Armand Velasquez


Body Hits 2
Armour 2
Fatigue 5
Parries 1
Dodges 2
Damage Single
Psyche 6
Psychic Damage Single
Remaining Luck 0


Total XP: 64
XP Left: 1


Light Sorcerer III
Noble I


Income: 30
Hexa Cash: 127


General Skills Rank XP Total
Clout: Church of the Light N/A 4
Luck 1 4
Quick 1 6
Strong Willed 1 4
Sorcerer Skills Rank XP Total
Light Magic 2 20
First Aid 1 4
Ordained: The Light N/A 6
Rites: The Light 2 8
Noble Skills Rank XP Total
Wealth 1 4
Blather 1 4
XP Total 64


Velasquez Blood


  • 3 Healing Potions
  • 2 Purification Potions
  • First Aid Supplies (sufficient for 45 uses)
  • Superior Sword
  • Superior Light Armour

Notable Deeds

Helped free Borgia Velasquez from her tomb, and pledged his allegiance to her. Although he didn't really mean it.


Armand Velasquez is the son of Mazarino Velasquez, who is himself nephew of Duke Nerino. Perhaps because he has little chance of inheriting any significant power within the main Velasquez line, Armand was groomed from an early age for religious office. His tutors at first expected him to take vows of fealty to one of the Old Powers, but Armand expressed a strong interest in the Church of the Light, and so he was reluctantly allowed to become a novice at the High Church of the Light in the White City.

Armand excelled in his training, surpassing the other novices, and was soon marked for greatness by the senior priests… although no doubt a quiet word from house Velasquez helped them cement their opinions. Armand has since been given a very loose leash to develop his powers and experience, with the hope this will train him for leadership in the future.

Armand is a firm believer in the importance of material power to spreading the doctrine of the Light. Although he is not a Marian in that he does not believe priests of the Light should actually rule, Armand does believe that the vehicle for spreading the spiritual peace of the Light is a strong, independent, and powerful Church. In achieving this goal, Armand firmly believes that the ends justify the means, although naturally he'd never compromise the tenets of the Church of the Light…

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