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Adventure Summaries (2010)

Rebels in the East" Part 1: "On the field of Battle"

Run by Rob & Fed on 23rd January 2010


Solomon (Julian), Nathaniel De Almedia (James I),Taggart (Joe W),Sir Hector (Trevor), ??? Velasquez (Oliver), Akmenos (Elliot)

Mission Brief:

In the far east the Dragon Matahadreas has prompted the rebellion of a number of dukedoms who have declared independence from the City of Lights which is ruled over by the King Who Waits. The Grand Alliance of Independent Dukedoms wages war against the forces of the King Who Waits. With the rebellion well under way Matahadreas has withdrawn from the battlefield his part complete. With the war at a stalemate, the rebels have called on their allies in the White City for aid, and with the recent attempt on Rebbecca de Courci's life by eastern assassins, war is declared and a number of noble families have put together troops to seek glory and the spoils of war in the East. A White City army is being put together and sent to the port of sands to rendezvous with the Rebel forces in the East.

Adventure Summary:


Adventure Consequences:

The party successfully took out the command post striking a vital blow against the King Who Waits forces. With the supply lines broken, the forces of the King Who waits were unable to wait out the siege, and shortly after the Rebels took the fortress. Taking the command post had other effects, an order was intercepted that had plans for a strike against the White City Commanders, which if implemented would have cost the lives of a number of important White City generals. Plans where also intercepted detailing the espionage effort of the King Who Waits, agents placed in the various rebel dukedoms to sow discord amounts the allied factions. The Party are rewarded medals for Outstanding Valor in the Face of the Eastern Menace, along with a monetary reward that accompanies the medal.

Hector also acquires a fine suit of heavy armor, it is however magical in nature, and if any location is reduced to zero points will take over the wearer, causing the wearer to take orders from people, following orders of a name mage unquestioningly, and from Easterners over people from the White City.

All Along the Watchtower

Run by Vicky on 30th January 2010


Thier Cristofori (James G), Theodore Luxfrey (Dave Harper), Anvil (Joe W), Lee (Ellie)

Mission Brief:

Five days ago a bard walked in to the Black Griffin and played a string of music. Several of the patrons, offering no explanation, got up and walked out of the bar. Meanwhile Silvio Cristofori has been growing increasingly concerned about a number of irregularities centring on the High Guard. An experienced group of adventurers is called upon to meet with Captain Moriyama and to investigate.

Adventure Summary:


Adventure Consequences:

Thier gives the last rites to the bloodied skeleton that was once Kendra Grey. Amongst her bloody remains he uncovers a scrap of skin bearing the Rattle Prince's signature tattoo. With most of Selena's creations destroyed the party return to the White City to find the plague that Kendra released from underneath Itkovian's Watch has taken hold in one of the city's lower quarters. The young and the old are worst hit but Thier's blessing ensures that the plague does not spread beyond the infected area. Both the Temple of the Lord of the Forge and the Temple of the Rose Prince of the North aid the stricken and try to limit the number of deaths (the former by sacrificing the lives of the old for the young). Thier in the meantime seeks out a Priest of the Princess of Monsoons capable of casting Air After Storms on the affected area (this takes some time as her priests are few and far between in the north but he eventually finds one who has come up from the south). As well as cleansing the area this leaves many of the survivours subtly changed, in ways that are mostly but not universally for the better.

Christina de Velland is still at large in the east. Lee's divination shows she still has glass agents in the White City. Although the Low and High Guards manage to track some of them down this task is made quite difficult by the fact that not even all the agents are aware of their nature. OOC: This is a plot hook that people should feel free to play with.

The party report to Silvio Cristofori, who is holed up (seemingly at Arashi's behest) in a safehouse. Satisfied that the threat to the White City and his life has been dealt with he pays the party fifty hexa apiece (Kendra's betrayal he considers regretable but understandably not the party's fault). The party are generally in the High Guard's good books. Thier recommends Lee for a promotion and she may represent this by purchasing clout if she wishes. Shortly afterwards Silvio announces that he will be heading to the Port of Sands to further coordinate the situation in the East.

Rebels in the East 2: Freedom Politics

Run by Rob & Fed on 6th February 2010


Mr Black (Peter), Naomi (Ellie), Akmenos (Elliot), Maximilian (James G), Michael (Dan), Morgock (Rich G)

Mission Brief:

A White City squad bravely operating behind enemy lines has recently uncovered important intelligence. A number of spies working for the King Who Waits have been placed in key positions of new rebel governments and are working at destroying the Alliance of Dukedoms. Now that the Alliance has paused and military operations are delayed until after winter, the King's spies are likely to do their worst. High Captain Silvio Cristofori, now operating out of the Port of Sands, quickly assembles the necessary individuals to put a stop to the King Who Waits' interference.”

Adventure Summary:


Adventure Consequences:

The party, most of them still covered in blood, entrails and the like return to High Captain Silvio to give a full report. The agents working in the Port of Sands are now utterly obliterated, thanks to the timely betrayal by the Port of Glass presence. The cost is not small, however, as Silvio soon petitions together with Agusto de Verlay to allow a Port of Glass representative to join the Merchants Council of the Port of Sands, expanding it to 6 members and a Glass presence. Of course, this also allows for supplies to come in quicker and with less hassle by ship, and the White City force can be easier supplied.

The dukedom of Minai is set to return in force to the battlefield now that spring is arriving and it is rumoured that 'Regent' Sim-Ja will be picked to command and lead the rebel forces. He is, without doubt, a most competent warrior and his leadership will be vicious against the enemy.

Shanghezi is said to have resolved to send a small contingent of warriors, but a far larger commitment in supplies, and a number of Shanghezi tribes, led by their Dream Sorceresses will accompany them.

Bajur has been restored to a sort of equilibrium and the Consul and High Priest have both promised to raise a force to reinforce their units already in the field.

News returns from Arakan (which was not graced by the 'diplomatic' party during the winter) where Hannibal Gasban, one of the principal movers and shakers of the first dukedom to rebel, has been tried for collaborating with the King's agents. They no doubt promised many rewards, and without any other influences Gasban must have snapped. What is to become of him is yet to be decided, but the reigns of power have now fallen into the hands of just one person - Kin Suen.

Silvio has written letters of introduction to one Basil Cristofori of the City of Crossroads, which should enable Mr Black, Maximilian and Michael to at least attempt to… er… allay too much trouble if they are forced to appear there.

Naomi and MorGock are given letters of recommendation by Silvio, and he promises to send a note to Duke Ario also. Their standing with the Cristofori family is much increased.

Papers submitted to the Temple of Ash and the College of 1000 Arts by Naomi are talked of at great length, the methods by which the ashen statues, imbued with spirits of the dead, were created are no doubt highly dangerous. The servants of the King are truly not to be trifled with and the King himself must command great power.

Michael's Dream Palace is at last consecrated - now drawing closer to the service of the Dreams of Rage. Covered in Blood, it is now a very disturbing place, and though one can rest, it is impossible to keep calm, and only the strongest of will can stop themselves from coming to blows or heated arguments while within it. On returning to the White City, Michael donates 20Hx to the Princess of Stories…

Mr Black is commissioned an eye by Silvio to replace the one he lost in the process of completing the mission. It is jet-black, set with a single small white pearl for a pupil. It is incredibly disturbing. Later, he goes to torture some soldier's family (as he cannot find the one who insulted him), bringing them eventually to death, all the while blathering about the great insult to himself…

And in the Port of Sands, an investigator commissioned by the Council of Merchants to investigate the bloody and terrible death wrought on some group of people spends three month puzzling over the case before going mad and throwing herself off the farthest pier…

Fire under the Hill

Run by Ellie on 13th February 2010


Sasha De Courci (Vicky), Gustav Yoma (Jamess I), Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos), Eleress (Dave Harper), Inigo Montoya (Julian)

Mission Brief:

Sasha De Courci and Gustav Yoma are leading a group north into Dream to try and find the Mother of All Serpents believing her to perhaps be residing in dream somewhere.

In unrelated news spring has come to the White City and across the city and its surrounding environs the snakes are beginning to stir. Serpents and lizards in large numbers have been seen moving north towards dream which is causing some consternation amongst the scholars of A Thousand Arts. The great forest seems unusually alive with lizard men crossing the paths of unsuspecting travellers more often than usual and reported sightings of a new flying lizard not recognisable as any of the known dragons is seen over the city of Silk. Deep in the South fishermen report that the volcano of great Faragmas is rumbling…

Adventure Summary:


Adventure Consequences:

About a month after the party leaves for the north, a large volcanic eruption rocks the footfalls of the northern mountains - this is swiftly followed by a giant blizzard that many suspect is due to an angry wind power in the north. A few days later a mighty earthquake rocks the land stretching from the Wistful City down to the White City. The Wistful city suffers major damage and casualties are in the hundreds. The White city suffers less damage but many are still reported dead or missing amongst the rubble. Rebuilding efforts are still underway.

Sasha De Courci, Gustav Yoma, Eleress the weaver, Inigo Montoya and Kyre Wordsmith return from their journey to the north having successfully woken the Mother of All Serpents having successfully lifted the Frost Prince's Curse from her. All travel with her west to the Great Forest where three of her western children, one of her eastern children and her granddaughter all gather to meet her. For those wishing to listen in it's clear that the Mother of All Serpents has a lot of catching up to do but that one thing in the forefront of her mind (and that she's had a lot of time to think about) is getting her revenge upon the Frost Prince. How exactly seems to be up for debate as her years of sleep have generated literally hundreds of possible ideas for her to consider.

Upon their return a few bits of information start to emerge.

Kyre Wordsmith marches into the temple of the Frost Prince as official representative of the Temple to the Lady of battle and declares that any who dares to harm the dragon babe Enshinevrostra will be subject to CONSEQUENCES. (the last emphasised with 'speaks with the voice')

Elias is able to determine a lot about the nature of Aeteas, a being found in dream whose lineage seems to be from the Mother of All Serpents and the dream power Time and therefore may be classed as a new dragon or may not depending on who you talk to. He concludes that it is possible to visit various different points in the timeline of Aeteas by simply moving through the geography of that region of dream that comes under the domain of her father. He also theorises that Aeteas will most probably be unable to leave that region of dream since both her birth and death are contained within it and removing her would almost certainly kill her.

Gustav Yoma does not return immediately to the white city but instead is seen travelling back north in the company of Lethreysis and a number of serpent men.

Inigo Montoya travels back to the white city and begins the process of setting up business in the city - what business he sets up is entirely his own.

Sasha De Courcie returns triumphant to the White City and it is thought that she informs Rebecca De Courcie that the Mother of All Serpents is likely to look favourably upon the White City in the future. Rebecca is not sure what to make of this although it seems she prefers that to the alternative.

A rumour goes around that a threat from the Fifth Sleeper was thwarted in the north and Beornwolf and the Northern Defence League was nowhere to be seen.

Rebels in the East 2.5: War Council

Run by James I on 13th February 2010


Many and Varied

Mission Brief:

Meetings occur in the Black Griffin and De Courci Palace to discuss the War.

Adventure Summary:


Adventure Consequences:

Rebels in the East 3: Whispers of Mortality

Run by by Rob & Fed on 20th February 2010


Sir Ulrych (Peter), Sir Hector (Trevor), Maximilian (James G), Michael Rias (Dan), Orlando (Vicky), Phineas Crabb (JoeW)

Mission Brief:

In the Black Gryphon and other notice boards across the White City, a notice, signed by the very hand of Rebecca De Courci, calls for adventurers to embark upon a great quest. The Princess of Whispers returns to the world and her priest, Sicorious, has come to the White City with the vital information that the goddess knows the story of how the King Who Waits became immortal. Now there is a glimmer of hope, as the King Who Waits may be made mortal again and slain, and the war in the East may come to an end. Rebecca De Courci has asked that a group of adventurers travel to the Breathing Isle, find the Princess of Whispers and learn the whispers of the King's mortality…

Already, the signatures of Sir Ulrich and his faithful husband Orlando Cristofori grace the call for volunteers. Who else will take up the call?

Adventure Summary:


Adventure Consequences:

The adventurers slowly awake from the captivating story to find themselves aboard Crabbe's Kraken hauler moored beside the Breathing Isle. You all realise the meanings and messages of the whispers, the pertinent detail, the main thing you carry away - if the City of Lights was to grow dark and the globes of light extinguished… the King's immortality would go out. A quick check reveals that the statue of the Hushed Princess is still aboard, as are over a dozen monkeys and assorted loot. How much did they really do and how much did the Princess of Whispers conjure?

They quickly return to port and the White City to report to Rebecca De Courci, though on the journey, one night the statue of the Hushed Princess vanishes without trace. On the journey, Cap'n Crabbe and Orlando take special interest in the monkeys (though they also take special interest in Orlando, taking every opportunity to interact with his face in a myriad of pleasant and… less pleasant ways) - Orlando identified the two most treacherous and wily monkeys to take with him while Cap'n Crabbe identifies the most savvy and capable one, which he appoints 'Bosun' and works on training the others as crew.

On their return to the White City, the party is brought to Rebecca De Courci for a very thorough report and after clearly identifying the means by which the King Who Waits may be made mortal again, thanks them for their hard work. 100 Hx is given to each (which totals 110Hx each together with the loot collected on the adventure) and thanks for the service to the White City.

Michael later deposits a 40Hx donation with the Temple of the Princess of Stories and weeks later receives a small booklet, telling the story of how redemption is a good thing and implying that it had been, for now, sufficient.

Sir Hector and Sir Ulrych report back to the Temple of Light, who are very interested in the particular details of the story they experience and what they learned of the King Who Waits. Sir Hector is questioned extensively and later appointed to the rank of Knight Errant. He voices concern regarding Sir Ulrych's relationship with his husband Orland, and though the Shining Order takes notice, they do not appear too worried, though happy to watch the situation and consider offering Light Counselling.

Maximilian returns to his wife in the Western Forest and has thoroughly awesome Blood-based child-making with her.

Meanwhile, far in the East, the King Who Waits… Waits…

The Fountain of Eternal Youth

Run by by Julian on 27th February 2010


Akmenos (Elliot), Gex (Rich G), Maximilian (James G), Nathaniel de Almedia (James I), Rourke Velasquez (Oliver), Falcon Bravo (JoeW)

Mission Brief:

In the oldest and rarest of books concerning the Binding Wars there is a legend. It is said that one of the ancient Bound Ones could by his blessing grant his followers eternal life and youth. In the final battles of the Binding War, he was bound beneath the earth in the City of Chains, but it is said that a fragment of his power remained free – a fountain whose waters when drunk would give the drinker eternal life. Most have thought it just a legend, but now the eccentric Baron Juan Velasquez claims to have uncovered its location in ancient maps. He is offering a great reward for those who can find the fountain and bring back its waters – a mountain of treasure of course, but also a chance to drink from the fountain itself, with all that entails. Dozens of adventurers of all levels of ability have flocked to his mansion seeking the commission, and the streets throng with arguments and brawls. So far, the favour of has not fallen on any adventurers, and more and more join the queue with each day…

Adventure Summary:


Adventure Consequences:

Juan Velasquez is dead, his body returned to his family for cremation by Falcon Bravo. As far as all are concerned, he was killed by the mob that stormed his mansion in search of the draught of immortality. Over the ensuing weeks, the Velasquez family takes it revenge on many of the rioters it deems responsible, their horrible deaths serving as an example to others considering crossing the Velasquez family.

In the City of Chains, the Bound One known as Sightless Intonation of Judgment has been freed. Although he has not yet been seen outside the city, there are rumours of Name cultists flocking to the ruins to seek his favour, along with others who seek the many and varied gifts the creature can bestow…

The Cloistered Brethren let it be known that Rourke Velasquez was responsible for the unbinding, and place a significant price on his head. Oddly, his face is not seen in the White City or anywhere else, despite a significant manhunt. The Velasquez condemn his actions of course, but in the most half-hearted way imaginable. The Brethren let it be known that they will bind Sightless Intonation of Judgment in due course, and entreat all persons of strong moral character to ignore the tarnished gifts he offers, and abhor his presence and his cultists.

The discovery of the Fountain has caused something of a stir across the known world, and many other groups are planning expeditions to the City of Chains to find and drink from it. Many of these groups use the many and varied maps which people claims to have looted from the burning ruins of Juan Velasquez mansion. Some may even be accurate.

Rebels in the East 4: The King who Waits No More

Run by by Fed and Rob on 6th March 2010


Yana (Ellie), Finch Tyrell (James I), Thier Cristofori (James G), Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos), Theodore Luxfrey (Dave Ha), Beornwulf (Dominic)

Mission Brief:

The time has come. Rebecca De Courci has summoned the greatest heroes the White City knows with the single mission of killing the King Who Waits and ending the war in the East. The great Tyrant of the City of Lights is the only thing that stands between freedom for his subjects and an end to a bloody war of liberation - with his death the war must end, peace restored and freedom for the people under his thrall secured. From the Cloistered Brethren, Sister Yana and Brother Finch journey to oppose the King's formidable powers, from the North General Beornwulf Oakfast comes from the Norther Defence League to finish his quarrel with the King and the great champions of freedom and friends of dragons, Kyre Wordsmith and Thier Cristofori prepare to bring what they started to an end.

Adventure Summary

Adventure Consequences:

Carnival of Carnage V: The Amazing Jackal Brothers

Run by by Trevor on 13th March 2010


Sasha de Courci (Vicky), Anvil (Joe), Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos), Theodore Luxfrey (Dave Ha)

Mission Brief:

“As the full moon rises over the midnight watch of the white city, the northern gates burst open and a horde of undead, dream creatures burst and attack the night watch, following in behind are dozens of carnival wagons holding Juggalo's, Jack and Jake are at the head directing the carnage together. Fortunately there are some heroes sleeping nearby and help defend the city, during the skirmish hundreds of citizens leave their home s in a deep trance, each holding a lit candle and muttering “look into the light, the light of Shangri-La” and escort the carnival into the twisting street of the white city. By the time dawn comes our heroes are on the hunt for the dark carnival hiding somewhere in the dark heart of the city.”

Adventure Summary

Adventure Consequences:

On the top of a wind swept mountain deep in the northern most reaches of dream, Jake and Esmerella are finally defeated by the adventurers. As the two sons and their mother are finally laid to rest the dark carnival is defeated and will never roam the mortal world again. The gates of Shangri-La open and the Wraith’s voice booms out cross dream “The carnival show is over, the 5th joker’s card has now been played! Prepare all of ye, prepare for the coming of Shangri-La”

The following things also occur:

Despite several brave attempts to storm the defences of Shangri-La, only Kyre has the mental strength to break through. Kyre doesn’t recall much after entering Shangri-La only that he finds himself without weapons or armour, wearing a loose, silky tunic, white with thin black stripes and black, baggy silk pants, a gold medallion of a clown wielding a cleaver about his neck. He sits back in his padded chair, in the drawing room of his white, gleaming mansion, surrounded by pretty things and friendly clown painted people, black flames curl up the wall. He has been given the office to administer justice to wrongdoers and look after as many orphans as he has time to spare…although completely sated and happy on the surface, deep within Kyre’s spirit writhes with frustration and anger. “When are those damn adventurers going to turn up and help me tear this puppet show apart?”

The rest of the party limp home, fighting their way back out of dream, events occur on the way so horrific that none will mention them again. On arrival they are granted audience with Rebecca de Courci to give their final report. She is so pleased with their achievements she offers 700 Hexa reward per head, unfortunately some weasely faced beaururocrat scurries in and whispers something about the state of the economy following natural disaster, revolt and the cost of the war in the east. Sadly the coffers can only stretch to 200 Hexa per head in cash or instead 150 Hexa and introduction to a master armourer. To make up the shortfall, Rebecca pledges to all players a favour from the city, a one off action to be honoured whenever needed in the future. (Not to be used as clout/wealth etc.)

The White City guard manage to round up the wannabe Juggalos along with the congregation from the cathedral and lock them up in the cells, they have to make additional provisions using empty buildings nearby by plus the sanatorium for those injured in the melee. The effects of the candle wear off after about a week and they are released back to their normal business and begin putting their lives and homes back together.

A clean up detail of volunteers and city street cleaning workers is put on double time to clean up the mess. The nobles advertise for more staff and relocate to their country houses, whilst their city residence are torn down and rebuilt or repaired. This, on top of the previous disasters besieging the city, is having a terrible effect on the economy. Hopefully the revenue from the east will be coming in soon to relieve the financial strain.

The high guard posted outside “The Shop” are buffeted around by strong winds the area goes dark and when they recover their wits, “The Shop” has gone, leaving just a space between its neighbouring premises. (It reappears sometime later in a backstreet in Crossroads)

Meanwhile time begins to crumble events are confusing, the sense of deja vu rules supreme as Shangri-La draws closer to the real world, the boundaries seem to be breaking down and dreams become surreal fantasies of a perfect world come close to hand or nightmares of a pit of burning hell.

Perhaps some more brave adventurers can step forward and challenge the Wraith’s power.

Don't you Open that Trapdoor

Run by by Ellie on 20th March 2010


Akmenos (Elliot), Solomon Grey (Julian), Shadow of the Wolf (Trevor), Lucinda (Liz), liz (Gail), Roark (Oliver)

Mission Brief:

“After all the disruption in the White City these past few months (The earthquake, the war effort and invasion by the Carnival of Carnage) the College of a Thousand Arts has posted a notice asking for help in the clean up effort:

“Wanted: Hardy souls not afraid of hard work required to help with the rebuilding and clearance efforts within several faculties of the College as well as aiding with clean up of the central stores facility and reorganisation of archival material. Starting rate of 20Hx for completion of the job with negotiable bonus' for additional help rendered. Interested applicants should come to the College of a Thousand Arts and ask for Prof. Peabody”

Adventure Summary

Adventure Consequences:

The chaos caused by the Hand of one of the Iron Cohort has been put right by the group of adventurers. Experimental hybrid animals have been contained, dubious croquet playing zombies have been dispatched and horrors from beneath the trap door in the department of Experimental Zoology have been locked away once more beneath the floor - the door held shut tight with vines grown using blood.

The spirits within the archive have been laid to rest and the door to the 'forbidden vault' have been repaired with no evidence of anything going missing at all. The rat infestation has also been driven back and the hole into the sewers repaired.

The Hand its self and the Iron Cohort that came to claim it have been returned into the care of the Cloistered Brethren and the now complete yet subdued Iron Cohort is returned to its vault below the hill in the Village of Dorin's Field where it can be properly contained. The

The Head of the experimental Zoology department has been arrested on charges of gross misconduct and necromancy - the later charge is dropped after all necromantic activity can be placed at the feet of one Dr. Xander who is already on the Temple of Ash's wanted list. The former charges however stick. A number of other members of the department are also arrested for their dubious experiments. A new head of department has been appointed and seems to have taken a far more cautious and theoretical approach to the role of 'experimental zoology' despite the name.

The Brynna Mortivelli memorial alchemical lab is repaired and the tutor released without charge it being judged that trying to continue the lecture despite all the havoc being an example of going above and beyond the call of duty.

The Archivist, Prof. Peabody, is formally cautioned that better control is required over the archive and that if such a state of affairs happens again then she is likely to lose her tenure. An exorcist from the temple of Ash is brought in to dispatch the remaining spirits and poltergeists within the archive. No charges are formally brought against her but the low guard has their eye more closely on her.

Despite Solomon's efforts to have the state take over control of the college the effect is not as large as he had hoped (although several key arrests are made) partly due to a number of important academics he appears to have annoyed while there. Monitoring of the college however has increased and if it cannot get its act together soon (despite earthquake and carnival disruption) then the state may have to move in to help.

On the desk of the Arch-chancellor of the college sits a letter from a disgruntled and erudite trog objecting to the behaviour of some of the college employees in response to meeting the highly educated members of his fraternity based under the college. Included is a petition to become formally recognised within the structure of the college. The letter is dutifully read and immediately filed away and forgotten about.

Dark Carnival VI: The Wraith

Run by by Trevor on 27th March 2010


Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos), Theodore Luxfrey (Dave Ha), Finch Tyrell (James I), Thier Cristofori (James G), Naomi the Walker (Ellie), Beornwulf (Dom)

Mission Brief:

From the White City there are those for whom the grip of jugallo is too strong and they feel the pull of Shangri-La, in the middle of the night they head north into dream and beyond, they are joined by others, some coming as far south as the port of glass, the call of “Ooooh-way-oh” is heard on the wind from time to time. From the Port of Sands, the City of Lights, Crossroads, the even the City of Chains have all been touched by a visit from the Dark Carnival, and in droves their people are hearing the call and heading north.

This mass exodus has trigger alarm bells in all corners of civilised and uncivilised lands. The shengzi tribe and weavers rom the city of silk have in small amounts had some of heir folk go missing, the occasional troglodyte and ogre has stopped they actions and wandered north into dream.

Now that the scholars have the college of a thousand arts back in order they too have noticed a discrepancy in timekeeping, the clocks are all wrong, the faculty of chronological investigation which has so far been ridiculed has confirmed that time is slowing down, then speeding up to catch up. this is progressing into misalignment of the order of events which if allowed to continue will lead to confusion and madness.

A light on the northern horizon beyond the mountain range grows brighter, and candles bearing the butterfly emblem are still appearing all over the city.

Rebecca de Courci has had enough of this, She sends out a formal commission, every adventurers tavern, hiring square, the college, the temples the high guard, the low guard and each embassy.

“Bold adventurers of the White City lands;

I call upon you to tackle the threat of this Shangri-La, to destroy this dark carnival which has wreaked so much damage to our city and now threatens to invade our world once again. Thousands of souls have left their homes throughout the lands and must be released and returned.

Those who are strong in arm and mind come forth, whether you be nobleman or serf, city dweller or from a far flung corner, warrior or scholar. if you have the power to enter Shangri-La and destroy it along with the Wraith then you will be greatly rewarded by the city and a debt owed to you by all who dwell in these lands.

Applicants must come to the royal palace in the White City in one weeks time and I will speak with you there.”

Adventure Summary

Adventure Consequences:

Following the party's infiltration into the mountain dream based jugallo paradise of Shangri-La and subsequent recruitment of inmates from the pit of hell. The final battle between the heroes and the Wraith is fought out in the Wraith's dream palace.

As Finch binds the Wraith's power in chains, time slowly began ticking once more and as the final blow fell upon the dream spirit the temporal freezing spell shatters, the nightmares are banished and the fall of Shangri-La is complete. Kyre leaps forward and the Wraith is consumed by black flame, it flickers around the dream palace burning holes in the very structure the group are standing in. Thier places the control he has over the revolutionaries from hell and the black flames spreads down into the burning pit of hell consuming the fires within and sending it crashing into itself.

Meanwhile Beornwulf had made his way across to a balcony over looking the entire realm, from the jugallo prison, the funfair, all the way down the mountainside. from here his voice boomed outwards.

“Hear me lord of the faithful. I call upon your name to cleanse his place. Let those who have been imprisoned here find their way to the burned realm! I LAY THEE ALL TO REST!”


…To rest..

…o rest



There is mighty rumbling, a cloud of ash sweeps the streets and wherever it touches the ethereal souls from the pit of hell vanish in a swirl of soot. the Jugallos collapse, lying like broken dolls in the streets.

A light descends from above growing brighter and brighter, until it is too painful to see, there in the omnipresent glow figures emerge from other halls within the palace. these are the souls of those who were judged by the carnival as pure and free from evil deeds. the light grows brighter still and the players cover their eyes against the blinding glare. The light takes the pure into itself and begins to fade

There is a flash that can been seen across the lands all the way to the Port of Glass and all that is left of Shangri-La are motes of light drifting up into the air higher and higher until a new star hangs in the northern sky over dream..

Naomi whispers “Shangri-La; false paradise.” under her breath marking its name and astrological meaning in one.

Kyre feels the power of the black flame coursing through him strengthening him further against dream magic. he begins to laigh and raising his arms up as the mountainside rages with black flame wildfire around him and his comrades.

The Lord of the Faithful smiles quietly upon Beornwulf, 'you and your allies have done well, very well.'

The mountain is bare and cold, the wind drops on them like a bird of prey and brings a sharply cold blizzard with it. In the setting sun other figures stir, people of all races and origins wake up and stand confused and bewildered. Slowly they begin to make they way back home once more, dream is quiet and desolate as though mourning the loss of one of its greatest spirits.

The heroes return to the waking world and chart a boat from the, still earthquake shattered, Wistful City down to the White City and are granted a royal audience with Rebecca de Courci.

A Series of Ornithological Events

Run by by Oliver on 10th April 2010


Akmenos (Elliot), Meredith D'Artois (Vicky), Kevin (Kevin), Nathaniel de Almedia (James I), Solomon Grey (Julian), Shadow of the Wolf (Trevor), Taggart (Joe W)

Mission Brief:

Lady Maris Cristofori has let it be known that she seeks a group of capable and trustworthy individuals to escort her husband Count Reginald Cristofori on an expedition to the North to study the giant eagles that are rumoured to be found there. The Count is renowned as a wealthy retired noble who made a vast fortune in the steel silk trade over the past three decades. He is also notable for his various scholarly publications on the life history of rare birds and it is said that few scholars are more knowledgeable about the avifauna of the known world. Beyond a few academic publications little has been heard from the Count for the last few years and it is whispered that he went into seclusion after a mercantile dispute with a influential member of the Velasquez family. In fact this latest advertisement would seem to be the first time in years the Count has been willing to leave the bounds of his estate or accept visitors. The Countess has requested suitable individuals present themselves at her townhouse in the noble quarter for assessment and has indicated the payment for skilled men and women will be very generous.

Adventure Summary

Adventure Consequences:

Despite all the odds, all the bafflingly small odds, the party successfully return the Count to the waiting Countess and the relative safety of his specially designed estate. The Countess seems very pleased that her beloved husband has been returned safe and well, though she still appears hesitant to actually go near him and has the newly hired servants fetch him his smoking jacket and slippers. Once settled the Count himself is extremely content with the whole adventure having seen the King of the Eagles and had a generally exciting trip. He spends most of the time commenting on the cloacal vents of giant eagles (none of the party know what these might be) but also finds time to thank the party for their assistance during the trip and assures them that he'll mention their skill and daring-do to the rest of the Cristofori family, placing the party in the family's good books for the moment. In particular this does much to ameliorate the nobility's mistrust of Meredith and the Church of the Light doesn't mention the actions of one its more fanatical members.

The party have a brief bite of tea at the Count's insistence but the snacking is cut short when the Count's glass focuses the rays of the setting sun onto the liqueur cabinet; the party are ushered out by the staff during the ensuing conflagration and head off to the sound of shouts and cries of alarm from the Count's unfortunate new staff.

From the Velásquez dagger and the captured leader it seems obvious that the assassins were sent by the Count's mysterious nemesis. She is no doubt the source of the curse that afflicts him…whatever it may be. Solomon takes the dagger and prisoner to his low guard superiors who are not overly surprised at nefarious Velásquez activities but since the attack took place outside the watchtowers there's little they can do directly against the family. Still there are more eyes upon the Velásquez than usual and the Count does write a private letter to Rebecca de Courci about the incident and then another after the first courier is crushed by a large marble Cristofori crest during a rare and extremely localised seismic tremor outside the Count's front door. Several days later Duke Nerino is called to the palace for an audience with her Ladyship however nothing more is heard of the matter, at least publicly.

Several weeks after the expedition an article is published by the Count:

“Sexual dimorphism in Harpyhaliaetus titanicus divinius: the reproductive strategies of the Giant Eagles of the North”

The treatise has several carefully illustrated diagrams of the King of the Eagles and notes about nesting sites and behaviour, making special mention of the discovery of a new predator; the Cuckoo Drake, a brood parasite of Giant Eagles. The article causes some stir in the White City's upstart cult of the King of the Eagles by contending that the King of the Eagles is actually female and capable of laying eggs, a theory supported by several detailed drawings of the Deity's feathery nether regions: However the temple has rejected such claims and has pointed out that given the incredibly brief nature of the Count's exposure… so to speak… with the King of the Eagles it seems highly likely that he was mistaken - Knowing the Count's luck and the variability of blood powers who knows what the real truth is?

King of Lights

Run by by Julian on 17th April 2010


Beornwulf (Dominic), Soldier of the White City (Rich), Brandon (Rob C), Maximilian (James G), Eleress (Dave Ha), Phineas Crabbe (Joe W)

Mission Brief:

For as long as anyone can remember, the first born son of every fifth generation of the Von Prittwitz family has disappeared, their fate unknown. All the few survivors of these kidnappings can report is a terrible, numbing cold, ghostly lights in the sky, and the terrible howls of soulless beasts in the night. Now is time for the loss of another scion of the line, but the head of the family, Galerius von Prittwitz, has vowed that this time will be different! It is widely known that he keeps his son, Piter, under close guard against the curse, using some of the best mercenaries in all the White City.

It is to some general amusement therefore that Galerius is forced to put out a request for adventurers. His son is missing, and Galerius will pay well for his return – 50hx a head, plus another 40 if the adventurers can end his family’s terrible curse.

Adventure Summary

Adventure Consequences:

Having freed Piter from Contemplation of Vengeance, and ended the Von Prittwitz family curse, the PCs return to the White City in triumph. Galerius von Prittwitz happily pays each PC 90hx for their involvement. Contemplation of Vengeance is scattered, but probably not destroyed, and may well be contemplating vengeance even now… The depopulated castle of the necromancer Xanthus has come into the possession of Beornwulf, for his own ends.

Taking the Low Road

Run by by Joe on 24th April 2010


Memnon(RIP)(Julian), Mister Black (Peter), Gex (Rich G), Avity (Ellie), Roarke Velasquez (Oliver), Rowatt (Jonathan R)

Mission Brief:

The Fairweather Engineers seek Enterprising persons to Assist with Public Relations exercises along the Proposed Western Forest route to the City of Silk.

The Successfuly Applicants will be:

A) Capable of working within a Wide Variety of Cultures

B) Good Problem Solvers under Pressure

C) Ultimately Sensitive to the company's Business Needs

Please Apply to the Office of Martinez Fairweather

Adventure Summary

Adventure Consequences:

The party succeed in thoroughly desecrating the birthplace of the Children of the Vine, a combination of Black Flame and Glass Magic first obliterating the Lady's blood tie to the place and then subsequently corrupting the Vineyard Tree. In the resulting chaos Memnon is killed by the horrors they have created, whilst Gex and Mister Black are both knocked out of their 'borrowed' bodies. The rest of the party flees the scene under cover of horror.

The surviving members of the party return to the White City and report their success to Martinez Fairweather. He is well pleased with their destruction of the Children's holy ground and the elimination of the tribal leadership and doesn't quibble with the suggestion that Memnon's portion of the reward should be split between the rest of the group.

Gex has been transformed into a Child of the Vine through some combination of the consumption of the bloodgrape and the Lady's Vengeance. Unlike most of the Children however Wine does nothing to nourish him- only blood helps.

He promptly drinks the water he had previously taken from the Fountain of Life meaning that he no longer needs nourishment to survive. However his eyes turn purple when he hasn't fed recently, maintaining a more sociably acceptable blood red colour when he is sated.

He provides his usual report to the Low Guard, omitting several of the more alarming facts that might make him a target.

Roarke informs his family of the Fairweather's efforts on the western road and an opportunity to try to further cut in on the de Almedia's stranglehold on Western trade. The Velasquez are quite interested in forming links with the Engineers who seem to share their views on expediency.

Rowatt makes similar suggestions to King Eric's men, who seem interested and suggest that he should make further efforts to ingratiate himself to the Engineers.

Word in the White City is that the Engineers are making significant progress on the Western Road project again and that Martinez, their chief troubleshooter, has turned his eyes to the East.

Dungeon Crawl

Run by Rob C on 1st May 2010


Thier Cristofori (James G), Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos), Sra'em Yar (Trev)

Mission Brief:

With the King Who Waits defeated, and the city in lights in ruins, the East has been in turmoil. However the noble freedom fighters (Rebels! That sir is slander.) have finally secured the area, from the last of the broken forces, and the opportunity to explore the ruins of the city has finally been made available. Beornwulf has put together an expedition to reclaim some of the texts from the Kings library.

Adventure Summary

Adventure Consequences:

Reliance Brew

Run by Chaos & Dave Ha on 8th May 2010


Orlando Cristofori(Vicky), Nathaniel D'Almedia (James I), James Warver (Dave Ho), Michael Rias (Dan), Taggart (Joe)

Mission Brief:

One night, people across the White City are plagued with strange dreams:

“You there! Do you want -UNFATHOMABLE POWER-? Reliance Brew is a new alchemical potion that can give you -GODLIKE LEVELS OF STRENGTH-. After drinking it you'll feel -UNBELIEVABLY ENERGETIC- as your body is filled with -ULTIMATE POWER-. Tired of always getting cut down? Then try Reliance Brew and you'll have the strength of -SEVENTEEN TROLLS-. You'll feel strong enough to wrestle -BEARS-, -ZOMBIES-, -OGRES- and -OLD POWERS-! You'll feel like Rebecca De Courci, if Rebecca De Courci was -THIRTY FEET TALL AND MADE OF ELITE WARRIORS-. Forget Blood Fury, it's time to unleash the -BREW FURY-. Don't take any chances, drink Reliance Brew and -WIN ANY FIGHT EVER-. For a limited time only, visit all good potion dealers for a free sample, and you too can have -ABSOLUTE POWER- today.”

When morning comes, a variety of reputable potion shops around the city find samples of some potion along with a note asking to distribute them. Both the High and Low Guard begin their own investigations into the matter and warnings to not trust the mysterious potions until their nature can be determined are issued, although already a few bright and early customers have claimed their free sample…

Adventure Consequences:

The dream world around them seems to fade and with a sudden lurch and a sensation alike being swallowed by the floor the party members return to the waking world. Those whose whereabouts were known are summoned before a Low Guard commander. After they explain to the best of their knowledge what happened, she offers some reward for their efforts, thanks them, notes down all of the details regarding such as the Dream Sorcerer Tristan Blake, the effects of the potion and Michael and his possible connection to the Velasquez, and starts a further investigation, including a search for somebody called Akmenos, an adventurer with an axe and a cloak, and a chainmail-wearing, small, scraggly man referred to as “Mr. Trade Goods”.

Michael wakes up with a serious headache and the sensation that he is forgetting something important. Thinking back, he recalls being offered prizes within the dream world and the party turning them down, but it all gets somewhat hazy after that. Nathaniel, meanwhile, returns home and retrieves the additional bottle of Reliance Brew from his manservant. Orlando files a more detailed report with the Low Guard, who make note of his suggestions that Warver and his research be more closely supervised in future. Warver goes back to his research and tries to keep his mind off healing potions. Taggart still thinks a beetle on fire would be awesome.

Tristan Blake, the elder, awakens and laughs. This experiment was a success. He glances over at the pile of notes on Angel Tears on his desk. He might not remember the details any more, but these will surely be useful. He can learn. They have no hope of finding him for now, and he has plenty of time.

The King in Purple

Run by Ellie & written by Matt on 15th May 2010


Arashi Moriyama (Vicky), Theodore Luxfrey (Dave Ha), Proyas D'Almedia (Peter), Sam Fletcher (Rob C), Anvil (Joe), Falkar (Rich G)

Mission Brief:

“The High Guard are advertising around the city for 'Individuals of Suitable Experience and Prowess' to accompany Captain Arashi Moriyama on a diplomatic and military mission to the City's new allies in the Far East, with the purpose of consolidating the White City's position (and exalting its name)in the former lands of that villain, the King Who Waits. Pay will be 50Hx each, with the opportunity to earn bonuses.

Meanwhile, astrologers at the College of a Thousand Arts note a conjunction between the Queen of Lillies and the Dead Knight among the Hosts Arrayed. Interpretations vary.”

Adventure Consequences:

The party return from the east with the troubles of Bajur and Arakan settled but their numbers one shorter.

The King in Purple - a self proclaimed monarch and powerful name sorcerer - has been defeated in single combat by Arashi but his twisted powers have taken their toll. His use of two cursed swords, The Daughters of Norui al-Dosht which turn to ash anything they bite, leading to the death of Captain Arashi Moryama of the high guard even as she slayed him.

With his Named Archons dead (or otherwise turned into pigeons) and his ally from the far west - the Exarch - all dead, the King in Purple's army scatters. Forces from the White City and what remains of the forces from the City of Lights hunt down those they can and chase others back into the countryside where many abandon their arms and return to their homes. There is no word from the far west that The King in Purple's allies note or mind his passing.

The Daughters of Norui al-Dosht have been commended to the flame and the crown of the former King Who Waits has been taken by Anvil.

The Temple of Ash report that Arashi has most probably taken up her place in the Tower of Heroes.

Proyas returns to the White City in a state subdued and introverted depression and it seems nothing can lift his spirits or make him smile.

Theodore adds a pigeon to his collection of Birds at the temple to the King of the Eagles. This Pigeon is incredibly Loyal… although to what is not very clear yet.

Sam returns to the White City a short while after the others, having taken some time while in the East to cement his knowledge of the criminal underworld of the East

The party each get 100Hx with the exception of Anvil and Falcar who get 100Hx of trade goods and trading contracts with Arakan and Bajur for weapons for Anvil while Falcar has set up some D'Almadia steel-silk trade with the White City allies of the east (in addition to the deals he has with the enemies of the white city in the east but we wont' mention that…)

The 100Hx she would have got is added to Arashi's estate and it comes as a surprise to some, but not to others, to see that her will leaves everything to Silvio Christofori and not to the temple of Ash.

In the Kingdom of the Unnamed King an army masses ready to take on the threat of the King in Purple that no longer exists - just what is he going to do with that army?

The Quest for the Silver Hide

Run by Julian on 22nd May 2010


Maximilian (James G), Michael Rias (Dan), Roarke Velasquez (Oliver), Markus Helios (Rob C), Kevin (kevin)

Mission Brief:

Jason D’Artois is old and childless. His branch of the D’Artois line, bereft of an heir, looks set to fail, and its assets will be divided amongst his greedy brothers in the Port of Glass. Jason does not intend to allow this to happen, and so he has been looking about for someone to adopt as his heir. Jason, being a D’Artois, knows that whoever he chooses will have to be exceptionally capable to survive in the Port of Glass, and for that reason he has set a quest for any prospective heir, and for any of their companions…

Adventure Consequences:

The PCs return from their mighty voyage with the Silver Hide, which they hand over to Jason D’Artois. Jason nominates Michael as his heir, and his surname becomes D’Artois. Markus gets the magical ship, the Marco, for his own. The Silver Hide is taken by Rourke Velasquez, who condemns it to the flame. With its king dead, and the Hide destroyed, the Kingdom of Pearls soon disintegrates into famine and poverty, and goes from peaceful kingdom to centre of piracy amidst the Southern Isles. Markus begins setting up trading links to the Island of Tall Pines, which makes blessed ships and masterful sailing equipment.

All Quiet On The Western Front

Run by Rich G on 30th May 2010


Stephano Di Courci (Julian), Orlando Cristofori (Vicky), Gustav Yoma (James I)

Mission Brief:

Professor Kane Hanton of the college of the thousand arts wishes a party of suitable and hardy individuals to follow up information’s in his possession. This will lead to something of great significance out beyond the Western Forrest.

Interested individuals are to present themselves to Professor Kane Hanton in his residence at Belor’s Folly as soon as they are able.

Rumours abound that there is a map and that it certainly shows the way to something significant. The argument is to what? The Professor left the White City some twenty years ago while he was in his fifty’s mumbling about his notes taking him west. He was known to have been excellent tutor in the oldest tongues. Everyone having never heard from him again assumed he was dead.

Adventure Consequences:

The party are flown back from the City of Mists by the Rose Princess of the west with flowers in their hair. The proffesor is gratefull to them for their tale of what lies at the end of his research. Promptly dieing before giving up any further information as to what lies further down in further tiers shrouded in rather more normal mist this time.

Rumours circulate of a city out to the west of the great forest. It is said to lie within a massive deep gash in the earth with Hills to the North and south of it. Many tiers lead down to it and beyond it. although terrible beasts are said to guard the way to it.

Orlando and Gustav have 200 hexa of Gems cut in a very very old style each to turn into cash or trade up as they wish. A further 45 is paid to Orlando from Stephano as they didn't get any gems. A small rose bush of Gustav's is entwined around the Rose plants that grew up around the Pillars of the temple and everyone has a new flower in their hair.

Back to Reality

Run by Vicky on 12th June 2010


Sir Falcon Bravo (Joe W), Maximilian (James G), Michael D'Artois (Dan), Kevin (Kevin), Roarke Velasquez (Oliver), Andreas (Dominic)

Mission Brief:

After an ill-advised drunken bet with Rosalind de Vermilli, Lady Sasha De Courci is now honour bound to attempt to annexe the city of Streng of the White City. Advertisments around the White City state that Sasha De Courci is looking for adventurers for hire who would be willing to undertake a mission to help expand the White City’s sphere of influence.

Adventure Consequences:

Roark remembers entering the residence of Lady Sasha De Courci. He then remembers travelling with a bunch of adventurers to the City of Streng but he has no idea why. The next thing he remembers is running for his life across the plains being hunted down by two mad vultures. Then his torso exploded. He remembers dream of the Sightless Intonation of Judgement. When he awakes he is tied to a tree by a spiders web and his superior sword is missing. A pulsating organ of black flame and light takes the place of where his heart once was and chains hold together his ruined ribcage. Most of his internel organs have been replaced by things of flame.


In the city of Streng, Falcon Bravo calms some rather traumatised trogs and pronounces himself their god-king. Andreas and Maximilian take the form of birds in order to hunt down Roark. They catch up to him and kill him with their blood magic. For the hell of it Andreas also devours his liver and ties his corpse to a tree for the spiders to do what they will with. They recover the glass crown containing Lady Lydia's soul and Falcon takes it promising to send her on to her final rest in the burned realm.

Michel sends dreams to some of the Trogs that the time is coming for them to rise up and fight the White City.

The Understudies

Run by Joe on 19th June 2010


Armand Velasquez (Julian), Brother Nimrod (Vicky), 'Cuts' (Racheet), Mollie (Jenny), Manfred (RIP) (Dominic), Markus Helios (Rob C)

Mission Brief:

Peruchio Velasquez, a noble of little note, has discretely put out a call amongst the less renowned of the White City's adventurers. He is seeking some brave souls with an interest in money if not fame, to assist him with a number of small, and (probably) entirely safe tasks that his family has delegated him to complete.

Adventure Consequences:

Peruchio Velasquez is dead, murdered by his brother Luca after the disintegration of the adventuring party. 'Cuts' is informed that Luca has no intention of paying him for his treachery, but walks away without violence.

Brother Nimrod visits the Exalted church to give them the bad news about Armand's death, but the priests are confused and show him through to an antechamber where the Velasquez noble lies hale and well. Apparently he was delivered there by the Lady of the Light's Mercy. Consulting the Ashen Temple, the Burned Lords apparently have no desire for the Light Sorcerer's presence in the Burned Realm. How odd.

Markus sells the silver candlesticks for a great deal of money and then passes a good part of the profits on to his companions- 80 hexa each. He then trades the Royal Jelly of the swarm to the college of a Thousand Arts in exchange for tuition from one of their scholars of chain.

As agreed with Armand in the haunted mansion he sinks a significant proportion of his assets into the construction of a new temple for the Light in the merchant quarter.

'Cuts' is a wanted man within the White City- with both the Exalted Church and the nobility wanting him dead. He approaches Luca's father Vizzini and has temporarily been offered a place of safety and a job as a hired sword. Whether this is a legitimate offer in the long term remains to be seen.

In other news, the Swarm have decided that the Velasquez seem like nice people. The Velasquez family dispatch a retainer to one of their vassaldoms after a peasant uprising killed the local lord. Finally some rumours have started about a powerful poltergeist that kills those who don't embrace the Light.

A Name Besmirched

Run by Oliver on 26th June 2010


TAFKAT (Joe W), Naomi the Walker (Ellie), Akmenos (Elliot)

Mission Brief:

Something of a spat has flared between two high ranking members of the nobility. Lady Dalmatia Velasquez and Lady Maris Cristofori, long quietly working against each other on the development of western trade routes, are rumoured to have got into a shouting match during a party held by Rebecca De Courci herself. Whatever insult was exchanged is being covered up by the two families but clearly it was considered deadly by the two women. Velasquez and Cristofori retainers have been killing each other on the western road and tensions have escalated between the Velasquez and Cristofori families. To avoid open conflict the upper echelons of the two families have pressured the countesses into holding a duel to decide the matter of honour.

Over the past three days agents of Lady Maris Cristofori have been trawling the seedier taverns and adventurer hideouts of the White City for a champion, strangely they seem to selecting people known for their laissez faire attitude to legality. Potential candidates are being asked to attend her mansion three days hence.

Adventure Summary

Adventure Consequences:

The party successfully retrieve the 'Sword with no Name' from the ruins beneath the City of Chains, escaping unmarked bar the names now swirling beneath Naomi's skin. Using the sword Dalmatia's champion from the Empire of the Unbound has its name stripped from it and is defeated by the entity once known as 'The adventurer formerly known as Tibbs'.

Publicly Lady Dalmatia Velasquez is considered dead, revealed as a Name mage before the assembled nobility of the White City, her body brought back to the city by Tibbs. Her estates and assets are signed over to Lady Maris Cristofori by Rebecca de Courci herself. The Velasquez family is left humiliated after Nerino's favourite God-daughter is revealed as an abomination and their influence among the nobility is considerably reduced by the fallout.

Privately Dalmatia is aided by Tibbs in fleeing to her agents in the City of Silk and then onto her allies in the Empire of the Unbound. In return she provides Tibbs with purple diamonds worth 600hx which he can sell for 400hx. Furthermore she agrees to use her power to aid Tibbs in return for his services in the White City.

The whole party are rewarded with 100Hx by Maris and receive the favour of the Cristoforis (Though if Tibbs turns up in the future he will not know him as the person they owe a favour to).

The Brotherhood of Chains are extremely active in and around the White City over the next week; searching for the people who breached the City of Chains and who escaped with a fell artefact. However Maris uses her influence to shield her champions and eventually the Brotherhood steps down its search, though its clear that any member of the Order who sees the sword will know it for the horror it is.

As the bearer of the sword Tibbs is now tied to the power of the 'Ravenous Renunciation of the Self', the bound one imprisoned within the blade. He feels compelled to wield the blade and to feed it names. All his personalities are stripped of all names. He is no longer an identifiable entity and all who meet him shall gradually forget him.

Naomi has a nameless spirit residing in the magical tattoo that now swirls on her arm. The spirit can only pass to the burned realm if it can gain a name, either through earning one or name magic. It will be willing to teach her 'oldest tongues' for helping escape the palace of the Ravenous Renunciation of the Self.

Blowing on the Wind

Run by Vicky on 17th July 2010


Mission Brief:

The von Rauschpfeifes are a small family living in the south, who are of little consequence to most people. They are said to suffer from a terrible curse placed on them several decades ago by a Priest of the Rattle Prince. A clue to the Priest’s whereabouts provided by an astrologer has prompted the family to offer a meagre reward to anyone willing to bring justice on the Priest. For most adventurers this would be of little interest, were it not for the rumours that someone from the Low Guard is offering additional payment to anyone willing to take on the quest.

Adventure Consequences:

The party return to the von Rauschpfeife estate, who are happy to pay them all of five hexa a head for their pains. Ulrych remains a little longer in the company of his family, whilst the remainder of the party head back to the White City. Roark promises Ulrych that he will return to the city. The party, save Ulrych, are paid a further twenty hexa each by the shady low guardsman that they met earlier. Solomon and Nathaniel split the 100 hexa they acquired by defrauding the Low Guard equally. Marcos and Nathaniel both trade in the various bits of loot they acquired and Marcos thanks the rest of the party with some particularly generous presents.

Although it initially appears that the von Rauschpfeife curse may have been ended, Ulrych's bad luck seems to restart almost as soon as he returns to the White City. Upon returning to the White City Ulrych is greeted by a contigent of Low Guardsmen who take him in for questioning and he spends a couple of nights in a jail cell. Through a series of unfortunate misunderstandings he appears to have been implicated in a spate of potato thefts. His collection of potatoes that look like the Light are seized as evidence and although they promise they will be returned when his name is cleared they then seem to get lost in the paperwork. In the meantime Roark is able to return to hiding. Solomon and Nathaniel inform the Low Guard about Roark and Nathaniel locates the location of his hiding place. They agree to leave him be for the time being in the hope that a slip-up at a later date might provide useful dirt on the Velasquez family.

Upon release Ulrych reports in to the Temple of the Light and makes them aware of Mr “Galt's” existence and gives them a description of his alter-ego. The Light makes its displeasure at his ill-advised self-sacrifice with some mild burning and lets him know that he is not in its good books. Ulrych then returns home to his loving husband, who has presumably been loyally awaiting his return.

The Gathering Storm

Run by Peter on 7th August 2010


Orlando Cristofori (Vicky), Stephano De Courci (Julian), Sereth (Dave Ha)

Mission Brief:

The Princes of Breath are in tumult again, as is their nature. The Prince of Trade Winds has been buying ships and temples belonging to the Prince of Storms and having them re-dedicated to him. Storms then retaliates with great squalls and gales, the sinking of ships and washing away of caravans to the ruin of wealthy merchants. Now is the time for mere mortals to keep their heads down and to wait for this spat to blow over, again, as is the nature of the Princes. Only those bravest or most foolhardy of souls willingly involve themselves in the affairs of the gods… Or the most cunning and careful. After all, the rewards can be great.

The message is quietly being filtered out through the adventuring community that individuals wishing to receive a certain amount of pecuniary remuneration and the thanks of a grateful community should find Grance Silvant and speak with him.

Adventure Consequences:

The skies remain troubled and unsettled as the Princes of Trade Winds and Storms continue their struggle. Blood is still borne aloft on winds of hatred and revenge. But Trade WInds cannot up the stakes, cannot take more than he can hold and cannot hold more than he can take. Soon enough many of his early gains are reversed and an equilibrium is reached. Wise men and women, who have seen this all before, and may yet live to see it again, speak of the calm that comes after the storm, of how much brighter the sun seems after the rains have stopped.

And yet… the airs are not wholly still. Many Priests of Storms begin to speak of a quiet wind, a laughing wind that follows them, that whispers of betrayals and poisons, death and betrayal. Some of those who speak openly of the wind; who proclaim their rejection of the offers of power; who proclaim their continued loyalty to Storms; some die. Die by poison, by thin knife wounds piercing lungs, drowned, beaten, blasted. All murdered.

Perhaps of greater worry however are that some Priests of Storms claim that they have heard no voices, who say they remain loyal, but late in the darkness of night have been caught with bloodied knives and subtle toxins. How many, some wonder, how many have not been found?

Shattered Dreams

Run by James I & Rob on 27th-29th August 2010


Orlando Cristofori (Vicky), Falcon Bravo (Joe W), James Warver (Dave Ho), Leonardo Velasquez (Gareth), Michael d'Artois (Dan), Maximilian (James G), Lee North (Ellie)

Mission Brief:

Across the civilized worlds, a plague of dreams is spreading. People from the Whistful City to the Port of Glass are reporting dreams of a great change being worked far to the north - sights of the chaotic, mercurial dreamstuff being frozen into ice or glass, and shattering into countless fragments. From the chaos arises a great figure, carrying a broken sword, who turns and looks at the dreamer. The dreamer then wakes screaming, small shards of ice in their eyes that melt away. Those afflicted by the dreams feel an urge to travel to the North and seek the figure, and large groups of Glass cultists have set off on the long journey from the Port to wherever the visions emanate from.

An emergency meeting called by Rebecca de Courci, bringing in experts from the College of a Thousand and Twenty-Seven arts and the Cloistered brethren, has decided that a team needs to be sent far to the North, to investigate the cause of these visions and end any threats to the City that it may cause. Volunteers for the mission will be greatly rewarded, and work has already begun to assemble the supplies needed for the expedition. The Northern Defence league has also shown an interest, promising to work with the City in putting an end to this problem.

Adventure Consequences:

As the prison containing the Bound Knight and the Fifth Sleeper sinks below the ground, a great earthquake shakes the land and the walls of the valley fold over in a great cataclysm, completely covering the glacier. The party hurriedly put distance between them and the prison, and once safely away hunker down to regain their strength and wait for Orlando to come round from the Shattered Plain.

Before they leave Dream for good, though, a few more items of business are undertaken. First, Falcon heads to the NDL camp, to make sure the position is secure. There he finds that although they suffered many casualties from the great upheaval of the earth, most of them escaped and they regrouped outside the glacier. They are grateful for his help in laying the dead to rest and helping them pull themselves together, and soon head off to try and regroup with the main NDL force to the south. The White City and Port of Glass forces suffered a similar fate, with the Port forces much reduced by the loss of the glass creations when the Vitriarch was sealed away.

Second, from the chancels of the dream powers representatives emerge. They tell the party that the bindings are once again secured, and should remain so for the foreseeable future. They are not happy about the destruction of the crown, but say that with the weakening of the prisoners they will have plenty of time to forge another. In fact, they imply that it will be much easier to keep the prison secure now that the two inside are occupied with each other.

Beginning the trek south with the other White City representatives, Lee takes a detour up into the mountains as they leave dream to talk to the Rose Prince of the North. There she begs his forgiveness for what she had to do to get into Dishonour’s Palace, and although from the lightning bolts she gets the feeling he’s not best pleased the Prince seems to forgive her.

When the party return to the city reports are given to the high captain Vermilli and the Low Guard. Orlando convinces the latter group that Falcon should be put under observation; based on the reports given, the Low Guard now suspect that when he destroyed the crown he may have had ulterior motives. Falcon gives his report to the NDL and recommends a permanent fortification to guard the prison. Then he travels to the burned realm where he hands the ashes of his hand over to the ashen guardians of the Sinister Lord, who do not appreciate being roused from their inaction. They take the ashes back to their Lord, for purposes unknown. On his return to his lodgings in Crossroads, Falcon finds a note pinned to his door with a glass shard. Inside, Duke Karl warns Falcon has worked against the interests of the Port and the King in Fragments too many times; he is now on the Port’s blacklist, and will not be treated kindly if found there.

James Warver collects all the information on the trip North, and with the preserved suit of Ice Armour presents a dazzling thesis on the most advanced and unexpected uses of Dream realms yet seen. His fame rises in the Department and the College as a whole, and he is informed that the position of Head of Alchemy will very soon become available if he is interested.

Some months after the events in dream, an article is published on the unusual “attributes” of the Bravo family jewels. These are closely followed by rumours that the article was paid for by Falcon himself, but nevertheless Falcon begins receiving large amounts of female attention at society events.

Rumours of strange lights in the sky around the residence of Leonardo Velasquez are soon silenced by the Velasquez family, but those who work there find a strange unreality starting to permeate their daily lives. Though unaware that their master has started consecrating the entire residence to Dream, they nonetheless have learnt not to go anywhere near the shrines int he cellar. He also has a new servant called Simeon Gabrial, a friend he met in the North, who appears somewhat unkempt but totally devoted to serving Leonardo.

A few other rumours arise from the event, about how Lee has developed a crush on Silvio Cristofori and a scandalous story of a steamy love affair between Leonardo Valazquez and the dream power Dignity. Of course, these rumours are untraceable, and certainly no-one would suspect the nameless acolyte who walks the cloisters of the Shining Order watching a certain Knight with warring longing and grief in his eyes.

Finally, with the Vitriarch and the Sleeper locked in eternal struggle, many powers in the North have found themselves free to act again for the first time in centuries. The Dream power Devotion has reshaped herself to be devoted to a new goal, and is seeking an alliance with Hope to an unknown end. Dishonour has become fascinated with the individuals of the White City, and has set himself to understanding and upsetting their society. Lastly, with a Sleeper now out of the picture rumours spread that the others are recoiling in horror, and reassessing. What effect this will have on their plans for the world, however, is yet to be seen.

Magellen's Marvelous Menagerie

Run by James G on 4th September 2010


Raphael Veducci (Dominic), Mumbles (Dave Ha), Tristan Blake (Chaos), Dracarnius (Elliot), ??? (Roisin), ??? (James I)

Mission Brief:

An advert posted around various taverns in the college district of the city:

Help wanted: Doctoral student seeks aid in assembling materials for thesis presentation. Trackers and guards required. 20hx per head. Must like animals.

Apply Ivor Magellen, Department of Mundane Zoology. No timewasters”

Adventure Consequences:

Night of the Buzzing Dead

Run by Oliver on 18th September 2010


Falcon Bravo (Joe), Inigo Montoya (Julian), Proyas D'Almedia (Peter), Theodore Luxfrey (Dave Ha)

Mission Brief:

From the western forest come rumors of unrest. Trade caravans have been vanishing as they pass to the City of Silk; unusual migrations of the forest's terrified beasts have been witnessed and in the dead of night a terrible whining drone has been carried on the winds from the heart of the forest, striking fear into the hearts of all that hear it. The noble families who depend on trade from the west have been getting ever more nervous and have sent scouts to determine the source of the disturbance in the forest, none of them have returned.

Word is now spreading through the city that a diplomatic emissary of the Swarm has arrived in the White City to seek the aid of Rebecca De Courci herself. Willing adventurers are asked to attend the royal palace three days hence.

Adventure Consequences:

The fallen high priest of the Lord of the Tower of Heroes, Apis Mellifus, is no more, dissolved into the ashes of the burned realm by the God he rejected. His quest to save his son was not totally in vain however; his child’s spirit now at peace, purged of the glassy madness of the vitriarchs.

The undead patriarch of the Swarm, corrupted by the ashen nectar of the strange flowers that grow on the Isle of Souls, has fallen. Its great grey hive within the burned realm destroyed by the strength of Inigo Montoya. With the portal to the ashen realm closed by Falcon Bravo, swarm drones will no longer be able to collect the nectar, halting the further corruption of the swarm.

Proyas remains in the burned realm and visits the Tower of Heroes; there to learn that he must earn back his mortality as a hero if he is ever to earn a place for his sword within the tower.

The disturbance within the forest ended the party return to the White City to acclaim from the merchants and nobles who depend on trade to the west. The De Almedia family are particularly relieved that their main source of income has been protected and when he returns Proyas is invited to a dinner in his honour, his standing in the family greatly increased. The Swarm is apparently grateful both to the party and to the White City for the aid, though its motives for seeking to build a strong alliance with the city remain elusive. Over the next few weeks several ambassadors (or maybe the same one…its hard to tell) of the Swarm are seen visiting the royal palace. Then in the course of a single night a well appointed house in the city is enveloped in silky organic membranes and waxy honeycombs: the Swarm have opened an embassy in the White City.

An End to Death

Run by Joe W on 25th September 2010


Stephano De Courci (Julian), Falkar D'Almedia (Rich G), Roark Velasquez (Oliver), Gustav (James I), Sam Fletcher (Rob C)

Mission Brief:

Stephano De Courci, having earned the blessings of the four Rose Princes, now seeks to implement his great plan and rid the living world of the curse of ash. If the legends are true, then he need only ascend the Cartography Tower of the College, and weather a storm, in order to gain mastery over the Four Winds. As the College's annual Founding Feast approaches fellow adventurers are discreetly sought; others willing to brave the wrath of the gods to return mankind's immortality.

Adventure Consequences:

His ritual complete Stephano siezes control of the Four Winds and bids then blow all traces of Ash from the world. Simultaneously, at the four great gates of the White City blazing flames leap forth as the Order of the Grey Willow call forth Burned Gates to receieve the tides of Ash. As guardsmen rush forwards to slay the sorcerors they cast aside their cloaks and reveal the grey robes of ordained priests of the Burned Lords. They are servants of the Lord of the House of the Gods and their actions are the will of the Ash Powers.

Meanwhile, a section of the Cartography tower floats above the White City, held aloft by Gustav's beating draconic wings. Ash streams up out of the city to float above the adventuers in a collosal sphere, slowly contracting above Roarke's head. Moving unseen amongst them, the Rattleprince exhorts the party to give up their plan and seeks an opening for his fell blade. However the group watch each others' backs, and through the gift of the Order and the power of the Four Winds the Mocking God is bound in place.

Then steps forward the Lord of the House of the Gods, emerging from the Burned Gate to tower over the cringing Wind Power. Cursing the Prince for his past treachery he strikes a criippling blow and the Rattleprince explodes in a blast of Wind and Ash.

Dashing past an almighty blow from Sam, Roark enters the Burned Realm with the condensed ball of ash, only his own unnatural immortality preserving him from instead death. As he passes the threshold of the Burned Gate, he condemns the Ash, and the mortality it represents to the Flame. Moments later the Lord of the House of the Gods steps through behind him, outrage blazing in his eyes, as he realises that the Ash has not been restored to the Burned Realm as he had intended.

Before the angry God can claim any vengeance, Roarke invokes his bargain with the Tender of the Flame, and the spirit speeds him back out of the gate and into the mortal world on batlike wings of flame.

Gustav deposits Sam Fletcher at one of the gates to the City where he immediately leaps into the vast flow of Ash and crumbles to nothing. Sam awakens in the Garden of White Roses where he is chastised by the Gardener for his pointless sacrifice. In recognition of his previous assistance in creating the new Garden Lords, Sam is permitted to leave the Burned Realm.

Sam donates his earnings to the Temple of the Bride of Brittle Tears and receieves an invitation to visit them in the Port. He does so, and emerges some days later with a true appreciate of what it is break hearts and have ones own broken in return. (He is now Ordained to the Bride)

Gustav reports in to the Low Guard who are duly shocked that he has been working with some of the city's Most Wanted notables. He turns in his badge without any fuss and returns to his children in the forest.

Falkar has spoken with the Lord of the House of the Gods and been informed that the Ash Lord's price of resurrection for one of the Dead Gods is nothing less than the utter annihilation of the Vitriarchs.

Over the next few weeks word starts to leak out of the Ash Temples that something rather important has happened. Rumour has it that people will live forever now (despite common evidence to the contrary). And for the first time in many years the taverns of the White City sees tankards raised in toast to Stephano De Courci.

Big Consequences:

The Curse of Ash has been lifted from the mortal world. Every child born from this moment onwards takes its first breath and is filled with a vitality that time cannot quench; sickness, misfortune and battle will still claim their due, but the Garden of Grey Roses will close after the last of this generation fall.

It is possible to purge oneself of the Ash within and become similarly ageless through a number of powerful magical rituals or magic items. Let the me know if your character wants to do this.

Secondly every priest of the Rattleprince will have heard their God's scream of agony. The strike of the Burned Lord has stripped the Death that Cheats of his own divine immortality and left him with only a mortal lifespan. No doubt he will hatch some horrible scheme to 'acquire' immortality from another source.

NB: The Rattleprince is still Hard to Kill. If a character wants to bring him down this (probably) doesn't make it any easier.

The Life Aquatic

Run by Dave Holley on 2nd October 2010


Andreas (Dom S)(RIP), Brother Nimrod (Vicky H), Scrag (Tim), Ramu (Rich), Dracarnius (Elliot)

Mission Brief:

Notices are going up across the Port of Glass and in the more disreputable pubs in the White City. An individual calling themselves the Pirate King is looking for adventurers-for-hire interested in helping recover some valuable treasure lost near the Breathing Isle. Pay will be a cut of the returned treasure. Those interested should meet in the Belor's Folly Tavern in the Port of Glass, at the next full moon.

Adventure Consequences:

The party are allowed to flee the sacred burial grounds with the treasure, unfortunately without one of their number. As they retrace their steps, they are observed by Axolotl who keep their distance, with a mixture of disgust and reverence clearly visible on their faces. Tobias the wind mage takes the party up to the surface along with the treasure they recovered, and the Cruelty of the Hangman sails back to the Port of Glass.
There, the treasure is fenced and after Tobias' assurances that they deserve a bonus, the party receive their cut of 40 hexa each. Ramu and Skrag sell off the barrels of grog they found on the Wandering Storm for a couple of hexa each.
Tales of Andreas' sacrifice start to circulate around piratical circles in the Port of Glass. Soon, a bunch of dead Angler Fish start turning up on the doorstep of the temple to the Lord of the Deeps, dumped there by fishermen.

A Hunt Awry

Run by Dom S on 9th October 2010

Shadows in the dark

Run by Ellie W on 16th October 2010


Roman (David), Brother Nimrod (Vicky H), Olar (James G), Shadow of a Man (Elliot), Woof (Oliver)

Mission Brief:

Word has reached the Northern Defence League offices in the White City that contact with one of it’s north west outposts beyond the mountains has been lost. A request for aid in investigating the situation has gone out amongst the White City adventuring community. Interested parties have been asked to come to the NDL headquarters in the White City for further briefing with 50Hx is being offered if the investigation is completed and contact re-established.

Adventure Consequences:

Consequences: The further north you get now, the lighter twilight is and the more active you feel in it. It is currently more Day's than Nights and as such you feel more like you would do during the day. This is less noticeable the further south you get.

Roman's arm is still a slightly darker shade than the rest of him - almost as if the arm is being viewed at night. It works as you would expect an arm to but he finds that he experiences great pain from it if he doesn't dream at least once during every night. He publishes his work and as a consequence of this the fame of the creatures of Twilight and their prowess becomes more widely known across the academic establishment. It hasn't spread far yet but it hasn't moving.

The Shadow of a Man kept a token of Day's as he took it south back to the White City. As he leaves dream he feels it burn its self into his hand leaving a perfectly circular ring of gold in his palm. This represents a connection to the Dream Power day but as with all such bonds between mortals and Gods it isn't exactly an even connection.

“Gaspode” finds himself welcome whenever he is around the NDL's base in the White City - early attempts to attach a collar are abandoned after several bitten fingers and regular bowls of meat are left out for him.

Brother Nimrod and Olaf both go back to their respective temples who are pleased with their work.

Having vanquished the nightmare known as the Shadowman the party leave Day and Night to argue over their various claims to the Twilight. They travel south back to the white city with what remains of the NDL outpost and are debriefed by the NDL lieutenant they spoke to before.

Trip the Light Fantastic

Run by Oliver on 23rd October 2010


Nathaniel (James I), Orlando (Vicky H), Rowatt (Jonathon), Adi (Jessie), Beornwulf (Dom), Solomon Grey (Juilian), Michael D'Artois (Dan)

Mission Brief:

The autumnal festival of the 'Dying Light' approaches and for the first time in centuries the celebration coincides with with a rare celestial event; the conjunction of five of the wandering stars arrayed around the harvest moon. Scholars in the College of a Thousand arts whisper of strange portents and fell shifts in the balance of power, though none of them actually know what these may be. Meanwhile the Church of the Light considers the conjunction to be a rare manifestation of the Light's every watchful presence.

Every year on the festival day a great sombre procession is marched through the City streets toward the Temple of the Light, with commoners and nobles alike dressed in the ghastly death masks of past Saints of the Light; to represent the passing of physical flesh into the spiritual purity of the Light (OC: think Día de los Muertos). With the auspicious heavenly alignment above this years parade the Church of the Light has made special preparations and within the Temple a great work of engineering has been underway for the past few weeks.

All are invited to attend; to remember the saints of old, to pay homage to the Light and to thank the exalted Church for its vigilance in the protection of the White City.

Adventure Consequences:

Beneath the streets of the Port of Glass, within the sanctum of the cult of the Master Complete, the great glass prism is shattered by a mighty blow from Beornwulf. As the shards fall away the aspect of the Light's terrible majesty is released: the Gloriant. Annihilating the remaining cultists the Gloriant banishes the Light that had infused the party; returning them to their physical form. From the street above the party hear the sound of more cultists and the broken guard approaching. They quickly flee, vanishing into the shadows of nearby streets. Their escape is made all the easier as the Gloriant chooses a less subtle exit. Rising from the building it hangs in the sky above the Port of Glass filling the night sky with an impossible radiance. People in the city below scream as their skin blisters and beams of Light scour buildings and Vitriarch temples alike. Then in an instant it is gone, plunging the world into darkness once more and leaving the port in a state of panic.

The Party make their way back separately to the White City with the help of the Low Guard or truly heroic amounts of alcohol. There the party make sure the city authorities are well aware that the Exalted Church needlessly summoned a dangerous aspect of the Light solely for the purposes of impressing the lay folk. Some of the party do return to the damaged Temple of the Light to speak to Amelia du Sallis. She has been gravely wounded by the glass dagger that struck her and looks enfeebled. Still she insists the Church has every right to demonstrate the glory of the Light if it sees fit and that it was the crazed servants of the Vitriarchs who caused the great ritual to go awry. She thanks the party and endows those of them that accept with the blessing of the Light. All the party are given or sent 80 hexa in return for their service to the Church.

In the Port of Glass whispers of an attack by the Exalted Church on the city begin to spread and more than one brick is hurled through the windows of the White City's embassy.

The Bells of Duskin Valley

Run by Joe on 30th October 2010


Redderick (Harry), Thomas de Verlay (Matthew), Marionetta (Naomi) and guest starring Woof (Oliver)

Mission Brief:

Just beyond the Watchtowers, not far from the Western road into the Great Forest, lies the humble village of Duskin.

Every hundred years the villagers of Duskin ascend the hillside to ring the bells and wake the Lord of the Valley from his slumber that he might grace them with good harvests for another century.

The centennial festival soon approaches and the villagers have sent a messenger to the White City to gather together a group of adventurers willing to help them with the Rite of Awakening.

Adventure Consequences:

The party have struck down in turn both Count Lucario of Duskin and the Lord of the Valley. As the latter falls he appears to dwindle away into the earth until only a single head of wheat remains. Then the skies begin to rain blood.

The people of Duskin cluster round the adventurers, thanking them for their intervention, although the crotchety priest Holkins notes that their defeat of the Spirit was not quite in keeping with the ancient ritual. Still it seems to have done the job and the lands of Duskin look fertile once more.

Having washed off the blood the adventurers find that each them has a red tattoo about their person. For Redderick and Marionetta this seems a wholesome stalk of wheat, whilst for Thomas the stalk is broken and appears distinctly unhealthy.

The dog wanders back off on his study of local abandoned wells.

City of Knives

Run by Oliver on 6th Novemberr 2010


TAFKAT (Joe), Nathaniel D'Almeida (James), Akmenos (Elliot), Gregor (Dave Ha), Michael D'Artois (Dan)

Mission Brief:

Politics is a dirty game in the White City but one that rarely intrudes upon the populous. The noble families scheme and manipulate from the shadows rarely showing their hands or acknowledging their gains and losses. Recently however the Velasquez family has had some rather public embarrassments and it is commonly known that the others families have used these as an excuse to weaken their power and influence.

Now in the deeper shadows of the City, mysterious recruiters are whispering of great rewards and opportunities for those willing to involve themselves in the games of power. Any free agents willing to carry out some 'politicking' for the Velasquez family are asked to report to the family's compound in the noble district a week from now.

Adventure Consequences:

As the great De Courci party begins much of the City outside is in uproar. In the High Guard fortress investigators scour the grounds for evidence of how the insane glass mage they had in custody escaped. In the slums the Low Guard discover one of their captains impaled upon his own blade, his men butchered around him. At the brotherhood's cloister Brother Chendle fails to report in and in the dark of the night a lone trog is seen fleeing into the sewers, gibbering to itself. Meanwhile Countess Maris Christofori is spared a grisly fate when she is accosted in her carriage by a low guard agent warning her of a plot against her life. She hurriedly tears off her accursed ball gown and her men whisk her away.

The White City is also on high alter after the summoning of three glass towers within the City limits in one day; one in the High guard compound, one in the slums and one in a warehouse, though the warehouse is burned to the ground before the authorities or the brethren can investigate. Rumours begin to spread that these events are the results of agents of the Port of Glass who are taking revenge for the release of the Gloriant within the port two weeks previously.

While the populous remains ignorant of the truth, in the higher echelons of society it is all too clear what has transpired. Duke Nerino has engineered a potent reminder of why house Velasquez is to be feared. He has arranged unpleasant fates for a noble who humiliated him, a guardsmen who dared to investigate him, a Brother who thwarted him and, most importantly, he has sent a message to Rebecca De Courci herself. Of course this is the game of thrones and no one will publicly mention what they know to be true privately. The Duke has made his point.

In the palace the governess cradles little Eleanor and looks at the letter that has been handed her. Breaking the black seal she reads words written in a delicate hand:

“I know who the father is.”

She ponders it carefully before throwing it into the fire. Later as she prepares for the party she is handed arrest warrants for two men; one a glass mage and one a warrior who dared enter her palace. Sketches of their faces quickly appear all over the city.

The party disperse. Duke Nerino's 'reward' divided equally among them (100 hexa each). TAFKAT, Nathaniel, Michael and Gregor retreat to an inn where Gregor's mind is…fixed. Arkmenos, unfortunately identified by Lady Eleanor's nursemaid (who was saved by a mysterious man whose name she cannot place), is forced to flee the White City until he can find a way to clear his name. Gregor also finds himself hunted, clearly a glass mage driven mad by his own corrupt power.

Metaphysical Wibbles:

Arkmenos and Gregor are bound by the insidious chains of Nerino Velasquez; they can never speak of what they have done for the Duke or even of his binding. This does mean the Duke bears them no ill will and in future will consider them trustworthy-ish agents.

Gregor's dream palace is changed. When he sleeps he find himself with a sphere of midnight, fractured glass through which shattered chains run. Outside the sphere vitrified monstrosities forged of words pound eternally at the crystal wall, trying to reach Gregor. In return for this he is unaware that there are words he cannot speak but his nightmares are terrible beyond comparison.

TAFKAT is slowly forgotten by his allies, his very existence slipping from their minds. Meanwhile, while in the City, he will find himself shadowed by agents of the Cloistered Brethren who know him only as 'the man with the sword'.

The Clash of Swords

Run by Chaos on 13th November 2010


Naomi (Ellie W), Raphael (Dominic)(RIP), Dracarnius (Elliot), Rebecca (Jessie), Elena (Ellie H), Shadow of the Wolf (Trevor)

Mission Brief:

Returning from a trip to the City of Crossroads, young noble woman Francesca Cristofori brings news of rumours spoken there of the legendary Singing Sword, an artefact of great power dating back to the times of the Naming and Binding wars and lost to the ages. It is said that whilst many have sought the sword, none have yet managed to return with it. Inspired by these rumours and wanting the sword for her collection, Francesca seeks brave adventurers willing to travel to Crossroads, investigate and find the sword for her. Pay is 5 Hexa per head for making the trip and finding information on the sword's whereabouts and a minimum of 20 Hexa per head in addition for successfully bringing the sword back.

Adventure Consequences:

Rachel seemingly divests Dracarnius of most of his memories… whereupon the flame within him burns and etches upon his mind the memories lost. They are all therefore still there, although are now somewhat out of place and out of order.

The party return to the White City and visit Francesca Cristofori once more. After they explain the story of the two former sorcerers who bound themselves into swords and the sacrifice Metorus made to rid the world of Palaria, she is disappointed that the Singing Sword could not be returned in its working state but is willing to pay them 12 Hexa a head for the sword which was Palaria, along with the basic 5 Hexa for the mission.

Raphael's greatsword is returned to the embassy and respect is paid following his passing.

The party take the remaining sword, that which used to be Metorus, and try to find records of the man. After much searching, they find mention of a Metorus in some old archives within the temple of the Prince of Storms. Although apparently a high-ranking follower of the Princes of Breath, there is nothing to suggest which if any he worshipped in particular. Attempts to contact his spirit in the Burned Realm fail, suggesting that he is not to be found there.

But as the party say their farewells to the inert sword, they seem to hear the slightest hint on the wind of the same humming sound that welcomed them to Metorus' cave, and in some way he sounds happy. Of course, this could just be them hearing things.

City of the Damned Part I: Road to Damnation

Run by Vicky on 20th November 2010


Rederick (Harry), Thomas de Verlay (Matthew), Sharada Velasquez (Iain), ??? (Hector), ??? (Bryn), Leo (William)

Mission Brief:

Her Eminence Lady Rebecca De Courci puts a call out for brave but discreet individuals to go on a reconnaisance mission to the Golden City. In addition to 30Hx payment those involved shall receive the gratitude of the Governess. Interested parties should report to Captain de Vermilli.

Adventure Consequences:

The party return to the encampment, where they deliver a copy of the minutes of the meeting in the Golden City to Lady Sasha De Courci. Sasha is pleased with their work and pays them the 20Hx they were promised, plus a further 10Hx for doing a good job. She is also happy to put in a good word for Thomas and Sharada with their respective families.

Points of note from the minutes of the meeting: the existence of the Champion of the Golden City, the interest taken by the cult of the Broken Gardener in the Golden City, possible tensions between Bragdall Courtasair and the Golden City's glass sorcerers and the interest in the Steelsilk trade. It is rumoured that Nerino Velasquez is keen to conduct his own investigations in to the latter matter.

Come On, You Apes!

Run by Dave Ho on 27th November 2010


Roman Morpheme (David M), Sylke de Verlay (Chaos), Thomas Aster (James G), Meredith D'Artois (Vicky), Marcus Helios (Rob C), Elena (Ellie H)

Mission Brief:

A notice has started circulating around adventuring circles: “Professor Warver at the Faculty of Alchemy requires test subjects for an experimental alchemical process. Subjects must be able to travel to dangerous locations in order to collect ingredients. Reward: Immortality.”

Adventure Consequences:

The party return to the College Of The Thousand Arts in the White City, and the Professor sets to work with his alchemy equipment. Eventually, he manages to create a batch of potions, one for each of the party. They each drink their respective potions, aside from Roman, who keeps his for later.

After dealing with representatives from the Burned College, Meredith reports the events to officials in the Port; her report is taken quite seriously in noble circles and her name is starting to circulate amongst the nobility of the Port. Sylke reports to the embassy - her reports are mostly humoured, and run along the following lines: “Mr. Scienceman made us immortal. Apart from the parts where the floor tried to eat us and we died it was fun…”, ”…Shinyscarf was a bit mean…”, ”…feel sorry for Mr. Fancyshoes. You'll pick him up if you see him on the ground, right?” and “It was okay, though, since I killed the dead Thomas and he killed the dead me, so we killed our deaths and protected each other from ever dying. I think that's how it works.”. Thomas backs up her story, which is enough corroboration that it is accepted.

Markus constructs a vault under his estates. The vault contains huge piles of hexa, gold, and other valuables, which he feels a compulsive urge to swim in. Word of his unparalleled wealth is starting to circulate through social circles at all levels of society. Meanwhile, Elena's time is mostly spent out in the woods honing her skills. Roman writes a well-received paper on the Winding Road and Dream narrative; his theories on narrative causation and its relationship to Dream have become very fashionable in scholarly circles for the moment.

An Unearthly Child

Run by David & Grover on 4th December 2010

Found Here!

Best Left Untold

Run by Joe W on 11th December 2010


Thier Cristofori (James G), Leonardo Velasquez (Gareth), Michael D'Artois (Dan), James Warver (David Ho), Theodore Luxfrey (David Ha), Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos)

Mission Brief:

James Warver and a number of companions set out to seek the Princess of Stories, hoping to trade in an old boon for a tale of times long past. Like many tales before and many yet to come, this story begins upon a dark and stormy night within the ale-spattered walls of the Black Griffin tavern…

Adventure Consequences:

The adventurers return from their adventures in the Western Forest and find that the Mor family have provided them a rather generous reward (500hx) for their rescue of the Princess and thorough drubbing of the dragon who was rude enough to impede her journey.

The small doll that may or may not be part of The Walker in Hollow Places in turned over to the care of the Cloistered Brethren as well as a reasonably accurate description of what took place. Brother Finch smooths things over on behalf of his comrades whilst the other elder brethren shake their heads and once more grumble about the perils of letting adventurers wander around making mischief.

Both Michael and Leonardo broadcast dreams to the populace telling of what they learned from the book of Patrocus (I'll chuck details up on the wiki)

Warver has 'recovered' a chain from within the Walker and takes it back to his lab for study. He also writes up his findings from the adventure, but at the request of the Brethren his publication is kept confined within the Limited-Access area of the College's library

Sam journeys south to the Port and talks of what he has learned to the cult of the Bride of Brittle Tears. They appear amused but unconcerned by the 'revelations'

Leonardo has taken the dreams of the Walker into his Dream Palace and trapped the God within a Labyrinth. On inspection he finds that the maze becomes more complicated every time he examines it.

Hush Little Baby

Run by Ellie on 18th December 2010


Maximilian (James G), Leonardo Velasquez (Gareth), Michael D'Artois (Dan), Nathaniel D'Almedia (James I)

Mission Brief:

Maximilian and friends prepare for the birth of his child. The child, already imbued with much of Maximilian's blood power is destined for something special… at least it is if Maximilian has anything to do with it.
Meanwhile merchants report an increase in unrest in the east close to City of Streng (Although after the last 'Time of Streng' the caravans are far more prepared for random Trog attacks) however many travellers report having unexplained bad dreams while travelling through the area.

Adventure Consequences:

On the Streets the 'trog invasion' is thwarted easily by the High Guard, the Low Guard and any schmuck with a frying pan or poker… The cobbles are awash with blood. Most of it Trog but some of it unfortunate citizens. No one seems quite clear on why the Trogs rose up but then again, who can fathom the minds of such stupid creatures? At least that's the official position.

Underground Maximilian's child is born of blood as his father is cut down by the Deep Dwelling beast but in his death and his/her birth the Deep Dwelling beast and its spawn are destroyed. He looks like his father, it's hard to tell if he looks like his mother too. One strange thing though - he's shocking blond and has deep purple eyes. In that moment Michael ascends and the dream palace he has created for the child is linked inexorably to the child and he to it in turn. Michael's body lies dead in the cavern beneath the city - devoid of all life, spirit and essence. It is a hollow thing. Leonardo takes up the body and places it in his dream palace. A new Dream Power is born - able to exist so far south only because this new spirit of place is as tied to the people and the dreams of the city as to the ground beneath it and the stones that make it. It goes by the name Aspiration.

That night all who sleep dream. They dream in unison, of one voice echoing in their mind, “Those of the City shall dream of The City”, overlaid upon a small glimpse of the dream palace created by Michael in the ritual. What effects this has have yet to be determined. What is clear is that everyone who dreamed this is now somehow aware that the White City has a new Spirit of Place and that he is called The City. Feelings about this are mixed as might be expected. There is no official word from the Palace and Rebecca De Courci.

The next morning many people are surprised to see a Giant Mangrove tree (the sort usually found smaller and in swamps) towards the centre of the city having erupted from a cavern underneath. (ooc note - previously described as a giant oak - in hindsight I think a mangrove tree is more appropriate given the spirit's parentage)

The Spirit: He is young, inquisitive and most definitely the Spirit of Place of the White City. He wants to learn everything there is to know about the city and while not exactly naive he is still a bit short sighted about what is and is not relevant to the city (e.g. anything outside the city is not worth his attention until it becomes an immediate threat outside the gates while on the other hand he feels he needs to know exactly how many bakers there are in the city and exactly how many varieties of baked goods they make each day etc.). Every now and then (to those who know him) he shows a keen interest in the history of the city - particularly in the naming and binding war - but he is distracted as easily as he is attracted to this topic. Occasionally he shows signs of a quick temper but is mostly amiable enough. Who he will work with and what he thinks of various families/organisations/religions etc. has yet to be seen. The Low guard have set several of its agents to keep watch over the spirit for the moment and find out more about it.

People begin to dream of the city more regularly - often they report meeting a young child with blond hair and purple eyes and an older man - not a father, more a guardian - who sit and talk with the dreamer a while asking them about their white city before waking up.

A confused Father Sebastian of the Temple of the light wakes leaning over his desk with little memory of what has happened over the last few weeks. He looks with some horror at his notes and sermons on the Gloriant (any truth hidden deep behind heretical words written by his own hand). He can only conclude he was possessed of a madness that has now left him and sets at once to burning his papers on the subject.

The two survivors feel somewhat changed by the experience. They have a more intimate connection to the new spirit of place than perhaps they had originally intended and whatever their feelings towards him, he certainly has positive feelings towards them. As a consequence of this Leonardo and Nathaniel can no longer bleed out within the walls of the white city its self.

Leonardo has given a map of the labyrinth to the Walker in Hollow Places trapped in his head. The labyrinth continues to expand and become ever more complex but the Namer is catching up. Also the Hollow Corpse of Michael that is in Leonardo's dream palace seems to have acted as a beacon for the Walker. As Leonardo is taking the corpse into the palace it moves its head and with hollow hollow eyes speaks with the voice of the namer and says “Hello Leonardo”. It is still trapped but not as strongly as it once was.

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