned the favour of his god, whether this can be regarded as a good thing or not.

Taggart reports to the Low Guard, telling them of various things that he “happened to see on his travels” and that he thinks Roark is responsible. The woman he gives the report to tells him that this information is appreciated, though she hopes that if he is going to take holidays in dangerous places in future he should write home more often, and try to avoid getting involved in things if he's just there for sightseeing. Though these words carry a harsh edge, it seems that he has genuinely earned some favour with the Low Guard, which may go some way towards eventually being able to buy Clout: Low Guard as one of their less conventional operatives. A few days later Taggart discovers some side-effects to his experience with the named monstrosity. In particular, his fears and his narcotic highs are now somehow linked, and whilst high he may suddenly be overcome with sheer terror (mostly a role-playing thing, but may have other effects at GM discretion). Equally, however, where he would normally be afraid he instead now experiences a narcotic high. This is just as distracting as the fear would otherwise be, but he no longer feels afraid.

Somewhere outside of the city, a small dusting of ash fallen from somebody as they passed by seems to melt into a strange black ooze, which grows and expands, consuming and feeding off nearby crops and the odd small child until it has grown enough to take the shape of Mr. Black. His body is now made entirely of the strange living entity that is his armour, and he has only armour hits instead of body hits. Whilst he appears human, if cut instead of blood there will only be a strange black ooze visible until it heals. He can wear clothes, but these are slowly absorbed over the course of a couple of weeks or so, and so he will need to carry plenty of spares (at a cost of 1 Hexa per adventure in which he wishes to remain clothed). His armour hits are equal to what his body hits would be based on his current toughness, and falling to zero or negative hits works as per body hits. Regular through damage has no effect, though he can still be affected by Blood magic. As the armour did before, he automatically regenerates and heals a Global Single's worth of damage at the end of every encounter.

The party have all (except Roark) sworn an oath on the Flame that “the lands of the Golden City belong to the protectoress”, but they are all wanted within the Golden City after their attack. The temple of the Light there has taken something of a hit, though Bragdall Courtesair has returned and set about restoring it. It has, however, been affected with the Rattle Prince's Air After Storms, though how this will manifest is yet to be seen.

A number of things have got loose within the City of Chains after a number of relatively powerful Cloistered Brethren members were possessed and started messing things up there. The Cloistered Brethren have had their work cut out dealing with this since it happened, and the lands around the Battlefields and the City of Chains are now plagued with more named monstrosities than usual and are more dangerous than ever. Furthermore, it is feared that a number of Bound Ones hitherto well contained within the City have now begun to break free of their bindings.

The Light is without that which sets it apart as something alien and above mortals. Though it is no less powerful or divine, it now feels somehow more down-to-earth and less otherworldly than it once did. Just as the sun is a part of the natural world, so those who worship the Light begin to appreciate the warmth of bathing in its glory. An interesting side-effect of this is that Light magic no longer counts as “unnatural” in the eyes of the Burned Lords, and thus damage from it can not be undone with Forestall the Pyre in its Ordained variant. In addition to this, however, there is now something else there, where the part of the Light that was stolen once was, the beginnings of a hint of betrayal and distrust. Though most who worship the Light are fervent enough in their beliefs that it is something they can easily ignore, the seeds of doubt have been sown.

And somewhere, a plain-looking man in a plain-looking hat laughs.

City of the Damned Part VI: The Revelation of Ateus

Run by Vicky on 5th November 2011


Damien (Michael), Kite Bravo (Harry), Walter (Tim), Edric di Ludovici (James I), Koreck (James G), Azorth (Elliot)

Mission Brief:

Seeking a way to defeat the Golden City, Lady Regent Sasha De Courci hires a group of adventurers to find a dream of the future of the conflict between the two cities from the dream-dragon, Ateus.


  • After fighting past snowriders and dreams of their possible future selves the party find Ateus, who is willing to grant their request.
  • The party see a dream of Thier Cristofori going to fight the champion of the Golden City. He does not return.
  • Several years seem to pass and the party find themselve in the court of Eleanor De Courci, who is now the governess. There is a scarred man at her side. She sends them to gather chains from a construct in the western forest so that she might bind the Black Flame.
  • The party find the construct and gather chains but in doing so a number of their party are swallowed by it. In freeing them they weaken its integrity and the ground becomes unsteady.
  • The party return the chains to Eleanor but later learn she has been slain when a number of her own courtiers turned on her. The scarred man was killed by an entity of the Black Flame, which spoke something to him as he died.
  • A necromantic ritual raises all the dead on the battlefield, which overwhelm the White City.
  • The party see Sasha De Courci cut down by arrows and Faragmas rises in the south, sparking a massive volcanic eruption and a rain of fire from the sky.
  • The party fight more Golden City soldiers.
  • A great being of black flame rises in the Golden City to fight Faragmas.
  • The party are badly wounded fighting sparks of Black Flame.
  • The party encounter Christina de Velland and her entourage. All but Azorth are killed.

Adventure Consequences:

Those of the party who were killed in the dreamscape awake to find themselves in the company of the Thirteenth Sleeper. It/ They are vaguely cryptic and annoying at the party before deciding to enter Azorth's dream. Azorth meanwhile has survived the massacre by concealing himself in a bush. Around him he sees a world fallen to carnage and flame, with no sign of anyone else left alive. The Thirteenth Sleeper appears before him and tells him that they have seen this future once before. The ground begins to shake and the world, unbalanced by a combination of damage to the chain device in the western forest that was acting as a counterbalance and the enormous volcanic eruption in the south, begins to tumble off its axis. He watches as fire and earth rolls past his vision, desperately clinging to the bush. Eventually that gives out and he is flung over the edge. Time seems to behave strangely, such that he can not be sure whether it has been hours or mere seconds that have passed. He falls past the stars into a seemingly endless blackness. The he awakes.

The party ask the Thirteenth sleeper to lead them back to Ateus. They thank her for her help and ask if she has any message for the Regent, to which she responds only that she hopes the future can be changed. They return to the White City and deliver a full report to Lady Sasha. Their main recommendations are as follows:

Something may go wrong in the duel of Champions. The White City should ensure that this duel happens on their terms. This may include being the first to issue the challenge. At some point in the future the Shining Order may be infiltrated by the cult of the Rattle Prince, which will lead to them turning on their own side.

  • The Cloistered Brethren seemed to remain loyal.
  • A number of the courtiers turned on the Governess in the future, which means extra vigilance must be maintained to prevent Golden City infiltration.
  • Christina herself might not be the main threat.
  • Young Toquell seemed to remain loyal to the Governess.
  • The plan to bind the Black Flame might need to be enacted sooner than it was in the vision.
  • There is a necromancer in the Golden City who contributed in a large way to the fall of the White City. A pre-emptive assassination would eliminate that threat.

Sasha pays the party for their work and they pass on Ateus's message to her. After this Edric goes to warn the Shining Order of the dangers of Rattle Prince infiltration, which they promise to investigate. Korek goes for a drink with Atthol and tells him what he has seen (sort out between yourselves what you are divulging). Kite finds his cousin Falcon and warns him of the danger of falling masonary, having been told in the future that this was how he died. Falcon confides that this is a possibility he has always feared before dodging a block falling from one of the college's buildings.

Cats in the Cradle

Run by David on 12th November 2011


Prince Ashura (Vicky), Misa(Iain),Saruda (Adam), Damien (Michael), Kite Bravo (Harry), Walter (Tim)

Mission Brief:

Night-watchers gather to see the return of Sythyss' Star, a travelling star only discovered a year-ago, some say a Power Of Dream. The Children cheer as they see it pass over head… and descend once more into the dark horizon. Some swear it fell before the dark shadows, a suddenly scale-less light falling into the city's old Merchantile District. But none heeded or cared… until the morning came…


Everyone's curiosity is piqued, but not their daring. And night falls once more before answer… And amongst the commotion, the streetlifers, the despondent & the vagrants could have sworn there were a lot of cats around…


Adventure Consequences:

* The Merchantile Quarter is still well weird

  • All 6 Children were rescued. Rudger happily pays an extra 20 Hx each.
  • Misa, after everyone else (bar Daimon) failed, destroyed The Knave Of Stars, the Queen Of Stars' agent & child-napper.
  • Kite accepted the gentle loving embrace of Curiosity, a Dream Power linked both to the White City & the shadowcats in everyone's eyes. He feels her curiosity may begin to sate, and she may be smitten with him…
  • Relations between the Eastern Embassy & the Bravo Family are very good. Both now sport banners big enough to block off the view of the Shining Order.
  • The Starchild of Night & Innocence has been named Secrecy. Once she is matured, she will govern over that purview.

Forging the Chain of Starmetal

Run by Dan on the 19th November 2011


James Warver (Dave H), Leonardo Velasquez (Gareth), Roark Velasquez (Oliver), Elena (Ellie H), Holly March(Anna-Marie)

Mission Brief:

James Warver seeks to forge the Star metal chain.


  • The Party visit the City of Chains and the City of Flame to forge the magical chain
  • It is fixed within Leonardo's dream palace, within a dream of the Namer 'The Walker in the Hollow places'.

Adventure Consequences:

In the aftermath of the adventure, the party find themselves in Leonardo Velasquez’s dream palace, any evidence of the Bound One they were within now gone. Further study into the chain reveals that it’s presence around others chains causes them to become hollow and ethereal. The chain would undoubtedly make any attempt to release the bound ones substantially easier.

Several weeks later, the Cloistered Bretheren find the bodies of two of their number tied up and starved to death in the center of the city of chains. The only clue to the perpetrator a note saying “I did it for your own good. -James Warver”.

The Walker in Hollow Places has been released and is free in the world, although as of yet nothing more has been heard.

The fragments of Leonardo’s personality that were unintentionally bound when he bound the Walker in Hollow Places have also been freed, and those that know him well comment that he appears livelier than he has for months.

In the realm of Dishonour, a strange presence is being felt. Some of the residents have become quite proactive in the pursuit of honesty, while others have become convinced that there are even greater pursuits of dishonesty to be found beyond dishonours borders.

Freeform: Cracked Hearts and Coronets

Run by Oliver on the 19th of November 2011


The Velasquez family are holding a grand pageant to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the family's ascension to one of the great houses of the White City. A huge celebration is being held in Duke Nerino's southerly estate and the Duke has invited anyone of note in the City. At the culmination of the festivities the Duke himself shall be celebrating his families name through the dispensation of many gifts and favours to his vassals.

The wide publicity has meant that invitations have been liberally circulating in the underground and there are rumours even King Eric will attend in disguise. The Duke does not appear to have discouraged this (presumably since he favours influence in both refined and nefarious circles) but has made it clear that 'protections' will be in place to ensure his guests' safety.


At the very apex of his grand pageant Duke Nerino is assassinated in front the assembled nobility of the White City; collapsing to the floor, a necromantic blade protruding from his chest. The pageant is sealed and some of those in attendance begin to unravel the crime after the Duke's son offers a vast reward. There are many suspects for the Duke had many powerful enemies but some key facts emerge.

It is determined that the Duke was slain after the assassin struck from the burned realm directly into the Duke's heart.

As the pageant site is searched two key bits of evidence are uncovered. Firstly a faceless corpse, recently deceased, and a shards of a broken mirror. Investigation reveals that something or someone does not want the spirit of this corpse spoken to…those who try encounter the power of very potent glass sorcerer.

As those in attendance are questioned it becomes clear that something is strange about Mistress Fantana, the nurse maid of the De Almedia, not least her vanishing allergy to dogs. Koreck guesses the truth and slips an anti-glass potion into her wine unseen. As she drinks her face cracks and melts away revealing a harder, crueller visage. With terrifying speed she put a knife to Koreck's neck but is quickly disarmed. Rather than be taken alive she commends herself to ash but not before shouting 'Long live the true ruler of house Velasquez!”

After interventions by Toquell Velasquez and Leonardo Velasquez the spirit reveals that she serves the rightful ruler of house Velasquez; Duchess Borgia. Even as she speaks some necromantic power begins to draw her spirit away but Leonardo pursues and follows the spirit to a well appointed town house in the White City. He sees a beautiful young lady conducting a ritual over a fresh corpse into which the spirit is flowing. She looks up with sparkling emerald eyes and then Leonardo is eyes of glassed.

Koreck is rewarded for his unmasking of the culprit and Piera Velasquez grants him the rights to one of the Velasquez's southerly estates, generous indeed.

The murder solved, Leonardo and others set off for the house he glimpsed in the White City. However it is several hours journey and by the time they arrive the house is empty. In the basement they find a largely destroyed necromantic laboratory. The young woman appears to have fled. Elsewhere Toquell and the head of the Velasquez guard travel to Nerino's study to find it unwarded and devoid of anything bar humdrum paperwork…odd.

Some mysteries remain. What became of Nerino's spirit and, as Toquell noticed (for he had seen the chains before), why was one of Nerino's chains a forgery? More importantly what will Borgia do now that her rival is dead? Piera Velasquez is the heir apparent and must shortly take control of the house but with so many cunning sorcerers in the family can a mere warrior hope to remain in power?

Exhibit and Conceal

Run by Iain on 26th November 2011


Edric (James), Kite Bravo (Harry), Lucinda (Ellie), Yoshiro (Dominic).

Mission Brief

Posters can be seen put up on noticeboards around the White City.

“Help Wanted: Competent persons required to assist in the transfer of an exhibit from the Museum of Unnatural History in the Whistful City to the College of a Thousand Arts. Pay is 20 hexa, plus travelling expenses. If interested, report to Professor Cynthia Fleming of the College of a Thousand Arts six days hence.”

The poster bears the signature of Professor Fleming.

Adventure Summary

  • The party visit a strange museum in the Whistful City.

Adventure Consequences

As the dream created by the Poet Immemorial fades, Edric finds his comrades unconscious and waits for them to awaken while casually blasting away bits of the Museum. Once all are conscious, they go back into the Museum briefly to rescue the possessed tourists and return to the inn where Edric “releases the Rosemary Maid into the wild” through judicious application of Purges – something that Kite remains blissfully unaware of.

On the return journey to the White City, Lucinda spends some time exorcising the tourists and is able to bring them back to their senses. Before going to the College, the party decide to take the crown to the Shining Order to see what they think of it. They think it could use a good Refinement and do so while Edric, Kite and Yoshiro hurry to the College to find Professor Fleming.

They find the Professor’s office empty but there’s a muffled sound coming from the cupboard; they investigate and find her tied up. She explains that one of her students, Victor Heim, had assailed her over a month ago and had been stealing her appearance daily since. A description of Heim is distributed to the High Guard and it is discovered that he was last seen heading South…

Kite Bravo escorts the tourists back to their homes – one is a De Courci and one a Cristofori – they are very grateful and he finds himself invited to all the best parties for the next couple of weeks. He also introduces Yoshiro to the Cristoforis and gets him offered a job as a retainer to the family.

Kite and Edric make a full report to the Shining Order while Lucinda makes a considerably fuller report to the Cloistered Brethren which lasts 4 hours.

Yoshiro, Kite and Lucinda find that a higher proportion of their dreams seem to be about their past, in particular their childhoods and that when dreaming, their representation of themselves tends to be that of them at a younger age.

The Curse of Shattered Isle Part 3: A Tainted World

Run by Chaos on 3rd December 2011


Athol Dewar (Dan A), Azorth (Elliott), Edward Holtz (Joe), Kite Bravo (Harry)

Mission Brief:

Fiora Ricci of the temple of the Prince of Storms puts out a call for scholars and adventurers to join another investigative mission into the island of Glass known as Shattered Isle, this time to learn more about the island and its history. The notices that appear around the White City indicate that this mission is once again sponsored by both the temple of Storms and the Shining Order, and point out for those concerned for their sanity that the mission as planned does not involve travel to anywhere near the island itself. Interested parties are asked to meet at the temple in two days, with payment of 15 Hexa per head offered.

Adventure Summary:

The party are briefed by Fiora who tells them that the College have a potential cure for the horrible taint the creatures of the Shattered Isle bring, though it's untested. Saying that they shall investigate in the Port of Glass, she tells them to meet her there. Holtz visits the college and obtains the recipe for the cure before going. Once they reach the Port, they are immediately called before Duke Karl who somehow knows about their mission and the cure, who offers them help and his support in their investigation if they provide the details of the cure and report back to him on whatever they find. Agreeing to this offer, the party take the details to Captain Marietta D'Artois as instructed, who then tells them that there is apparently a scholar with an interest in the island in the Southern part of the Western Forest.

The party travel to investigate and find Enturis Aruk, a scholar and Name sorcerer from the Empire of the Unbound, and his entourage. In exchange for dealing with some spiders guarding a variety of Silkflower and saving him the trouble he shows them how this particular variety of the herb can be refined into a cure for paralysing venom and offers to talk about the island with them. Through a demonstration with a named sheet of glass, he explains how corruption is like a crack that spreads through creation, and that once formed it takes little for it to spread further. He tells them that the island is believed to be the result of a failed attempt to repair the corruption of Glass in the world by ancient Name worshippers. When he explains his interest in studying great works of creation, Holtz invites him to visit the college and Athol leaves him some dark glasses and a key to his bar in the White City.

Returning to the Port, the party give a watered down report of what they found out to Marietta and a more thorough report to Fiora, missing out the part about the scholar being a Name sorcerer that they've invited back to the White City. They are given another lead: a priest of the Princess of Stories said to hang out in Nancy's Harbourside Tavern who has been claiming to have told a story relating to the Isle shortly before it appeared. They go there and find someone telling them that their story may continue at a particular temple in the Breathing Isles. Travelling to this temple and gaining entry by telling their own stories, they find themselves in a reconstruction of the past, where Name sorcerers are trying to create something with a ritual which will repair the corruption of Glass. They use their magic to fix Athol's missing hand and to give him a new eye, with him commending his glassy one to ash. During the ritual some of them Soul-Shatter and the creation is tainted and instead starts spreading corruption. As a last-ditch effort the remaining Name sorcerers perform another ritual to seal away the creation in smaller crystals. The party then see time pass, and the Riven Jester appears, sending the crystals flying away and scattering them before attacking. They fend off the Jester and the vision ends, returning them to the temple. As they leave, Atholl's new eye and hand fade, disappearing completely by the time they reach the boat.

On the return journey whilst stopping off on a small island the party are attacked by a swarm of large, angry seagulls which bring down Kite. Holtz rushes over and uses Forestall the Pyre, the Necromantic use to heal natural damage attracting the attention of the Burned Lords who have already taken a slight interest in the mission. A Burned Gate opens and some Ashen Guardians emerge, demanding to know why Kite is still alive and who is responsible. When nobody admits to it, the Guardians take Kite with them back to the Burned Realm, and Athol follows. The remaining members of the party travel with Fiora back to the Port.

Adventure Consequences:

In the Burned Realm, Kite and Athol are brought before two senior Ashen Guardians. One serves the Lord of the Tower of Heroes and the other is the servant of the Lord of the Faithful Athol has encountered before. They demand an explanation for what happened, and when it becomes apparent that Necromancy was used by another member of the party Athol takes full responsibility and is chastised for not acting as a dutiful Ash priest should. They say that he should by all counts die for his failures, but in a rare moment of mercy decide that he may still show himself worthy to live in the Burned Lords' service (-1 Luck). His missing eye is replaced with a grey, ashy one which when looked through shows a dark ashy cloud hovering over anything Necromantic in nature or anyone who has used Necromancy in the last couple of hours. He is given a clear task: that anything judged to be Necromantic must be destroyed. Seeing Kite with this ash over him he immediately lays into him, though the Ashen Guardians shortly call this to stop. Kite is lifted of his Necromantic status in this instance, and is told that were he to die he would not be welcomed in the Tower of Heroes yet, and should show more heroism if he ever wishes to be. The two are sent back to the world of the living, where they emerge from a Burned Gate somewhere to one side of the Port of Glass. Kite writes a letter to Duke Karl summarising his thoughts on his hospitality and Athol promises to send it in the right direction, approaching the gate guards and talking to them for a bit, but actually just commending the letter to ash.

Meanwhile, once the ship lands in the Port, the remaining pair are brought back to Marietta D'Artois and again give a watered down report. Holtz then runs off into the wilderness and isn't heard from again whilst the others make their way back to the White City. From the various reports the interested parties in the White City now know that Shattered Isle is the result of a Name ritual by Name worshippers of old to create something that would repair the corruption caused by Glass, which was sabotaged by Glass cultists and instead became something which spreads the corruption further. It was sealed away in smaller crystals which were then scattered by the Riven Jester, who seems to have been responsible for leading a group of people to it recently, causing the crystals to be brought together and the island to return. However, Duke Karl is also aware of this information, and has information on the cure for the taint spread by creatures of the island. What he intends to do with these remains uncertain. Fiora pays Azorth the remaining 10 Hexa for completing the mission, and when Kite and Athol eventually turn up is quite happy to pay them the remainder of the 15 Hexa they are each owed.

Athol returns to his bar to find Enturis Aruk making himself comfortable. He and his lover have occupied one of the rooms, whilst another has been broken into and locked shut with chains by his sister. The remainder of his party do not seem to be around. He tells Athol some more about the Bound One he worships, the Realisation of Focus, associated with the creation and appreciation of masterworks, and explains his mission to seek out and study all of the masterworks and pinnacles of mortal creation that he may as part of his worship. In exchange for giving him somewhere to stay he offers to teach Athol more of the powers of creation and their history (he may now buy Arcane Lore: Name). In the coming weeks there is tell of a band of relatively unimportant civilian travellers from the far West visiting the City and trading exotic goods, though Enturis, his lover and his sister themselves maintain a low profile and are generally not heard of for the time being.

For Great Justice

Run by Oliver on 10th December 2011


Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos), Gustav Yoma (James I), Theodore Luxfrey (Dave Ha), Beornwulf Oakfast (Dom)

Mission Brief:

Kyre Wordsmith seeks to become one of the old powers.

Adventure Summary

  • The party attempt to kill the High Priests of each of the Vitriarchs upon the Isle of Broken moon.
  • In the proces they slaughter their way through a great deal of the Broken guard.

Adventure Consequences

The party set out for the Isle of Broken moon to wage war against the Vitriarchs. They are stopped only briefly by Silvo Cristofori who has been sent to arrest Kyre and Gustav. He warns Beornwulf and Theodore of the grave consequences should they side with the traitors. They refuse to aid in the arrest and he attacks but is only subdued by the party.

They set off. At the isle of Broken moon they fight through Duke Karl’s men and begin to slaughter the cultists of the mad gods. It seems however that consuming the power of an entire Pantheon is no trivial thing and the lords of madness send their power against the party. More importantly it seems that the High Priest of the Master complete has divined Kyre’s intent and rather than allow the power of the Vitriarch’s to be consumed has been killing their High Priests himself. The party confront him and cut him down.

As they do Duke Karl’s army upon the isle forms up around them, but rather than flee the party make war with them; cutting through soldiers in their hundreds. As the air turns red with blood Gustav calls forth the Lady of Battles into the carnage. Kyre demands his duel to prove the justness of his cause and she readily agrees. They duel and Kyre triumphs as the Lady of Battles acknowledges his right to call himself a God. He names himself the Lord of Justice and the void left by his destroyed humanity is now filled with the ancient power of blood that flows through the arteries of the world. He has transcended to be more, to be a God.

The Isle of Broken lies in ruins but it still tainted by the power of glass. Gustav seeing that he may win a great victory over the Vitriarchs sacrifices himself, calling forth the Old Powers to forever cleanse the Isle of the Lord of Madnesses’ powers. As his blood flows into the soil the world itself seems to quake as the old powers arise as one for the first time in Millenia. A titantic vulpine form of the Lord of the pack springs from the depths of the earth to tear the temple of the faceless lord asunder. A vast forested hand of the Verdant lord obliterates the glassy plain upon which the temple of the Riven Jester stood, leaving only forest in its wake. While, overhead the King of the Eagles’ great wings buffet the Bride’s temple into dust and a massive serpentine form swallows Duke Karl’s summer residence whole. The ground beneath Gustav’s corpse ruptures and a glorious figure in silver armour spears from the earth. The Lady, once more unharmed, arises, her huge hand cradles Gustav’s corpse and then crushes him. As he bursts a tidal wave of blood sweeps across the Isle, purifying it of the metaphysical influence of the Vitriarchs. As the blood seeps away the party see that the Isle is now a lush, forested paradise; green and pure, free of any unnatural taint.

The Lord of Justice, Beornwulf and Theodore leave the Isle. Arriving back on the coast near the Port of Glass where Beornwulf’s men inform him that he and Theodore are wanted men; traitors to the White City to be executed on sight.

Duke Karl, seeing these events as an attack by White City adventurers on the powers of the glass and his Dukedom, has severed relations with the White City, publicly executing some its ambassadors. Recalling his forces from his lands (of which he seems to have rather more than people suspected) he has asked for an alliance with the Golden City.

Beornwulf and Theodore flee to the North. The Lord of Justice sets out to take his place among the powers of blood. It will be many centuries before he can truly be called an old power but where once he was an abomination now he is part of the natural order of the world.

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